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Club life

  1. 1. A monthly inhouse newsletter for private circulation only clublife Delhi Gymkhana Club 2, Safdarjung Road, New Delhi 110011 Vol. 9 • No. 14 • September 2010 InsIdePreview From the The annual audit of our club accounts for the financial year 2009-10 has been rafting down the Yamuna memories of Yore desk oF the completed and the results are out. The balance sheet duly authenticated and by M.S. Kanwal IRS (Retd.) 03 President signed by the statutory auditors has syndicate rummy tournament 04 been dispatched to the members on T he month of August 2010 has 30th August 2010. The financial results been one of the wettest month during the year have been the best ever. in last 3 decades. Heavy rains Some of the outstanding features of the led to flooding and water logging even accounts are as under: in the club premises, but efficient steps taken by the administration avoided any (a) For the first time the Club has Why you should donate inconvenience to the members. recorded an operating surplus of by Anil Chandra 05 ` 611.49 lac as against ` 276.07 lac As our General Committee completes its in the previous year. This reflects A talk on organ donation 08 tenure by the end of September, I wish on the efficient financial and to take this opportunity to thank all administrative management of members of the Club and the members the club. of the General Committee who have by their willing support including their (b) The net surplus of `948.55 lac this contribution of ideas and suggestions year has been the highest ever, as Book Club meeting 08 have helped us to work towards meeting against a net surplus of `412.20 various aspirations of the members and lac last year. ensuring that the culture, tradition and (c) As a result of judicious handling of values for which our Club is known are the club finances, there has been a preserved and maintained. Whatever very substantial increase of `1438.28 has been attempted by the General 2010 Indian Film Festival at China 09 lac in our investments during the Committee has been done with only one A Golden moments Lunch 10-11 year. Investments as on 31.3.10 were aim in mind and that is the improvement `5738.43 lac as against `4300.15 lac in the working of the Club. It was on 31.3.09. The investments have always the endeavour of the General further increased to `6121.15 lac as Committee to ensure the highest level on date. of transparency and integrity in all our working throughout the year. We had (d) The above excellent results a very cohesive, friendly and positive have been achieved by constant Club Buzz 12 General Committee where each member monitoring and introduction of contributed his best towards the working Internal Audit, new strategies of Forthcoming events 12 of the Club. checks and balances and prudent
  2. 2. investment strategy resulting the invitations were sent to be our the good name and reputation of the in increase in subscription & privileged guests during this function. club. Registration fee by `530.71 lac, While 27 members regretted to attend No amount of praise is enough to thank increase in surplus on departmental the function because of ill health and the staff of the club, some of whom sales by `88.97 lac, increase in various other reasons, thirty members have been with us for as many as 40 interest & dividend by `10.14 lac with their spouse attended the lunch. years and who have worked so tirelessly and increase in profit of sale of The members attending the lunch and deserve our highest appreciation. I investments by `196.09 lac. were overwhelmed with the overall wish to personally thank each one of arrangements made for the function. (e) Similarly, our reserves during them for their honesty, hard work and Attractively designed club souvenir the year under report have also dedication. were presented to all the members gone up from `3488.74 lac to attending the function. I would like to inform the members ` 4786.08 lac. that the General Committee has, Dance of Desert nite with the world This is the time of the year when the keeping in view the manifold increase renowned artist Kamal Sabri is being General Committee after slogging in the work, decided to appoint a held in the club on 4th September for eleven months normally becomes deputy to the club secretary, who will 2010 to keep the entertainment clock complacent, But this is not so with our assist him in overall performance of ticking in the club. General Committee, it is determined his duties. The committee has also to finish its last leg of tenure with a The annual elections are due to be decided to appoint a project officer, bang . There is a lot still happening held on 24th September 2010. It with an engineering background, who and the members can expect a lot more is important that the