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Music magazine analysis


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Music magazine analysis

  1. 1. Music Magazine AnalysisAnalysis of Genre Specific Magazine Pages
  2. 2. Front Pages Analysis
  3. 3. Most of the font on the frontcover is white, contrasting The central image is a large imagewith the coloured that takes up the whole frontbackground, the juxtaposition cover, even obstructing a portionof colours emphasizing the of the masthead, of two whitewhite font. This colour of font rappers who both face theclearly represents the issue camera face on. This bodydiscussed in this issue – “Is language and blocking gives anhip-hop finally colour blind?” impression and representation ofand keeping the cover line challenge to the onlooker toarticulated clearly for the judge their abilities on theirparticular VIBE audience this colour, this is also indicative ofdebate applies to. the attitude associated with the rap industry and emphasizes their success and prominenceBuzz words attracts more within the industry despite theirreaders through the need colour because their similarconsumers have for attitudes are shown here clearly.surveillance. The“exclusive” knowledge onT.I and the London riotsand the red font in thewhite text box makes itstand out and shows theimportance of the coverline below.
  4. 4. Here the main cover line is atthe bottom of the page, The smaller cover lines hereemphasizing the importance are on various rappers ofof the artist in the central smaller status than Lilimage. There is block font Wayne, shown very blatantlyused and the colour is both in the size of font andtranslucent white and just a positioning of them. Thesewhite outline, again are also in white, in keepingfurthering the prominence of with the colour scheme andthe image to the reader. This contrasting with the purpleis significant as it is an image background to bring in theof Lil Wayne on stage and readers focus. The variety ofthat’s what the article artists discussed within thediscusses: “Lil Wayne the magazine means that XXLking of hip-hop live”. The use has a very diverse mode ofof the word “king” also address, ensuring a muchexplains why the central wider audience andimage is the main focus on consumer base they canthis front page, it connotes appeal to.the significance and successof a “king”, even if its just inone respect of the rapindustry.
  5. 5. The lack of very many cover lines at all highlights the main image, an image of a prominent rapper Busta Rhymes that takes up the whole front cover and has a bleed. The image features theThe colour scheme of this rapper wearing green clothesFC clearly represents the and diamond jewellery whiletopics shown to be he lights a cigar with burningdiscussed in the magazine money. The connotationsin the skyline and very few here are obvious, that thiscover lines – money and “recession-proof” rapper is somarijuana. (Dollar bills are successful and wealthy thatgreen and medical he can burn money to light anmarijuana is legal in the expensive cigar even in theUSA.) The association is economic downturn. Thevery reflective of the genre blatant appeal of getting toas making money and this financial state in our livessmoking marijuana are is appeal enough to pick up acommon topics discussed in magazine with this centralrap. image like this, and indeed because of this central image.
  6. 6. The skyline and other coverThe anchorage here is lines as well as the plugs showmade prominent here a wide range of articles onthrough the size, various artists and topics thatcontrasting font (with give huge variety to the Hipthe masthead it is Hop Connection audience itsituated next to) and otherwise get if it focusedthe colour scheme of solely on the front coveryellow on black interview with Jay-Z. Howeverhighlighting the cover there smaller size andlines. This prominence placement on the page givehighlights the central the central image more focusimage, which isn’t the to draw more audience in.sole focus of thereaders attention givenall the rest of thecontent on the front The free CD plug in the skylinecover. Therefore this attracts additional consumerscover line gives the and the sizeable amount of thecentral image the page taken up the CD itself giveprominence on the this element of the front coverfront cover it otherwise significance in the readers focuswouldn’t achieve. and attention. The font of the plug also contrasts greatly with the otherwise yellow font on the FC.
  7. 7. The pull quote used here attracts more consumersThe contrast of red on given their need forblack font of the masthead surveillance and knowledgeand the black and white of the people and celebritiescentral image and rest of they like. It is highlightedthe front cover highlights through the use of redthe masthead and plugs to speech marks and itsdraw attention to the placement on the front covermagazine. In addition the – prominent and on its ownblack and white image and with no clutter it becomescover line font will attract the focus of the readersmore attention on a attention.magazine rack incomparison to all the The simple lay out as well as thecolours that most pull quote work together to show amagazines use to gain simple aim the artist has – to makeattention and attract music and that’s it. He isn’t shownpotential consumers to to be the biggest thing on the fronttheir magazines. cover, instead he is shown the same size as the cover lines in a simple pose that connotes humility and modesty. As opposed to the second front cover, where the rapper is presented as the biggest thing there is on the page, this implies ego and arrogance as opposed to modesty and humility.
