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Contact sheet


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Contact sheet

  2. 2. White Border – Will be used in the front cover.Black Border – Will be used in the contents page.Purple Border – Will be used in the double page spread
  3. 3. CHOSEN IMAGES I have chosen the highlighted front cover images because they are the best images for a front cover of my chosen genre, in that her body language isupfront and direct, as is the industry and the conventional images used on rap magazine front covers. There is also a direct mode of address that is popular in many images featured in rap magazines. The contents images highlighted are the ones I have chosen because they suit the mock-up I have chosen to use, they are also of a better quality in general and feature the appropriate body language and a direct mode of address. My double page spread images chosen are highlighted because they are of appropriate camera angles andsizes for my layouts and they too feature the direct mode of address and body language that is shown throughout conventiaonal rap magazines.