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6th Form Creative iMedia


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6th Form Creative iMedia
English Martyrs Sixth Form College

Published in: Education, Design, Business
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6th Form Creative iMedia

  1. 1.  Brand new course offered from September 2013  Level 3 Cambridge Technicals in Media  Comparable with previous Creative iMedia Course  No previous ICT qualifications required  Internally assessed coursework  No Exams
  2. 2. 01 - Analysing Media Products and Audiences • Research various products produced by different institutions • Look at the distribution of media for various audiences • Discuss ethical and legal issues faced by media companies 33 - Comic Books and Graphic Novels • Gain an understanding of various publishing companies • Create ideas for an original character • Produce your own small scale comic strip or graphic novel 35 - Social Media Products • Investigate existing social media products and their uses • Find a gap in the market and plan for a new product • Generate ideas for a new social media website  During Year 12 you will study the following units:
  3. 3. 63 - 3D Character Modelling • Gain an understanding of various modelling techniques used • Plan and create a model for use in a game or animation • Create a guide on 3d character modelling techniques 32 - Graphic Design • Research the work of a range of graphic designers • Generate conceptual ideas and present them for your audience • Plan and produce original work for a digital media product 34 - Web Authoring • Investigate a range of commercial websites and their features • Create a fully functional multi-page enhanced website • Test and evaluate the key features of the multi-page website  During Year 13 you will study the following units:
  4. 4.  The Certificate sits in line with AS Level qualifications when it comes to UCAS, the Diploma at A Level equivalents: Certificate Diploma Distinction * 70 140 Distinction 60 120 Merit 40 80 Pass 20 40
  5. 5.  This course allows students the opportunity to work towards a career in the constantly evolving creative media industry: Printed Media • Graphic Design • Storyboarding • Comic Books • Graphic Novels • Media Editor Online & Visual • Web Design • Social Media • Photography • Videographer • Audio Editor Specialist • 3D Modelling • Game Design • Animation • Level Design
  6. 6. Original characters produced for a comic book on the topic of bullying aimed at primary students. Unit 33