elections are will supervise the new projects, which of action during September before the conducted in a manner that upholds are likely to start very soon. Necessary elections. the dignity and prestige of this august advertisement will be given in the institution. In order to ensure this, a papers to find suitable persons for the A portion of the reception was comprehensive code of conduct has above two posts. renovated last year. The remaining been drawn up for elections by the portion is being spruced up to provide Mrs Dipika Nanjappa (P 4387) and General Committee which comes a face lift to the club entrance and also Justice H C Goyal (P-2904) have into force w.e.f 11th September 2010 provide adequate waiting space for contributed ` 11,000/- and ` 6,000/- and copies of which will be sent to the members. The work is likely to be the members along with the list of respectively to the Staff Welfare fund completed within a week. candidates contesting elections on during the month. A Golden Jubilee lunch was held at 11th September 2010. Copies of the Before I end, I wish to thank all our the terrace bar on 21st August 2010 same will also be placed on the notice members for their unstinted support for all those members who have had board for information of members. I during the year. Wishing all of you a the distinction of being members of would, therefore, request the members very warm welcome for the AGM on the Club for over 50 years including to appreciate the spirit and intentions 24th September 2010. those members who could not attend behind laying down the code of this function earlier. As on 1st August conduct and help the management to 2010 we had approximately 240 conduct elections in a fair, transparent Prakash Chandra such esteemed members to whom and dignified manner so as to ensure President 2
  3. 3. clublife Delhi Gymkhana Club Rafting Down The Yamuna Memories of Yore by M.S. Kanwal, IRS (Retd.) R ampur Mandi, located on for the night. In those days, there there overnight, sleeping in the open, the eastern bank of Yamuna was no bridge on the river Yamuna, under the starlit sky. All of us tried River is about 30 kms from connecting Rampur Mandi with our culinary skills to fix up a meal. Dehradun. Right opposite on its Paonta Sahib. The river had to be Cadet Jalnawala prepared a pudding western bank is Paonta Sahib. About negotiated on inflated buffallo skins. for dessert, a decoction of condensed 10 kms upstream is Kalsi, where you A Patni/Malah would lie flat on the milk enriched with almonds, walnuts would find an Ashoka Edict. A little inverted skin in between the inflated and resins and to cool it, let the further up is Dhak Patthar, where feet of the skin and let you lie on vessel float in the relatively stable timber cut from the upper slopes top of him and then paddle with his waters of the Yamuna close to the of Shivalik Hills is collected and hands across the river to the other Headworks but very deep. He lighted floated down the Yamuna river upto side, an exhilarating experience. a candle on top of the lid, so that we Tajewala and then into the Eastern Next morning two of us cycled upto could keep track of it while we ate Yamuna canal, which takes off from Dhak Patthar and hired two rafts, our evening meal. Tajewala Headworks, to reach the picking up the rest of the group When we finished our meal, we sawmills located at Jagadhri. The from Rampur Mandi, loading our found to our astonishment, the habitation around Jagadhri Railway provisions and baggage, including vessel containing the pudding had station is known as Yamuna Nagar cycles and said “Ahoy”. There are floated away from us, almost mid- (old name Abdullapur). Jagadhri several small and big rapids varying stream. Three of us jumped into Town is, infact, 8 kms from the into a drop of 2/6feet, while going the water to retrieve it but in our railway station. The logs of timber downstream and the rafts groaned anxiety to reach the vessel first, it collected at Dhak Patthar are tied and creaked, rolling up and down, sank down into the deep river bed into bundles of 200, in the shape making it a thrilling experience, as we simultaneously laid our hands of a raft and floated down stream, while negotiating the rapids. One of on it. All of us felt disappointed and steered by a large bamboo pole, by our rafts got stuck on a protruding had to remain content with a few a Patnee(Malah) through the river/ rock and it took us close to an hour pieces of chocolate, for the dessert, canal upto Yamuna Nagar, where to have it afloat again, struggling Next morning, we steered our floats timber merchants retrieve the logs through fast flowing waters of the into the Eastern yamuna Canal, for the saw mills located at Jagadhri. Yamuna. Well past Paonta Sahib, the moving at a snails pace of 4/5 kms A group of young cadets