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  1. 1. Discussion & conclusion Existence of Relationship Top Management Employee Job Satisfaction Delegation of decision making authority
  2. 2. Discussion & conclusion Successful TQM Programs can attain Involvement Empowering Employees Delegation
  3. 3. Discussion & conclusion Communication System Facilitate Later And Vertical Flow Of Information Total Quality Objectives
  4. 4. Discussion & conclusion  TQM programs empowers the employees.  Empowered employees resolve customer complains. (quickly , effectively , continuously).  Customer satisfaction.
  5. 5. Discussion & conclusion Employee involvement Employee satisfaction Communication at lower level Availability of job Enhanced Promotion Development opportunities Ability of information
  6. 6. Discussion & conclusion
  7. 7. Suggestions  Improvement in job satisfaction leads to improve customer satisfaction. A strong and active role for top management in creating an organizational culture that promotes total quality.  Devising credible reward systems. Recognize employees contribution towards total quality objectives.