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Lesson 5 - Storyboarding


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Creative iMedia
Level 2 - Unit 214
Lesson 5 - Storyboarding

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Lesson 5 - Storyboarding

  1. 1. Digital Video Lesson 5
  2. 2. Lesson GoalsUnderstand the key requirements of the client briefKnow how to plan time and resources for key tasksBe able to create a storyboard for a basic video #client #plan #storyboard
  3. 3. Client Brief Understand key tasks of project Be able to make a storyboard You have been asked by a local college head teacher to work with a small group of students who would like to create videos. As part of the workshop you will need to demonstrate at least five different camera shots that students will be able to use in their own videos. The video must also include titles on top of each type of shot, an introduction screen and credits at the end. You may also want to use suitable audio. #client #plan #storyboard
  4. 4. Planning Understand key tasks of project Be able to make a storyboard List the activities required to create your digital video: What tasks will you complete? How long will each part take? What resources do you need? Tasks Timescale Resources #client #plan #storyboard
  5. 5. What would go ontoa storyboard?Think about filming requirements…
  6. 6. Storyboard Understand key requirements Know legal issues of video Storyboards should show a scene sketch and instructions for filming:
  7. 7. Your Task Understand key tasks of project Be able to make a storyboard Plan the main activities for your digital video including: Tasks Timings Resources Create a storyboard showing the key scenes planned for your digital video. #client #plan #storyboard
  8. 8. Key Words Know the use of camera techniques Research various camera techniques Client Brief  Requirements for a task that have been given to you by the client Storyboard  A sequence of drawings and instructions created before recording footage