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survey on steel mill


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survey on steel mill

Published in: Leadership & Management
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survey on steel mill

  1. 1. Presented by Javeria Malik (094) Khadeeja Anees (04) Zartasha Ziaqat (079) Ayisha Imtiaz (130) Hassan Farooq (73) Fatima Naeem (013) Effects of load shedding on the productivity of Madni Steel Mill
  2. 2. Introduction  Steel rods manufactured  Work on B2B pattern
  3. 3. Continue…  Production process based on availability of raw material  Sales are not an issue
  4. 4. Continue…  Profit based on quantity of production  Competitor edge
  5. 5. Problem statement Load shedding  Power shortage of 10 to 16 hours daily  Huge production loss  Hitting the future goals hard.  Customer's shifting on alternatives  Difficulties to meet the demand and fulfilling the local orders
  6. 6. Problem Statement Pollution  Situated in populated area  Health hazard for people living in surroundings
  7. 7. Purpose of study  To see manufacturing process  Understand their problem  How they overcome them
  8. 8. Conversion process:
  9. 9. Solution  According to reports, the industrial production has gone downwards .  Madni steel mill is facing almost 3 to 4 hour electricity load shading during its working hours.  There are many other ways of producing electricity  Chairman of Madni steel mill convert monthly labor wages into hourly bases.
  10. 10.  They gave some amount in advance as a security, to control labor turnover.  The organization also gave same incentives and paid 50% of medical expense of their labor.  At Madni steel mill the machinery is so heavy and can’t run on generator in case of load shedding they use to complete labor hours on other days.
  11. 11.  Many sectors use other alternatives to overcome this problem.  These machinery cannot be run on generators ups and etc.  The only thing they can do is they should take schedule from the Wapda office.  They will be able to complete their task.
  12. 12. Conclusion • For years, the matter of balancing Pakistan's supply against the demand for electricity has remained a largely unresolved matter. • The economy is badly affected by electricity crisis with loss of huge capital
  13. 13. Con.t • The solution to the current crisis lies in energy conservation at all level in the country • Companies need to be responsible with their industrial waste management
  14. 14. Recommendation • Biomass/Waste to Energy has been recognized as a clean, reliable source of energy • Introduce the use of solar energy on country level • Ask Government for providing with yearly Schedule of electricity for industrial areas Also make use of advance technology for the control of pollution.