of JSW/ rapids became smaller, falling 2/3 an hour, reaching Jagadhri in the NDA then located at Clement Town, feet downstream, nevertheless, still afternoon, from where we took a Dehradun, during the midterm thrilling. We were all good swimmers train to Saharanpur, with our bikes break of April, 1950, including me and tried floating downstream on loaded in the brake-van. Dehradun as the leader, under the supervision individual logs of timber, maintaining is about 60 kms from Saharanpur by of Lt. Comdr T.E D’Almeida, an balance precariously, as the logs road through the Mohund Pass and Instructer at JSW/NDA cycled upto circular in shape rolled over, making we cycled back to Clement Town, Rampur Mandi in the afternoon and it difficult to stay on top and avoid reaching there a little after sunset. lodged ourselves in the PWD Rest going under. We reached Tajewala Thus ended a highly enjoyable mid- House on the banks of River Yamuna Headworks at sunset and camped term break. 3
  4. 4. Dramatised Reading and Multimedia Presentation of Stephen King’s Horror Play ‘The Mangler’ directed by Sohaila Kapur was held on Friday the 13th August 2010 Syndicate Rummy Tournament was held on Thursday the 26th August, 2010 4
  5. 5. clublife Delhi Gymkhana Club WHY YOu SHOulD PRINCE DONATe by Anil Chandra AARAV our baby brother Prince Aarav you are so happy, Charity makes the heart healthier for in giving you are shelling out U never wet your nappy a part of yourself to people you do not know. In doing so, you will be ZU are a cutie pie, able to alleviate the suffering of others in a small way. A delicacy in my eye There are many reasons why you should come forth. With your donation, Prince Aarav you are so good, donate. I give some below: you acquire lesser taxes. You always do what you should ! 1. Giving assistance to other people 5. With the knowledge that you are You are an infant, you are so small through money or service can give helping others and that these You are so cute, you are my doll you a sense of pride. Since you were people are benefiting from your able to think beyond yourself and actions, you may validate your own You are an angel, sent from above you are able to let go of some of your existence. The experience may help You are a symbol of my love wants and money, there is a sense of you know the value of kindness and Your cheeks are so soft inner joy in you. know within yourself that you have When you’re snuck in your cot that value in you since you are able 2. If it helps to think about it, you can to practice it. You burp a lot boost your own confidence thinking But you dance like a robot that there are other people that are less 6. If you are stressed out with work fortunate than you are. By donating, or anything from this busy world, You cry whenever I kiss you this confidence is boosted. participating in a charity organization You small little sweetie pie will be able to help you get things 3. Consider the ability to give out You love your rattle off your mind. Since you are taking money without difficulty a gift, for As much I love Seattle care of other people, somehow your you are one of the few people who stress is relieved. And you will be You are a tornado when you cry do not make money the center able to achieve inner peace. But you are really shy of the universe. You are a part of the few who realize that there are 7. Through finding the charity that fits Dia was 1st the toy other things more important than your morals, ideals and beliefs, you But now you’ve taken over, you money like helping other people find a sense of belongingness. little boy and experiencing inner contentment Apart from the above mentioned Prince Aarav you are through assisting others. reasons and benefits aforementioned, as cute as a dove 4. One of the best reasons for many there are other advantages that you will Its you we all love ! to donate is that the money you acquire from giving out to a charity. Dia Anand, 8 years old give out, lessens your taxes. This Spread the fortune you are receiving Tara Anand, 10 years old makes the gesture of shelling out and put a smile on other people’s face. (Grand daughters of Mr. K.K. money and being generous to your You will never know, the help you are Vaisoha on their cousin Aarav, advantage since you do not have to extending is the answer to another Mr. Vaisohas’s son’s son born on wait long enough for the results to person’s troubles. 11.02.2010) 5
