Hispanic America


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simple Jeapordy game on Latin America using six different categories...I used Hispanic America cards to create the game.

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Hispanic America

  1. 1. Brain Quest HISPANIC AMERICA
  2. 2. CATEGORIES Leaders & Music & History & Spanish Everyday This & Great Sports Geography Language Life That Achievers 600 600 600 600 600 600 500 500 500 500 500 500 400 400 400 400 400 400 300 300 300 300 300 300 200 200 200 200 200 200 100 100 100 100 100 100
  3. 3. This and That 600 What nationality is the host of Cristina, the Spanish-language talk show? ANSWER: Cuban (Her full name is Cristina Saralegui)
  4. 4. This and That 500 In what month is the Hispanic Day Parade held in NewYork City? ANSWER: October (It’s held the Sunday before Columbus Day, during Hispanic Heritage Month)
  5. 5. This and That 400 Does a person called a quisqueyano come from Chile or the Dominican Republic? ANSWER: the Dominican Republic (Quisqueya is the Spanish rendering of the island’s Indian name)
  6. 6. This and That 300 Does Antonio Banderas’ last name mean “flags” or “bandits”? Answer: flags (The Spanish word for “bandits” is banditos
  7. 7. This and That 200 Would you most likely eat FLAN for desert or sprinkled on breakfast cereal? ANSWER: For dessert (It’s a kind of custard enjoyed by Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Cubans and other Latinos)
  8. 8. This and That 100 Are more Latinos registered as Democrats or as Republicans? ANSWER: As Democrats (However, Latinos tend not to vote strictly along party lines)
  9. 9. Everyday Life 600 Which sells the most in the United States: ketchup or salsa? ANSWER: Salsa (The spicy Mexican sauce rakes in $700 million in sales every year.)
  10. 10. Everyday Life 500 In Latin America, if Jose’s father is a Garcia, and his mother is a Perez, what is Jose’s full name? ANSWER: Jose Garcia Perez (He can also be called Jose Garcia, but not Jose Perez.)
  11. 11. Everyday Life 400 As of 2001, how many Mexicans lived below the poverty line (in Mexico): 10%, 25%, or 40%? ANSWER: 40% (in the country of Mexico)
  12. 12. Everyday Life 300 Which state in the U.S. does a tejano come from? ANSWER: TEXAS (A tejano is a Hispanic Texan, usually of Mexican descent)
  13. 13. Everyday Life 200 Which is the most common Hispanic last name in the U.S.: Rodriguez, Martinez, Garcia, Ortiz ANSWER: Garcia (Martinez and Rodriguez are the second and third most common.)
  14. 14. Everyday Life 100 How old is a girl who has just celebrated her quinceanera? ANSWER: 15 (A quinceanera is a Hispanic girl’s 15th birthday party.)
  15. 15. Leaders and Great Achievers 600  A Spanish explorer was the first European to see the Pacific Ocean. What was his name? Answer: Vasco Nunez de Balboa
  16. 16. Leaders and Great Achievers 500 Who was elected president of Mexico in 2000? ANSWER: Vicente Fox Quesada
  17. 17. Leaders and Great Achievers 400 Rigoberta Menchu won the world’s most esteemed prize for peacemakers. What is it called? ANSWER: the Nobel Peace Prize (Menchu earned it in 1992 for her human rights work in Guatemala)
  18. 18. Leaders and Great Achievers 300 Who took power as the communist dictator of Cuba in 1959? ANSWER: Fidel Castro (After overthrowing the previous regime, he ruled Cuba s a Communist dictator.
  19. 19. Leaders and Great Achievers 200 Which Native people were conquered by Hernan Cortes? ANSWER: the Aztecs (The 16th Century Spanish soldier and explorer overthrew the Aztec empire of Mexico.)
  20. 20. Leaders and Great Achievers 100 Name the queen who sent Columbus on the journey to the New World. ANSWER: Isabella (Her husband was King Ferdinand)
  21. 21. History and Geography 600 How did the Conquistadores travel to the New World from Europe? ANSWER: by ship (a conquistador was a Spanish soldier who conquered Native American people)
  22. 22. History and Geography 500 From what European country did Mexico gain its independence in 1824? ANSWER: SPAIN
  23. 23. History and Geography 400 How many Latin American countries were allies of Nazi Germany in World War II? ANSWER: NONE (They were all Allied Powers united against Nazi Germany)
  24. 24. History and Geography 300 Which urban area has more people: Mexico City or New York City? ANSWER: Mexico City (With 18 million people, it’s the world’s second largest urban area, after Tokyo.)
  25. 25. History and Geography 200 ¿Cual es la capital de Uruguay? ANSWER: Montevideo (the capital city of Uruguay)
  26. 26. History and Geography 100 Is Guatemala slightly smaller than TEXAS or TENNESSEE? ANSWER: Tennessee
  27. 27. Spanish Language 600 Is Mexico oeste or este of Puerto Rico? ANSWER: OESTE (west)
  28. 28. Spanish Language 500 Cuerpo, cielo, and dinero are all masculine nouns. Is the noun mano masculine, too? ANSWER: NO, (MANO is an exception to the rule that nouns ending in –o are masculine. LA MANO is “the hand”
  29. 29. Spanish Language 400 ¿Como se dice: “why” and “because”?
  30. 30. Spanish Language 300 Is the word cocopelao Puerto Rican slang for a bald person or a little baby? ANSWER: a bald person (Literally, the word means “peeled coconut”)
  31. 31. Spanish Language 200 A caballero is a gentleman. What is a caballo? ANSWER: A horse (Originally a word for “horse-riding knight,” caballero came to mean “gentleman”
  32. 32. Spanish Language 100 Brillo is the name of a scouring pad, but what does the word mean en español? ANSWER: SHINE
  33. 33. Music and Sports 600 In 2000, the U.S. won an Olympic gold medal in baseball. What country did the U.S. defeat? ANSWER: CUBA
  34. 34. Music and Sports 500 On TV’s I LOVE LUCY, what country did bandleader Ricky Ricardo come from? ANSWER: CUBA (Desi Arnaz, a real-life Cuban bandleader, played him on the 1950’s TV comedy)
  35. 35. MUSIC AND SPORTS 400 Baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez has a nickname. What is it? Answer: “A –ROD” (In 2003, for the sixth year in a row, he hit 40 or more home runs in a season.
  36. 36. MUSIC AND SPORTS 300 What team did Rafael Furcal play for when he was named Rookie of the Year in 2000? ANSWER: the Atlanta Braves
  37. 37. MUSIC AND SPORTS 200 The game of soccer has a different name en español. What is the game called? ANSWER: futbol “Football” is the British term for soccer.
  38. 38. MUSIC AND SPORTS 100 Name the first major league baseball player to hit more than 60 home runs in three different seasons. ANSWER: Sammy Sosa (also the second to hit more than 61 home runs in one season)