  8. 8. Contents Page Analysis
  9. 9. The title “contents” is shown here broken up and acrossThe image here takes up several lines attracting attentionalmost the entire page, and is to the title to give the readerthe main focus of the some direction as to what thisaudience’s attention because page is because otherwise itthe cover lines are written in wouldn’t be obvious this is aquite a small font by contents page.comparison to the size of theimage of Kanye West. This isrepresentative of hisprominence and success in the This is the most commonindustry and therefore attracts layout of a rap magazineconsumers as he is shown to contents page – the image isbe very and even more more than twice the size of allimportant than the actual lines the text put together. This isand of the contents page. often done to reflect the size of the individual in the rap industry as only the biggest stars will be in the featured interview.
  10. 10. This is the less common layout of The contents page coloura contents page in a rap scheme is often far moremagazine. While it may look very muted than it is on thesimilar and the image is still front cover , whereas thelarge, it is smaller than the text colour scheme on a frontwhich is important as this is rare cover is typically very brightbecause often the rappers and vivid in order to attractfeatured claim to be the biggest consumers the colouretc. whereas this isn’t scheme on a contents pagerepresented in here. Instead in is subtle and muted in ordercombination with the pull quote to reflect the furtheralso featured the page reflects deeper the magazine getsthe rappers contrast in aims in into the featured personscomparison to almost all the rest character: the brightof rappers in the industry – here colours, flashes and buzzhe is represented with the aim to words aren’t there to maskmake music because that’s what them. Instead they are barehe loves to do, not because he and unmasked, implying theloves the lifestyle that comes audience is reading furtherwith the success and wealth. into the persons life and character.
  11. 11. The mise en scene in this image also shows the typicalHere the image is of equal size muted colour scheme ofto the lines of writing on the contents pages in rappage and so represents her magazines, the audience feelequal importance to the an implication of deepercontents of the entire knowledge of her as she ismagazine. This makes her less shown, quite literally bareof a feature, as opposed to the with little to hide on contents pages which This is perhaps less poignantdespite what size their image is than it was in the previouson the page are shown to be contents page because ofone of the most important the stereotypical male egofeatures in the magazine. that is flaunted by every man in the rap industry, whether The woman in the image is it is authentic of their shown only in her underwear, personality or not and so this this reinforces the stereotype could be construed more as within the rap industry that a comment on her sexuality woman are there for and objectifying her, given objectification and not a lot she is shown with little else, she is also shown with her covering her inn any respect, hands behind her back in a than showing her personality position that connotes for what is actually is by weakness and a lack of power in comparison to the front comparison to the body cover of this issue. language in every other image shown in this document.
  12. 12. Here there are velvet curtains The size of this image inn relationin the background that to the text of the contents pageconnote a showman aspect of is quite large, obviously showingthis rappers personality and is his importance within therepresentative of his ability as magazine and thereforea rapper given that live connoting his success andperformance is an integral part prominence by comparison toof an individual rappers overall the other features which he isability and skill. This gives the shown to be superior to here.audience the implication of his The mise en scene of the shot issuperior skill and abilities, this darker than the convention, heis reinforced by his costume. almost blends in with the curtains behind him, conveying The suite shown here informs an individual message of the audience of Eminem’s separation and privacy as success given that it simply opposed to the proximity to the connotes wealthy and any reader that is conveyed in the further deductions are obvious first two contents pages given but in addition that only the that he is almost blending in to successful rappers become the background the reader isn’t music moguls, often enough of aware of an obvious statement their own labels that this is implied that states “I’m here. almost a convention that the Deal with it” instead he is seen most successful rappers follow studiously looking right at the . Therefore there is an camera, as if to the reader and a implication of this specifically, sense of intellect beyond the and more than an implication stereotype of a typical rapper is is the reader has background created in conjunction with the knowledge on this rapper implication he is some form of anyway. music mogul
  13. 13. This unique way ofdisplaying the title of“contents” attracts the The size of the image here is farreaders attention and bigger than the actual lines on theidentifies the magazine as contents page showing these womenVibe Magazine, in addition as a clear and important feature ofit is shown smaller here the magazine, as opposed to thecompared to the contents other contents page featuring apage featuring Kanye West woman shown in this analysis. Thereand so the women appear is further contrast in the costume andmore prominent and mise en scene of this image, here theremain the focus of the women are shown in flattering butreaders attention. comparatively respectable outfits thatThe background here is bright don’t adhere to the industrywhite, and while their dress stereotype of women, in addition themeans the convention of a background is unusually bright,,muted colour scheme on the however their dress is muted and socontents page is maintained this convention can be seen here asthis still has an impact on the well, showing them to be of equalreaders understanding of stature and similar to the men shownthese women as they observe in previous contents pages as thethe page. It implies a same conventions are applied topositivity to their presence them.and contrasts with therepresentations of men inprevious contents pages. Thisis representative of thesignificant difference in theperceptions of genders withinthe rap and hip-hopindustries.