  6. 6. your feet will do better than on the 13 is said to be lucky for some and erstwhile musty old carpets wickedly unlucky for others. No.13 has proved concealing many a clump of wires or to be lucky for my family and me. uneven patch waiting for you to step When we shifted to Delhi, my father Editor’s on it and take a tumble! A young and was allotted Bungalow No.13, Tughlak Page upcoming interior designer Medhavi Road to live in – he took it without Chawla “did” the whole thing- thank thinking twice [although advised by you Medhavi for the wonderful job you many not to]. His attitude was that for have done. the God fearing and religious there was nothing to fear.- We spent many happy The Book Club has been hyper active days in that house. Coming to Sohaila’s this month in its farewell avatar. My “Mangler”, it was a scary evening all good friend Vibhuti Sharma talked on T he moving finger writes and right. The theme of the play was that Organ Donation” [not to be confused having writ moves on [as of a huge old pressing machine in a with organ transplant which is regulated mine will be doing after this laundromat which became possessed by law and has many restrictions on who by the Devil and started working on its last editorial !]. Time and tide wait for can donate an organ and to whom]. It own, could not be stopped and began no man [or woman!]. The year of the was an inspiring talk and a lot of those sucking laundry users into it [at first current Committee is almost over and present pledged their organs in writing seemingly accidentally] in its thirst for the Club elections have been scheduled that day. What goes around comes blood and gore. Sohaila used effective for 24th September. Soon, there will be around- if organs are not donated, sound, smoke and screen effects to a brand new Committee and a brand then in need there will not be a ready punctuate the horror of it all. There new editor for the Club magazine. It’s supply of organs available to save lives. was pin drop silence in the darkened been wonderfully enjoyable talking and Point to ponder. Vibhuti is an organ hall with occasional sharp intakes of interacting with you all year through donation co-ordinator and her contact horrified breath. The play ended as the magazine and my editorials. I No is 98110 61461 in case you want to scarily as it started. Honestly, I tossed will always cherish the experience –it pledge your organs. and turned all night seeing spooks and will be part of my fondest memories. Are you a “friggatriskaidekaphobic”? shadows where there were none! I was Being on the Committee and doing As Friday the 13th came calling urban apprehensive even of opening my car the newsletter has taught me so many legend about the day of horrors had door to go back home in and the fridge things about the Club that my [longish] tongues wagging yet again. We at the to get a drink of water- I could imagine Membership had not. My fellow Book Club took advantage of the fear myself getting pulled in!. Only a person library Committee members have as immensely talented as Sohaila could pitched in and helped through out. factor and staged a dramatic reading of a have pulled of a coup like this. Friday The staff - Parihar [especially], Harish, Stephen King play “The Mangler” [even the 13th came at the appropriate time Jogender – and the rest have done their the name made me shiver on a warm and obliged us with its menacing best and the Secretary [the omnipresent day] on Friday the 13th [appropriately]. overtones and provided the perfect one] has been most helpful always. The The theme of the play was in sync with back drop for a date with horror. library has been subjected to an over the day meant for the dark and evil. haul – from a shabby old thing it has Astrologers issue dire warnings and There was a talk and two short films been transformed into a shiny, polished prophesise of bad omens associated on the necessity to donate blood and entity in which I am sure you will enjoy with the day. Tarot readers believe that how to prevent Thalessimic births getting lost in your favorite read even the 13th card in the Major Arcana is the by a well known Philanthropist [and more and on whose new wooden floors death Card. In numerology, the number Member] Malati Chibber who I know 6
  7. 7. clublife Delhi Gymkhana Club as a Rotarian since the inception of the in human beings. The Judge has been Rotary Blood Bank near Batra Hospital immortalized Mrs.Chawla, we are Letters to of which she is a founder Member. proud to have a member like you. The Rotary Blood Bank was set up [and please not to mind this write up the editor under the auspices of a former Club – I know how reticent you are, the President Mr.Sudarshan Aggarwal Hon’ble Judge having been even more [also a Rotarian] and it has been doing so] Mrs.Chawla told me “I could have yeoman public service ever since. The and wanted to give more-but I had to action packed month ended with a keep a little to live on”. People like powerful talk by [Member] Mr.Prateep this don’t happen too often. K.lahiri on the theme of his book In September, the Book Club will stage “Decoding Intolerance”. a closure with a reading of Daman The other day, I attended a function Singh’s