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301 - Lesson 2 - Mind Map Software


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Creative iMedia - Unit 301
Lesson 2 - Mind Map Software

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301 - Lesson 2 - Mind Map Software

  1. 1. Mind Map Software Unit 301 - Lesson 2
  2. 2. Lesson Goals Compare software used to create mind maps and identify capabilities Be able to explore the software used to create mind maps and make comparisons #capabilities #software #application
  3. 3. Key Words Mind Map  One central idea with branches on each side breaking the idea down Capabilities  The tasks that the software is able to complete within it’s bounds Limitations  The things that the current version of the software can not complete
  4. 4. What can it plan?Think about your initial research…
  5. 5. Compare software applicationsMind Map Create example documents  One central idea, broken down with smaller branches  Each branch broken down further into even smaller ideas  Plan any type of project #capabilities #software #application
  6. 6. Compare software applications Software Choices Create example documents  There are many different pieces of software that can be used to create a mind map including:Simple Mind MindMeister iThoughtsHD Mindomo #capabilities #softwareSpider Scribe #application
  7. 7. Compare software applicationsYour Task Create example documents Use various software applications to create a mind map and comment on:  Capabilities and Limitations  How software is used Make a choice of the most suitable software to create a mind map and explain your reasons behind your choice. #capabilities #software #application