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Barcode Labels for Printing ( wide range of labels available ).

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Barcode labels

  1. 1. Blank LabelsIf you do need to print your own labels we can supply blank labels in a roll formfor use in a thermal printer.On a roll: These may be direct thermal blank labels or thermal transfer blanklabels. Thermal transfer labels will require a ribbon with which to print. 1
  2. 2. Thermal LabelsThermal labels are generally used for printing variable information, forexample, bar codes and weights.One of the advantages of using thermal labels is that you can print a high-quality, full colour design suitable for your entire line of products, and then overprint the description, ingredients and bar code of each specific product. 2
  3. 3. Security LabelsIf you need tamper-proof security labels we can help. Security labels deter unauthorized access and can keeptrack of your valuable goods.Tamper evident security labels using ultra destructible materials, typically PVC (vinyl) or acetate, are one ofthe most established techniques to ensure that a label cannot be removed and reapplied.This is an ideal material for asset marking, provided that the application does not require the label to exhibit 3any shear strength and the label and surface is not exposed to movement.
  4. 4. Paper LabelsPut a label on your product and you’re reinforcing the quality of your brand.Paper labels are the most common label stock used, with semi gloss being the most popular.It is economical and carries ink well allowing the printing of high-quality images.There are a variety of adhesives from which to choose depending on your application. 4
  5. 5. Laminated LabelsLaminated labels are the perfect solution for applications where your product will be exposedto moisture or condensation, or may need protection from scuffing during transport.We can print your laminated labels in any design based on your specifications ofcolour, layout, design and die-cut shape. 5
  6. 6. Removable LabelsRemovable labels are perfect for applications where the end user needs to remove the labelcleanly without leaving residue. Labels stick and stay where you want them, and remove cleanlywhen you’re done. Reputable book stores use removable labels for promotions so that they canstick the label on the book’s cover without damaging it. Retail stores also use removable labelsfor coupon promotions. We have a huge selection of custom die shapes to give you the bestlabels on the shelf. 6
  7. 7. Metal Labels /TagsMetal Asset Tags are invaluable items when it comes to tracking and identifying all types ofequipment in your warehouse, office, or anywhere around your building or facility. TheseTags are attached to equipment to identify to workers and visitors that that particular piece ofequipment belongs to your business. Metal Tags are effective in deterring theft.Metal Tags last longer than standard bar code tags. These tags are ideal for industrialapplications and resist abrasion, solvents, pressure-washing, salt spray and chemicals. 7
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