Lesson 4 - Planning


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Creative iMedia
Level 2- Unit 214
Lesson 4 - Planning

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Lesson 4 - Planning

  1. 1. Digital Video Lesson 4
  2. 2. Lesson GoalsUnderstand the key requirements of the client briefBe able to generate an original idea for your videoKnow the legal issues faced when editing video #client #brief #requirement
  3. 3. Client Brief Understand key requirements Know legal issues of video You have been asked by a local college head teacher to work with a small group of students who would like to create videos. As part of the workshop you will need to demonstrate at least five different camera shots that students will be able to use in their own videos. The video must also include titles on top of each type of shot, an introduction screen and credits at the end. You may also want to use suitable audio. #client #brief #requirement
  4. 4. What are the keyrequirements?Think about your client…
  5. 5. Understand key requirementsClient Requirements Know legal issues of video Explain what you have been asked to make: What does the client want you to create? What requirements must you fulfil? Describe your initial ideas: Which shots will you include? What techniques will you use? Will you use audio? Background Voiceover Comment on your target audience: Who is the target audience? How will you consider them? #client #brief #requirement
  6. 6. What do you need tocreate a video?Think about recording and editing…
  7. 7. Equipment Understand key requirements Know legal issues of video Hardware Software Video Camera Adobe Premiere CS3 JVC Everio HD520 Software Requirements Tripod What can you do in this software? Microphone Import video Headphones Import audio Transitions Monitor Cut Clips Keyboard #client #brief #requirement
  8. 8. Legal Issues Understand key requirements Know legal issues of video What legal issues will you face? Copyright Creative Commons How will you overcome these? What other issues may you face? Content suitable? Appropriate for audience? Anything illegal? #client #brief #requirement
  9. 9. Your Task Understand key requirements Know legal issues of video Describe the key requirements: Client Brief Audience Initial Ideas Explain what hardware and software is required and how each item will be used. Comment on legal issues you will face when recording and editing video. #client #brief #requirement
  10. 10. Key Words Understand key requirements Know legal issues of video Client Brief  Requirements for a task that have been given to you by the client Requirement  The things that you must do as a minimum in the digital video