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  1. 1. I’m a junior here at Smithtown West and I enjoy math.I’m play on the Varsity Volleyball and Tennis team andI’m also a member of DECA.A field that is a possibility right now is accountingbecause I am a strong in math and like the business aspectof it.I like to think of myself as a quick learner and good atpicking things up right away. I never played tennis beforein my life and in my first year I went on varsity. Also, theonly business classes I had taken before this wasAccounting and Keyboarding, yet somehow I took aMarketing Test and qualified for States for DECA.
  2. 2. Possess Needs Improvement Integrity/ Honesty  Computers Self-Management  Creative Thinking Arithmetic/Math  Mental Visualization
  3. 3. 1 Year Out I plan to go to a college with an undergraduate business program, where I can take classes such as economics, finance, accounting, management and communications. I hope to become the president of a sorority in order to game leadership experience and I will also apply for internship positions over the summer. Hopefully I will have a job within the first year of graduation. In this time I would hope to start building a professional network while still enjoying my free time and helping out my community.5 Years Out Within my first five years I hope to be working with a steady job, possibly in accounting. I would hope to enjoy free time and possibly start a family. I would try to get a house relatively close to my job.10 Years Out By this time in my career, if I hadn’t already, I would possibly go back to college to obtain a master degree or a J.D. It would most likely be difficult to start my own firm or business at this time in my career, but that would be a future goal of mine.
  4. 4. VISUAL LEARING One aspect of visual learning is following specific directions and tasks. This also involves creating mental images of your task and using illustrations and diagrams to help you with your work.Occupations Webmaster Navigator Architect Mechanic
  5. 5. I Like to work with information I work better when I am solving equations and reading and editing work I work best in a structured work environment where I have a set task and time to do it I am not the type of person that would want to do physical labor and for the most part I work most efficiently when I am alone
  6. 6. SUPPORT Working Conditions Jobs in which support This includes how the is an essential value employee would like to are when the company spend a typical day stands behind you. whether in be alone or This value is to make with others. This the employees feel would also include the comfortable and safe amount of money that with management. the employee would make and job security.
  7. 7. Business Management and Administration This cluster involves the organization, planning and evaluation of the essential functions of the business. Jobs are available in many areas of today’s economy.Finance This field is the planning, organization, management, and banking of financial information.
  8. 8. Skills I Possess Skills I need to work on Communication Skills  Adaptability Skills Thinking Skills  Organizational Skills
  9. 9.  Consultants are responsible for a wide variety of tasks that can be accomplished in a day. They travel from business to business to analyze the records and create their own third-party solution for the business. The first few years will be rough, yet all of the work eventually pays off. There is a big range in pay, depending on what type of consultant you are, but that range is typically impressive. Many consultants work in teams, therefore the tasks are not accomplished alone. This interests me because there is not one specific job that you repeat over and over again; The tasks that you perform at different businesses can vary drastically.
  10. 10. Today Goal An economist studies economic trends and patterns to help predict for the future. This occupation is necessary to advise the business on future investments and activities. It requires a bachelors degree, but a masters degree or a PhD are necessary to obtain higher positions The average salary is approximately $88,000 to $132,000. This occupation is on the rise and businesses are hiring because of their invaluable skills I’m interested in this occupation because with the skill set that you obtain, you can be up to date with what is actually going on in the world.
  11. 11.  A sales manager oversees the movement of products of a business. They create training programs for new employees and they analyze sales information in attempts to improve the company. They also oversee local managers, resolve customer problems, create budgets and create sales objectives. A bachelors degree is required and training is generally on the job. The starting salary is about $85,260 and for experienced workers is approximately $187,200. This job interests me because you get to work with many different types of people, but it also involves a accounting/economics based background.
  12. 12.  Accountants analyze financial information for a business and maintain records such as assets, liabilities, and tax information. They record profits and losses to understand what can be improved by the business from year to year. This is a very structured job, meaning that you have specific tasks to fulfill and quotas to meet. A bachelors degree is required and on the job training is necessary. The average starting salary is $52,750 to $101,990 for experienced workers. This job interests me because I like to work in a structured environment and I prefer to work with numbers.
  13. 13.  This is when you counsel either groups or individuals to provide them with guidance. This occupation enables you to work closely with different kinds of people and provides a structured environment with set daily procedures. A bachelors degree is required and some places also require a PhD, J.D, or a masters degree. The average salary is about $38,000 to $73,000.
  14. 14.  This job comes with a heavy workload. Corporate lawyers read and revise documents in order for two parties to reach an agreement. This type of lawyer does not try to defend one side, but they do mediate a dispute between two sides in an attempt to reach a compromise. There is a big span in salary because you will receive more work and more money at a larger firm. This job requires having a bachelors degree, taking the LSAT test, and receiving a J.D. I’m interested in this job because you get to work with different types of people and the work that you put in pays well.