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Turn your trade_show_into_a_lead_generating_machine


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Learn how to turn your trade show into a lead generating machine.

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Turn your trade_show_into_a_lead_generating_machine

  1. 1. Customers Leads Prospects Turn Your Trade Show Exhibit Into A Lead Generating Machine Marketing Humans Love.
  2. 2. It takes proper planning and a solid foundation to turn your trade show exhibit into a Lead generating machine It’s more than just the Trade Show Exhibit Customers Leads Prospects
  3. 3. This ebook covers 6 steps for building a solid foundation of proper planning to turn your trade show exhibit into a Lead Generating Machine  Budgeting For A Trade Show  Set Up A Tiered Gift Program  Pre-Promotion  Brand Image In 3 Seconds  Attitude & Etiquette  Lead Generation
  4. 4. It takes proper planning to turn your trade show exhibit into a Lead generating machine Putting together a Budget
  5. 5. Budget Considerations  Printed Collateral  Company Branded Apparel  Staff Name Tags  Trade Show Giveaways  Exhibit Display & Graphics  Shipping of Exhibit Materials  Travel & Meal Expense for Staff  Space Rental  Onsite Services  Hospitality  Pre-Show Marketing & Direct Mail  Follow Up Marketing & Direct Mail Download A Budget Template
  6. 6. Add value to your company by showing gratitude for attendee’s interest Motivate attendees to learn more Set up a tiered Gift Program
  7. 7. Set a goal for the number and types of prospects you want to contact. For example, if you are a financial company targeting the health-care industry, you may want to attract 40 leads – 10 of which are CFOs or other hospital executives. Set realistic goals. Set Goals
  8. 8. Determine what each tiered lead is worth to your company. Consider your sales funnel. It may look like this: Top tier, showing some interest Mid tier, research/education Bottom tier, qualified and ready to buy What’s It Worth To You? What are you prepared to invest for each tiered lead?
  9. 9. Event attendees are 52% more likely to stop by your exhibit if you have appealing promotional items to give them. Source: Incomm Center for Trade Show Research and Sales Training FACT
  10. 10. Set a budget Choose tiered gift items within your budget. The items you select should appeal to your target audience and help you achieve your objectives for the trade show. Download Ideas For Your Next Trade Show
  11. 11. Shout It From The Mountain Top Shouting the details about your gifts from the mountain top may, or may not, be the best way to deliver information. Create an effective way to publicize the gift or reward best suited to your audience. Include the information in your pre- show mailer to qualify prospects and promise a gift when they return it to your booth during the trade show. Base the gift on participation in a booth activity, such as a game, demonstration or meeting with a sales representative from your company. Ideas
  12. 12. Set up a method to measure the gift programs results and tweak the program for the next trade show accordingly. If your gift program doesn’t help achieve your objectives, then you are just giving away free stuff at the company’s expense. Measure Measure Measure
  13. 13. Can you convey a consistent brand image In the first three seconds? Brand IMAGE
  14. 14. 3 Seconds… Can you capture someone’s attention in that short amount of time with your trade show exhibit? That may be the difference between a lifetime customer and a lost lead.
  15. 15. What Message Are You Sending? What do you want to convey about your company?  New Products/Services  Competitive Advantage  Brand Image Think billboard, not bulletin board when creating the design for your signage. It’s better to go for impact. Keep it simple and consistent. Remember, less is more!
  16. 16. 83%of exhibitors agreed that “Building, expanding brand awareness” is a high priority marketing-related objective for trade shows. Source: CEIR Changing Environment Study FACT
  17. 17. Capture Attention With Promotional Items Use promotional giveaways that draw attention and entice visitors to your booth. Consider different gifts for visitors and leads. Memorability Recognition Communicate Motivate Promote
  18. 18. Selecting Hot Trade Show Giveaways Developing a hot giveaway takes thought and creativity. Consider what your target audience wants: 1. What will help them do their job better 2. Make their life easier 3. Cool industry specific gadgets 4. What they can’t get elsewhere 5. Product/service related 6. Educational products
  19. 19. Your exhibit should convey your company’s personality. It should create an emotional reaction with your leads and customers. Humans buy for emotional reasons.
