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306 - Lesson 4 - Industry Production


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Creative iMedia - Unit 306
Lesson 4 - Industry Production

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306 - Lesson 4 - Industry Production

  1. 1. Industry ProductionLesson 4
  2. 2. Lesson GoalsResearch standard industry comic book productiontechniques.Investigate three key elements of design, layout andcost implications. #comicbook #design #industry #layout
  3. 3. Key WordsComic Strip A sequence of drawings in boxes that tell a story in each frame.Comic Book A collection of comic strips in one publicationLayout The way in which the frames and storyline are arranged across pagesDesign Process of gathering ideas and planning the final comic book
  4. 4. Who is involved inComic Book Design?Think about specific jobs…
  5. 5. Know industry production techniquesProcess Investigate layout, design and cost Writing Storyline produced Break up across pages Script for each scene Drawing Sketch each scene Editor reviews scenes Ink scenes & dialogue Colouring Four colour separation Background applied Foreground added Printing Pages arranged Printing Plates Comics Cut to Size #comicbook #design #industry #layout
  6. 6. Know industry production techniquesYour Task Investigate layout, design and cost Explain the production process mentioning the layout, design and cost. Think about: Writing Drawing Colouring Printing Comment on how production has already changed and how it may in future e.g. Digital Comics #comicbook #design #industry #layout