  14. 14. Double Page Spread Analysis
  15. 15. One of two typical double page The pull quote here encapsulates what is implied through the layout of thisspread layouts is used here: one double page spread, he says that “it’s all documented” and therefore thelarge or two medium sized images implication is he doesn’t hide because he can’t hide anyway. He also refers todisplayed next you a lot of text on fake personas, another thing noticeably absent from this double page spread ,one artist or band. The amount of the not so subtle hints of luxury and wealth that boost the persona of someonecontent about the artist and the who claims to just be interested in money and not a lot else.images themselves imply anopenness and proximity that isuncommon among celebrities ingeneral and shows something aboutthis particular artists personality asopposed to someone who doesn’toffer the same proximity to readers.This is supported by the costume inboth images which is simple andunassuming without implication ofluxury and wealth it shows thisrapper and vocalists aim to createmusic instead of money as shown inthe shot of him in a recording studio.The amount of content also impliesduring the interview itself the artistwas more forward than others mighthave been and therefore there ismore to discuss, hence the size ofthe article.
  16. 16. Here is a second example of a commondouble page spread layout in a rap magazine,a large image and a large text. Perhapsindicative of what is important in the rapindustry – the size of your success. Themasthead hear attracts audiences because ofits size on the page and the blocked font aswell as the intriguing word “cipher” thatensures you will continue reading as you wantto know what the cipher, (or encryptedmessage) from the artist presumably, is. Thisis in keeping with the personality of the artistfeatured who fans will already know hasmisunderstood tattooed on his face andclaims nobody can understand him. This is anexample of how the layout of a DPS canimmediately convey messages to an audiencethrough something as simple as a title. Thismessage is extended through the display ofan image of him on stage (where he is knownto have superior abilities than a lot of rappersin the industry) implying a difference betweenwhat you see on stage and the actual manbehind the stage performance and the music,hence the title “the cipher” referring to hismusic as a cipher.
  17. 17. This is the other common layout of a double pagespread in a rap magazine: a very large picture takingup almost the entire DPS and a small articleconveying little about the persons character. Thesetypes of DPS don’t convey the same proximity orimply much about the persons character. They simplyshow very clearly how they are and how they wantto be perceived by others. For example the imagehere is of the artist in a luxury suit holding achampagne glass and a champagne bottle in front ofa white background and some scattered transparentballoons that altogether connote a wealthy partylifestyle he wants to be associated with. And byextension also connotes his success and popularitythrough the display of wealth here. The fact that theimage here is the largest thing on the page impliesthis is the most important thing to this rapper – his The comparatively small amount of text in this articleimage and the awareness of his wealth and success. compared to the first two and strengthens the implicationsThis contrasts with the initial two layouts which already set forth by the image as it shows little about theperhaps display a side of the rap industry which is artist himself and only focuses the audiences attention onmuch rarer, as layouts that connote the same things the image more because its such a small article bythis does are very common throughout not only rap comparison.magazines themselves but just this analysis too.
  18. 18. This is another example of the first of the twocommon DPS layouts in rap magazines, itshows a large image of a rapper in simpleclothes, however he is covering a part of hisface. In addition there is a large amount oftext in the article on him showing a lot moreabout him than the previous DPS did aboutthe rapper featured in that DPS. The bodylanguage in the image is defensive doesn’tconnote close proximity to the audiencehowever it does also imply intelligence, asstated outright by the title referring to him as“pure genius”. Otherwise it includes simplemise en scene that doesn’t connote successor that he is an established persona (I have noidea who he is) but instead implies he is downto earth and not interested in flauntingsuccess or money instead the title and his The pull quotes and direct look into the camera in thebody language imply he is interested in being image show this rapper isn’t afraid to show who he isrecognised for his intelligence within the actually and doesn’t hide behind a persona or an imageindustry and by extension talent as well. of just wealth and luxury. Instead he gives his views about things directly and isn’t afraid to look the observer in the eye as it were as he does that, even if it is from a magazine DPS and not in person.
  19. 19. This is a good example of how this type of layoutcan be used to convey more than just a fakepersona or image too. This very large image ofT.I. close up but wearing sunglasses shows hislack of fear of proximity and of an observerseeing him but also shows the observersincapacity to see him clearly anyway. Hisconfidence is conveyed here with a clearmessage that he isn’t afraid for the camera to bethat up close because we won’t properly see himanyway. This is a good reference to what is statedoften in the industry by several rappers, thatothers won’t be able to understand thembecause they are that much better than themand this is what is shown here and is anothercommon feature throughout rap magazines, thesize of egos in the industry shown more subtly inthis case, more often not so subtly. Again the ratio of the sizes of the article and the image is significant as it is a comment on the importance of the content to the readers focus. This first thing seen is the rapper as this is the first thing that is read into and analysed. After registering all that has been connoted and implied through the image the consumer will then read what little there is to say on the rapper. This is important because the fact that there isn’t a lot said about him, but at the same time he is obviously important ensures the readers understanding of what is implied throughout this DPS