new book “The Sacred Grove” that was touching in the extreme. It On Daman’s invitation I attended the took place in Delhi’s new law College at book’s launch at the India Habitat Dwarka- an impressive state of the Art Centre, and thoroughly enjoyed the institution set in sylvan surroundings [ scintillating evening which raised although my nephew Shivain is a 3rd a toast to the parent behind the Prime Minister and his well known year student there, this was my first A certificate for the Club’s adherence to the highest principles visit]. The function was presided over by Bread from a renowned of integrity. The book looks at the the Chief Justice of Delhi and attended Nutritionist: world through the eyes of a 13 year by other Judges. At the said function, old [the protagonist in the book]. I Dear Seita, one of our members [Dr] Mrs. Santosh Thanks for the newsletter and the will not say anything further- be there Chawla, formerly Principal of the lady nice write-up. on 10th September, 2010 for a tête- Hardinge Medical College was the Incidentally, your bread was great à-tête with Daman and find out more Chief Guest. She has in her life time & my husband loved it..... for yourself! made an endowment of 1.15 crores of Warmly the family’s hard earned life savings I will now end this with a big thank you Ishi to the College in memory of her late for the support, attention and affection husband Chief Justice T.P.S. Chawla of the Delhi high Court and also donated you have extended throughout the year to me, the Book Club and its A ReADeRS the Judge’s library. The College in response to the grant has set up a library programs [ which have been house full throughout]. “Romba Nanri” [Thank PANel you very much in Tamil]. meeting was held on in the Judge’s name and a scholarship Saturday the 28th August 2010 to aid needy students. Justice Chawla “Dovidenia” [ Meaning “till we meet was known for his integrity, profound again” in the Slovak language –this legal knowledge, sense of fair play and Courtesy my friends the Slovak not the least for his clipped British Ambassador Harian Tomasik and the accent!. He represented the best of the first lady Alexandra Tomasikova]. And best of India’s Judges. Mrs.Chawla’s God bless! rare gesture will be remembered as a Seita Vaidialingam telling example of the greatest good Editor 7
  8. 8. ORGAN DONATION A talk by Ms Vibhuti Sharma was held on Friday the 6th August 2010 On The Importance of Donating Blood and How to prevent Thalessimic Births An Audio Visual Talk by Rotary Blood Bank board member Mrs. Malati Chhibber and Rotarian Dr. (Ms.) Tejinder Singh was held on the Friday the 20th August 2010 BOOK CluB MeeTING Mr Prateep K Lahiri discussed his book Decoding Intolerance on Friday the 27th August 2010 8
  9. 9. clublife Delhi Gymkhana Club 2010 Indian Film Festival At China Draft Article/ Notice News from the Articles and Bye Laws Sub Committee 1. This is to bring to the notice of our esteemed members that the Sub Committee has completed a review of the Articles of Association and placed its report before the GC in the month of May 2010. 2. This is the first recorded overall review of Articles of Association and will be the basis of further P ooja Chowdhury, Dependant reviews based on inputs received from members from time to Member and daughter of Capt time. The recommendations have & Mrs. Gypsy Chowdhury also been prioritised and the Sub participated in the Indian Film Festival Committee has recommended that held at Broadway, Cinematheque the three priority recommendations Moma, Beijing from 24 June to 22 should be implemented through July,2010. amendment to the Articles of Association by holding an eGM at The Indian Ambassador to China, Dr. the earliest. S. Jaishankar highlighted 60 years of 3. A copy of this report is available for Diplomatic Relationship between India all concerned in the Club library. and China which was followed by a dance recital by Pooja and Gargi and an impressive Exhibition on “JOURNEY OF INDIAN CINEMA TO CHINA “ 4. We would greatly appreciate inputs from the members on the A proud moment for the Delhi Gymkhana Club! subject which will enable us to answer their queries and also be the basis of the subsequent reviews NOTICE of the Articles of Association. It may be mentioned that these are Annual General Meeting 2010 only recommendations. However, Delhi Gymkhana Club Ltd, 2, Safdarjung Road, New Delhi-110011 action for their implementation is to be taken either by the GC (if NOTICE is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the members within their powers) or through of the Delhi Gymkhana Club Limited will be held at the Club Premises amendment in the articles through at 4.00 pm on Friday the 24th Sept 2010; to receive, consider and adopt an eGM. the General Committee’s report, the audited Income and Expenditure 5. The Sub Committee will now be Account for the year ended 31st March’ 2010, the audited Balance Sheet concentrating on compiling the as on that date; the report of the Auditors; to appoint auditors for the year Bye laws. 2010-2011 and to fix their remuneration; to elect the President for the year HK Dhawan and to elect sixteen members of the General Committee in place of those Brig (Retd) retiring. Member General Committee 9
