Labor and delivery


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  • Labor and delivery

    1. 1. SENIOR INTERNSHIP By: Austyn Grogg
    2. 2. GENERAL INFORMATIONWhere: East Cooper MedicalCenterPerson Shadowed: Shirley Nilsen,and a variety of nurses on thelabor and delivery floor.
    3. 3. DESCRIPTION OF THE JOBNursing is a complex job, and theemployees always have to be readyespecially on the labor and deliveryfloor. Its filled with paperworkdocumenting every patientsinformation.They are there to supply the needs ofall patients in labor to make theirdelivery as easy and painless aspossible.
    4. 4. DAY 1During Day 1 at the hospital I spent most ofmy time touring the labor and deliveryfloor. I was most interested in the nursery,and I got the opportunity to see all newborn babies.I ended the day by sitting in the nursingoffice area. I watched and observed all ofthe paperwork that was done. There was 7women in labor that day. I didnt get a chanceto talk to many nurses about their careerbecause of the number of patients.
    5. 5. DAY 2I was able to stay on the laborand delivery floor for thesecond day. It was not as busywith patients compared to day1. They had to cut the numberof nurses because of it. I got towatch paperwork being doneagain, and see many happyfamilies leaving the hospitalwith their newborns.On each computer the nurseshave heart beats of both thebaby and the mother. They areable to watch the progress ofthe patient at their desk.
    6. 6. WHAT I LEARNED...I learned how complex the profession of Nursingreally is. There is alot of work that they are expectedto do for each patient that they are given in theirassigned section of the floor. They have to understandwhat is needed for each individual and differentpatient in the hospital.
    7. 7. WHAT I LEARNED...I learned that having a set job is so muchresponsibility and hardwork. It is worth theexperience and can benefit you in so many areas inthe long run. It can help you grow as a person, andlead you into the right direction for you future.
    8. 8. A NURSING CAREERI do want to pursue nursingas my career in the future. Ifind it very interesting, and itis a job that would fit mypersonality best. Going to thehospital and actuallyexperiencing the job makesme want to continue tofollow that dream I have had,and im ready to do anythingit takes to make it there.
    9. 9. EVALUATION OF NURSINGI shadowed all nurses on the labor and delivery floorof the hospital. They all enjoyed their job and madethe best of it. Each nurse was specialized in theirarea. I didnt get the chance to talk to any of them, butI observed each one and all of the things they had todo in one day. They never get a break, but always havea smile on their face.
    10. 10. WHAT I TOOK AWAY FROM THE EXPERIENCE...I took away from the experience that i know thatnursing is definitley the profession I want to go in to. Iknow that labor and delivery is a big interest of mine,and also the area in nursing I would like to pursue. Itchanged my outlook on the job of a nurse, and I nowknow how much they have to do each day.