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Empowernetwork.com what is-network_marketing

  1. 1. empowernet work.comhttp://www.empowernetwork.com/b-fellenberg_global/blog/what-is-network-marketing/?preview=true&preview_id=75&preview_nonce=d18c577bf5What is Network Marketingby b-fellenberg _g lobal | on December 20, 2012What is network marketing, exactly?Years of studying to final start working in your dream job. You have a linearincome. One Boss is paying you the same salary every month, until you retire.Obviously, this is not how Network Marketing works :)
  2. 2. What is Network Marketing, than?Its also called Multilevel Marketing in short MLMYou need to have a certain mind-set in network marketing to visualize success!Yes, it may sound obvious, but network marketing requires the ability to thinkahead and envision a larg er network. Positive creative visualization is aneffective way to g et you in the proper mindset for network marketing . Have face in yourself, trust in you! Don’t let you get effected by what others say. If your not happy with your life, than its a great opportunity Make a commitment to yourself ;You’ll find out everything is possible with network marketing!What is Network Marketing?Depending on what you’re looking for, there will always be a niche for itNetwork marketing is a g reat chance to start your business “learning by doing ”.It provides simple ways to “g et written in” and you can start directly, withoutinvesting a lot of money.Most Network Marketing system offer free video or lesson and support you inmany ways. Which is a g reat thing to have. I’ts very important to educate yourselfconstantlyThe internet, network marketing is hug e and g rowing . That’s exactly what youwant “g row ” is a keyword here.In network marketing you can “g row” you’re business faster.If you know what you do, than people will follow, this way you “g row” your team,which is a very important part. Make yourself a leader when it comes to networkmarketing !So perhaps a good way to answer thequestion: “What is networkmarketing?” would be quote J. PaulGetty, one of the richest men in his
  3. 3. time:I’d rather have 1 % of the efforts of100 people than 100 % percent of myown effortsWhat is Network Marketing?Party-marketing…Direct sellers+ AVON “very well known” Still one of the larg est direct sellers – even they made losses, they are on top position. PAMPERED CHEF offer hig h quality kitchen tools started 1980 as direct seller: still is winning popularity and very hig h ranked! HERBALIFE health and wellness also on top too. TUPPER known for a long time from home partiesThere products are not for sale in a shop.You can sig n up to become an independent Product Consultant and g etdiscount on purchasing and earn commissions.There are other ways to keep costs low and building up a business, asan AFFILIATE By clicking the link you can find out more aboutaffiliate on Home business Rankings !The internet is the best place for Affiliate marketing There are lotsof network marketing companies, but only few stay! CHECK NprosWhat is Network Marketingin shortIt’s a way to createpassive income for lifetime ! You can pick the people you work with. You can work from home part-time in your spare time. You can pick the hours you work and how much you work. You can give yourself an IMMEDIATE raise through tax savings
  4. 4. You have the chance to literally set yourself financially free. Network marketing is a career choice and a profession. Network marking is fun, fast and exciting. Network marketing is a proven “million dollar” business modelThis entry was posted in Empower Network,
  5. 5. Network MarketingTag s: Home Business Opportunities, MLM, network marketing, What isNetwork MarketingAbout The Author: b-fellenberg_globalHig h this picture shows my little daug hter, She is my treasure :) Stayfit and healthy is very important to me-Nothing works withouthealth-Rig ht?! If you have question contact me: Skypename:::::::::::::::::::::::::::beate.fellenbergEmail::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::B_fellenberg @g lobalmarketing badass.com