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6th Form - Computing


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6th Form Computing
English Martyrs Sixth Form College

Published in: Education, Technology
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6th Form - Computing

  1. 1. · Systems Analysis and Design · Data Types and Data Structures · Program Production · Computer Architecture · Operating Systems · Storage Hierarchy · Database Systems · Validation and Verification · Current trends in Computing · Privacy and Security · Software and System Development
  2. 2. SUMMARY OF ASSESSMENT Written Theory Examination 3 Hour paper – 65% of AS Level Programming Project Internal coursework – 35% of AS Level Computing is a traditional A Level – graded A* - E
  3. 3. In order to be successful on this course we would recommend the following Recommended Requirements GCSE Maths – Grade B GCSE English – Grade C A Passion to learn Computer Science A Keen interest in modern technology Ability to work independently and develop problem solving skills Follow us on Twitter @emscomputing