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nextMEDIA - Toronto will be held at the Carlu this year on December 5th & 6th please update your calendars. The Digi Awards will be held on the evening of Dec 6th, 2011

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Next Media 2011 TEASER

  1. 1. PART 1: Technology is Causing a Shift inBroadcasting, Advertising and Publishing
  2. 2. PART 2: Industry Convergence BetweenBroadcasters, Advertisers and PublishersCreating Interesting Collaborations
  4. 4. ONLINE - Online Video An increase of $12 (2009) to $20 million (2010) dollars towards online video. (IAB Canada). The demand is high, we need more supply. Persons 18-24 watch the most online 2ND largest search engine in the world (Socialnomics) video; 267 videos/month (comScore) 90% of Canadian Internet users watched online video in March 2011, compared to 81% in the U.K., 83% in France, and 84% in Germany and the U.S. (comScore)But where can advertisers buy as many impressions as traditional television?
  5. 5. ONLINE - Online Video Branded EntertainmentWill branded entertainment replace the 30 second spot? Or complement it? How effective is it?
  6. 6. ONLINE – Online Video: Online Distribution of Televised ContentViewership up by 200% Viewership up by 67% Will over the top services cause cord cutting? How will TV anywhere fare against over the top services?
  7. 7. ONLINE - Online Video Original Made for Web ContentDoes the revenue justify the cost of production?
  8. 8. ONLINE – E-CommerceU.S. ecommerce sales totaled $165.4 billion in 2010, up 14.8% (US Census Bureau) How does online purchasing affect retailing?Will the trend towards online purchasing replace malls in the near future?
  9. 9. ONLINE – E-Commerce Group Buying 441,000 deals sold, more than $11 million in revenue (Mashable)Other players: Is groupbuying replicable across publishers? Will it see consistent growth? What does a globalized local sales team look like?
  10. 10. ONLINE – E-Commerce Subscription23 million subscribers 250,000 subscribers 100,000 digital subscribers Will 2011 be the year of the paywall? What does this mean for content producers?
  11. 11. ONLINE – E-Commerce Micropayments $20 billion IPO valuation Projected revenue from 2011 is 1.8 billion. Most of this revenue comes from in-game micropayments. (New York Post) Facebook partnering with Warner Brothers creates a new model for micro-retail online PayPal recently added micropayment solutionAre users more apt to pay subscription fees or pay-per-use for content and entertainment?
  13. 13. MOBILEWe’ve reached a mobile tipping point:100.9 million global smart phone salesvs 92.1 million global PC sales (comScore) 2011 is the year when smartphone sales top PC sales, what are the implications?
  14. 14. MOBILE – What is the operating system of the future? comScoreHow will mobile and desktop operating systems integrate with each other?
  15. 15. MOBILE – Smartphones Cloud Services Internet users will live mostly in the cloud by 2020 (Elon University) The cloud computing services market to rise to $222.5 billion by 2015 (Global Industry Analysts) Dropbox’s recent valuation is $5 billion Google Cloud Connect recently launched Companies like Netflix, Yelp and Foursquare use Amazon’s cloud computing system iCloud to launch shortlyWill telecommunication companies adjust their rate plans and infrastructure to allow cloud services to flourish?
  16. 16. MOBILE – App Market Matures Games86% of smartphone owners have downloaded a mobile app (comScore) – games and socialmedia are the more poplar apps64% of users who downloaded an app in the past 30 days have downloaded a game (comScore)Downloaded more than 42 million times $1 million in sales in first 9 days Will gaming apps become a more viable way to launch entertainment properties?
  17. 17. MOBILE – App Market Matures Social Media58 million users in the U.S. accessed a social networking site at least once a month via mobile,increasing by 56% (comScore) Facebook is the most popular Youtube is Twitter is social media app second third How do you monetize mobile social media traffic?
  18. 18. MOBILE - Mobile Marketing Mobile Ad Networks Couponing Branded Apps Location Based MarketingMobile marketing through couponing, branded apps, mobile ad networks and location based marketing.
  19. 19. MOBILE – CouponingCrocs gave out 15% discount on any purchase via text messageIn two months time, Crocs has received 94,000 text requests for the coupon from customers shoppingin its 180 U.S. stores (Internet Retailer) How will groupbuying affect mobile couponing?
  20. 20. MOBILE – Mobile Marketing Branded AppsOver 70% answered that they had already downloaded apps from brands (AdMob) Virgin built Project,400,000 downloads 1 million downloads an iPad only magazine What are the most effective branded apps?
