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Lesson 1 - Photographic Medium


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Lesson 1 - Photographic Medium

Creative iMedia
Level 3
Unit 317

Published in: Education, Art & Photos, Business
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Lesson 1 - Photographic Medium

  1. 1. Digital PhotographyLesson 1
  2. 2. Lesson GoalsKnow various types of photographic medium.Research and describe current and historic conceptsof photographic medium.Understand the key differences between each.
  3. 3. Know various photographic medium Understand the key differencesResearch For each of these topics you will investigate some Photographic historical concepts to give Medium some background as to where the development of these began. Visual Styles You will also investigate & Composition current concepts for each which you will use in your own work. Influential Photographers
  4. 4. Know various photographic medium Understand the key differencesWhere are photographs stored?Think about the media used… #format #digital #film
  5. 5. Know various photographic medium Understand the key differencesComparison Historic Current 35mm Secure Digital APS Compact Flash Cartridge Smart Media 120/220 (Medium Format) Memory Stick Pro Sheet Film (Large Format) xD Disc Film Polaroid #format #digital #film
  6. 6. Know various photographic medium Understand the key differencesYour Task Research and describe at least three different types of photographic medium. For each category think about: Historic Current Film speed (ISO) Year Development Max capacity Physical size Read speed Type of camera Write speed Physical size #format #digital #film