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Management presentation


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Published in: Education
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Management presentation

  1. 1. ManagementThe Academic Library
  2. 2. Organization Bureaucracy Hierarchy Team 2
  3. 3. Education/ResearchConsultant“The consultant model means thatlibrarians are, at a minimum, liaisonsbetween the information base and thefaculty” Budd, 152 3
  4. 4. Money“The institution provides a sufficientnumber of qualified staff—withappropriate education or experiences inlibrary and/or other learning/informationresources to accomplish the mission ofthe institution” SACS, Budd, 162 4
  5. 5. Income Friends of the library Books sales Naming rights Grants 5
  6. 6. People Professional and Support Staff Outsourcing Cataloging Changing needs of the library 6
  7. 7. “The Library Belongs to Everyone andto No One” Budd, 177 7