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B2B presentation


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Published in: Business, Technology
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B2B presentation

  1. 1. GA GLOBAL SOLUTIONS B2B-SOLUTIONS.BIZ B2B- Software Import-Export Center Online Sales & Distribution
  2. 2. This project is a long-term unprecedented program inRepublic of Armenia, which currently is realized by Solutions.GA Global Solutions
  3. 3. There are almost two hundred IT organizations in RA, andabout half of them are software developing companies. The consumption of software packages created by those IT vendors and independent software developers cannot be limited only by the Armenian small markets.
  4. 4. GA Global Solutions’ sales generationmarketplace specialized exclusively forbuilding business partnerships betweensoftware vendors and software saleschannel partners.GA Global Solutions aims to support ITorganizations as well as individualdevelopers to sell their own softwareapplications through reputablecommercial structures.
  5. 5. Sales conducted by: Resellers Value-Added Resellers (VARs)The project’s distribution ways Software Registration Services Software Submission Services B2B E-Marketplaces Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) Third Party Developers Distributors Dealers Agents Integrators Affiliates Blogs & Forums On Line IT Stores E-Commerce Provides PAD Submission Services Software Publishers Ads by Search Engines, etc..
  6. 6. The most significant trend affecting ourcompany is the growth of business-to-business e-commerce.This fast growing sector of e-commerceindustry has gone from less than $50billion to more than $160 billion in lastthree years.
  7. 7. The following aggregate data shows where sales originate. The US accounts for60% of software sold. The top 8 countries account for nearly 91% of all softwaresold! Country Percentage of Sales United States 61.82% United Kingdom 8.56% Canada 5.98% Australia 3.56% France 3.24% Spain 3.23% Germany 2.83% Netherlands 1.42%
  8. 8. International Sales Trends / 91% of all sales are fromthe top eight countries. Software remains a huge market at $ 263 billion by 2009 Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) is growing at a faster rate than retail boxed software sales ESD will see a 34% growth by 2012.
  9. 9. Within a few months of project’sexecution we have been engaged inlong-term agreements with numerousoutstanding organizations which aremarket leaders in software sales andconsumer ratings.Currently we are presented in 70countries, and almost 300 affiliates,dealers, aggregators, etc. promote,distribute and sell our distributedsoftware packages worldwide.
  10. 10. GA Global Solutions partners with leading software e-commerce companies worldwide.Your expenses for distribution channels will be cut more than1:3 times.The optimization and traffic of your website will be increased.Your software applications will receive international awardsand licenses.We will provide international order forms for your submittedsoftware with multiple payment and language options.Our professional software marketing team will increase yoursoftware sales by delivering them around the globe in rapidtime with excellent service and a competitive price!
  11. 11. In the frame of project’s conduction ERP and CRMsoftware applications (Computerized MaintenanceManagement System/CMMS 4.3 and OnlineManagement Documentation Flow System/DocsMan 3.0) created by CIT LLC have received 5 StarAwards by Ivertech Software Center.Visit:
  12. 12. Hence, GA Global Solutions offers exclusiveopportunity for software companies andindependent developers to bring out theirsoftware products to international markets inconjunction with this project’s professionalsoftware marketingprograms, variety of sales channels,niche targeting, loyalty programsand software sales online utilization.
  13. 13. ContactsContact us now and increase your software sales volumeworldwide.Abelyan str. 6/1 Work: +374 10 350121Yerevan, Armenia 0038 Mobile:+374 94 684424
  14. 14. Sincerely,GA Global Solutions