  21. 21. MOBILE - Mobile Marketing Mobile Ad NetworksThe global market should be at $15 billion by 2015 (mobiThinking) Just landed another $25 million in funding Recently launched a location based mobile ad network Covers over 60% of mobile internet population in China Where is the best place to buy mobile ads?
  22. 22. MOBILE – Mobile Marketing Location Based Marketing26% of mobile users regularly use a map, navigation tool or similar service that automaticallydetermines their current location (MMA) 10 million people currently use Foursquare, 400,000 businesses use Foursquare as a marketing tool, and 78,387 venue mayors are ousted each day Yelp has more than 15 million reviews and 41 million monthly visitors Are check-ins converting to check-outs?
  23. 23. MOBILE - Tablets and eReaders 20% of tablet owners are using print magazines less, 25% are using print books less and 27% are using print newspapers less (MPA Digital)Tablet sales will eclipse laptop sales by 2015 (Forrester). How will this affect your content and marketing strategy?
  24. 24. MOBILE - eReadersThe worldwide eReader market to ship 16.2 million units in 2011, a 24% increase over 2010 (IDC) Nook is fast becoming a major player Amazon Kindle is the breakthrough e-reader fueling a nearly $1 billion business Kobo eReader has 1.3 million registered users (Kobo) Will one eReader ecosystem dominate?
  26. 26. SOCIAL MEDIA – Social TV86 % of US mobile users watch TV with their devices in hand and 40% are using themfor social networking (Yahoo!) Total number of tweets at 1,269,790 Nearly 1.9 million Facebook status updates were related to the Oscars 31,000 users checked in to the Oscars using GetGlue (Mashable)Similar social success for:Can episodic TV shows reach the same social TV success that live events do? How do you monetize this audience?
  27. 27. SOCIAL MEDIA – Social Media Marketing93% of marketers use social media for business (Socialnomics)In 2011 advertisers spent $1.7 billion in social media marketing in the US, global spending was $3.4billion (HubSpot)The Ford Explorer launch on Facebook generated User-generated advertising contestmore traffic than a super bowl ad (Socialnomics) through YoutubeHow does social media marketing change the nature of marketing campaigns and media planning?
  28. 28. SOCIAL MEDIA – Social CurationFacebook responsible for 3% of traffic to the 25largest news sites (Pew Research Centers Project forExcellence in Journalism) 1.5 million monthly2.5 million users unique visitors Do industry incumbents realize the value of social media referrals? Is discovery the new search?
  30. 30. GAMING – Casual Social GamingSocial gamers will buy $6 billion in virtual goods by 2013 (Socialnomics) Tagged said the top 1% of its players accounted for 46% of its gaming revenue. About half of those were American, and 59% of those U.S.50 million users players were male with an average age of 48. They refer to their high-valued customers as whales Over 12 million subscribersCan casual social gaming be monetized by a mainstream audience or does it attract a select few?
  31. 31. GAMING – Gamification Decode debuted at #3 on New York Times bestseller list Bing’s intent to use is up 20% for young urban malesVideo on Decoded Campaign Do gamification marketing campaigns translate to sales?
  32. 32. GAMING – Gamification130 percent increase in page views for the USA network’s Psych showand a 40 percent increase in return visits (USA Networks)The show has 1.5 million Facebook fans and usersspend an average of 22.5 minutes on the Psych site.(VentureBeat) Do gamification campaigns translate to viewers?
  33. 33. GAMING – Gaming Consoles as Entertainment Devices Twelve million playing Xbox Live gold 66.3% of all Netflix streaming members spend 40% of their average occurring through a game console three hours a day on the service’s ( non-game applications. ( Future of Interactive TVAre consoles a viable digital distribution channel for content?
  34. 34. Part 2: Industry Convergence BetweenBroadcasters, Advertisers and PublishersCreating Interesting Collaborations
  35. 35. Industry Convergence – Highly Integrated Entertainment Campaign Lady GagaZynga launched Framvillestyle Gaga-ville Vevo has exclusively premiered each video from Born This Way Gaga is the only user to have Starbucks and Gaga teamed 10 million followers on Twitter At the end of 2010 she had the up on SRCH, a two digital top celebrity Facebook likes with scavenger hunt 24.7 million Can this level of cross-media integration work for any brand?
  36. 36. Industry Convergence – Brands Becoming Media CompaniesRed Bull Media House Smirnoff Experience Are these brands the new entertainment franchises?
  37. 37. Industry Convergence – Media Companies Becoming BrandsHow can entertainment companies become marketers?