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Contents page development pp


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Contents page development pp

  2. 2. I chose this layout because this was the layout that received the best feedback in I chose this image because it is bold and the modelmy focus group, in addition the responses in my questionnaire said that the colourcombination of white and purple was the most popular and therefore I have left is displaying the body language common in imagesthe background colour white and made the header purple. in rap magazines. In addition it is the feature that my focus group liked and one of the reasons this layout was their favourite.
  3. 3. I chose this image because itdisplays a lot of the conventionsseen in rap magazines featuringheavy jewellery and theappropriate body language, facialexpressions and blocking withinthe image. It is also one of theonly images with a consistentbackground of one colour and istherefore suitable as I receivedlots of feedback to make mycentral image cover the wholepage and this type of backgroundshows a much better quality thanone I may have had to edit tothat extent.
  4. 4. I reversed the layout to the other I chose these cover linesside of the image again because I because they reflectfelt it would look better over the those that I have seenblank space on the right of the on professionalimage than over the picture butkept on the left side of the image. contents pages, inI also got rid of the graphic addition they featurefeature because even though I articles, lists, albumreceived good feedback about it I reviews, backstage tourwas unable to fit it in with the information andsuitable number of cover lines on competitions, all ofthe right and in addition I was which were listed asunable to take images of anyone favourite features in myother than Rose Goddard and audience questionnairetherefore it wasn’t suitable because that they would includeit was just one image layered ontop of another of the same in their own magazine.person. I felt this arrangementwould increase the look of qualityand professionalism.