  20. 20. The shapes, materials, surface treatments, colors, images and even the typography you select help convey your company’s brand image.
  21. 21. A company that wants a high tech aviation look should have a completely different exhibit than an exhibit for a wedding cake bakery. One Size Does NOT Fit All
  22. 22. It’s time to have the talk with your staffers before the trade show Attitude And Etiquette
  23. 23. Hello! My Name Is… Wear your badge on the right hand side of your shirt or jacket. When worn on the right hand side, whomever is shaking your hand can clearly see your name.
  24. 24. If you do not know the answer to a question, say so. Take advantage of the situation and use it as an excuse to follow up after the show with the correct answer when you locate it. Riddle Me This…
  25. 25. Make only those commitments that you and others can keep. Visitors remember staffer commitments… especially those that are not kept. Say What You Mean & Mean What You Say
  26. 26. GO TEAM! Exhibiting is a teamevent. Other staffers are counting on you and you on them.
  27. 27. Visit with prospects only. A crowd of staffers does not attract a crowd of leads. Keep Your Eye On The Prize
  28. 28. 67% of all trade show attendees represent a new prospect and potential customer for exhibiting companies. Source: Exhibit Surveys, Inc. FACT
  29. 29. Smile 90% of the time, if you smile, someone will smile back at you.
  30. 30. The exhibit is your office away from the office. As visitors see your environment, they see your company and make a judgment of whether they want to do business with you. Office Sweet Office
  31. 31. Start letting your prospects, leads and customers know about your exhibit before the trade show PRE Promotion
  32. 32. Pre-Promote On Your Website Advertise that you will be attending the trade show on your company’s home page so all your visitors will see. It may be a good idea to consider adding an “Upcoming Events” page to your website as well.
  33. 33. Pre-Promote With Social Media Utilize your company’s social media pages to distribute information leading up to the trade show. Plan a schedule of status updates with different verbiage to generate excitement. Be sure to include pictures.
  34. 34. Pre-Promote With Blogs Remember to keep your personas in when selecting topics. Target your blog topics relative to the products/services you will be highlighting at the trade show.
  35. 35. Pre-Promote With Direct Mail Send direct mail to your customers, leads and prospects by utilizing your database and/or purchasing a list of company addresses that match your targeted criteria. You can send a variety of pieces, including:  Postcards  Letters  Trifolds  Packages
  36. 36. Pre-Promote With Traditional Advertising Balance your inbound marketing with traditional advertising by utilizing your existing media schedules. You will need to tweak the scripts by adding a tag or scroll to let your customers and prospects know you will be exhibiting at the trade show.
  37. 37. Your investment in the trade show should have a defined Purpose Lead Generation
  38. 38. Train your staff how to capture information in the interview process. What information should they be seeking that would be beneficial for lead conversion. Practice Makes Perfect
  39. 39. 7 out of 10 attendees plan to buy one or more products at a trade show. Source: CEIR FACT
  40. 40. Good…Better…Best Discipline your staff to categorize the leads A, B or C as they are generated. Review these each night of the trade show for completeness and make any additional notes that will be helpful to the sales staff.
  41. 41. Before You Leave The Trade Show When the show ends, how does your lead system get fulfilled, who is responsible for the transmittal letter, the lead management reporting? When and to whom does the sales force report their results?
  42. 42. The biggest mistake we see companies make is failure to follow up with their leads appropriately AFTER the show! After The Show Lead Follow Up
  43. 43. Timing Is Everything Time your follow up so it arrives the week after the trade show when your leads are getting back to their offices so they have time to clear their desks of work that were generated the day(s) they were at the show. This will give you a better chance of them devoting time to reviewing your follow up letter.
  44. 44. Resources Get Serious Request Quote Print Materials Download Trade Show Budget Template Request Quote Direct Mail Programs Request Quote Promotional Items/Gifts/Rewards Request Quote Blogging/Social Media Speak With A Trade Show Marketing Specialist
  45. 45. Learn how to beef up your marketing with B2H Marketing Group. Our Marketing Specialists can help you grow your company with our inbound marketing tool box. Turn Your Trade Show Exhibit Into A Lead Generating Machine