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Presentation BribeSpot for mediabarcamp

Published in: Self Improvement, Travel, Business
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  1. 1. What is
  2. 2. anonymous servicefor reporting bribes online or, as we say it: “You share the story, we build the map”
  3. 3. all submitted reports are geo-tagged (=linked to a specific location on a map) making it easy to seelocations plagued by persistent corruption
  4. 4. User can report bribes using a smartphone or a regular PC
  5. 5. Find out who, when & howextorts bribes in your area
  6. 6. browse, discuss or dismiss individual bribe reports and explore what others have to say about specific locations
  7. 7. is a social project run bya team of IT professionalsfrom Lithuania, Estonia, Finland & Germany
  8. 8. After positive public reaction,we decided to bring Bribespot where it would matter: Russia, Belarus & Ukraine
  9. 9. Get KauhanenKimmo in touch:Phone: +358 40 514 1732Twitter:@KkauhanenArtas BartasPhone: +49 157 848 255 09Twitter:@artasbartasEmail: info@bribespot.comTwitter:@bribespot