  10. 10. A LuNC was hosted by the President and the committee to honou We called it the Golden Moments afternoon (Sa 10
  11. 11. clublife Delhi Gymkhana Club CHEON ur our members who held 50 years plus Club membership. aturday the 21st August, 2010 at the Terrace Bar) 11
  12. 12. clublife Delhi Gymkhana Club CLuB events club buzz FoRTHCoMING Gymkhana Bridge EVENTS Team of Four – 08.08.2010 Book Club Meet 1st Kawaljit Singh, Mira Khorana, Meera Bakshi, Jaspal Bakshi, DN Khanna at the Veranda Bar 2nd Anand Virmani, Yogesh Tewari, Vijay Sawhney, Ramesh Vasudeva, Mukesh Air Marshal R. K. Nehra(Retd.) Shivdasani, Vikram Jain will talk about his Book 3rd (joint) “Hinduism & Its Military Ethos” (i) S Sundararajan, Siddartha Behura, Hadev Bhalla, Dilp Coehlo, Arun Jain on Friday the 3rd Sept. 2010 at 6.00pm. (ii) AR Anand, Rajiv Anand, Jainder Singh, Sanjiv Bery, Vijit Bery a Sarangi Maestro Kamal Sabri August Results Pairs – 20.08.2010 will present Dance of the Desert East-West North-South a musical journey from the deserts of 1st Sidhartha Behura & Ashok Goel 1st Ml Nasa & DK Mehta India to the deserts of the Middle east 2nd VK Sawhney & Ramesh Vasudeva 2nd Arun Jain & Mukesh Shivdasani including the Kalbelia Dance from 3rd Kawaljit Singh & Suman Bansidhar 3rd DD Gulhati & K Dwivedi Rajasthan and Belly Dance from egypt. Mediterranean and Rajasthani Cuisine In the past year the Book Club brought to you will be served. the following programs:- Saturday the 4th Sept. 2010 from 7.30 pm. onwards on the Kashmir lawns. Book Club 06/08/2010: A talk on Organ donation a 6/11/2009 : Book Club meeting by ms Vibhuti sharma Book Club Meet Jinnah: india-Partition-independence 13/08/2010: dramatised reading of a stephen at the Veranda Bar Jaswant singh king horror play “the Mangler” Ms Daman Singh will read from and 4/12/2009 : roald dahl comes alive - dramatised by ms sohaila kapur reading of two plays by sohaila kapur discuss her new book “The Sacred 20/08/2010: two films & a talk on Blood donation 26/12/2009: Interaction with mr ravi shastri Grove” Friday the 10th Sept. at 6.00pm “rang Lal Anmol” and preventing thalesimic Condolences On everything you wanted to know about Cricket births “Kaash” 19/01/2010: Book Club meeting by mrs malti Chibber and dr (ms) tejinder singh nine Lives: in search of the sacred in modern 27/08/2010: Book Club meeting We are deeply grieved at the passing india by William dalrymple ‘decoding intolerance’ mr. Prateep k Lahiri away of the following members. 19/02/2010: Book Club meeting 03/09/2010: Book Club meeting May their souls rest in peace. Book - nine by nine by daman singh Book - Hinduism & its Military ethos Dr Davindra Mohan P 1878 12/03/2010: A talk on Air marshal (retd.) r k nehra Hypnotherapy and Past Life regression Mr Gulsheir Singh Bakshi P 3153 10/09/2010: Book Club meeting navneeth Vallabh, hypnotherapist Mr Milon Kumar Banerji P 2633 Book – A sacred Grove by daman singh 25/3/2010: Book Club meeting Mr L R Gosain P 1156 And there were the following workshops Book - in search of sita: revisiting Mythology Mrs Rajeshwari Hooja L 0472 edited by malhashri Lal & namita Gokhale for Children Mrs Sarla Kapur L 0995 09/04/2010: Book Club meeting 21/11/2009: story telling Col G K Lall P 0132 Book - immigrant by manju kapur for Age Group – 7 to 13 years Bulbul sharma, Author and Artist Mr Pradeep Vira P-6093 07/05/2010: Panel discussion on - “Healthy Ageing & dementia 10/04/2010: scrabble workshop & Competition Mrs Harbans Lamba L 1185 By- ArdsI (Alzheimers society, delhi) Anjana neira dev, educationist Editor 15/05/2010: scrabble Competition for Adults 12/06/2010: story telling Ms. Seita Vaidialingam Anjana neira dev for Age Group – 4 to 8 years 18/06/2010: An Audio-Visual talk on “Mindful mrs rami Chhabra, sociologist and social worker eating” ms Ishi khosla, nutritionist 19/06/2010: values workshop for 09/07/2010: Book Club meeting Designed & Printed by Age Group – 8 to 14 years by Prabhav Guest Author : mr nandan nilekani Benchmark Graphic Pvt. Ltd., 24/07/2010: story telling “imagining india: ideas for the new Century” for Age Group – 5 to 10 years 30/07/2010: dramatised reading and Views expressed in the articles are ms Chandni Luthra multimedia Presentation of stephen king’s play those of individual members and not the the readers Panel met thrice during the year. official views of the Club. “the Ledge” by sohaila kapur 12