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B n d 1


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B n d 1

  2. 2. Prepared for: pn. Mardziah binti hashim
  3. 3. Nur Diyana Bt Mohd Azmi 2009284864 Nor Baiti Bt Sahari 2009240686
  4. 4. Table of Contents  similarities and differences • Introduction • Portal Functionalities • target market • business model
  5. 5. Introduction   Launched on July 1st,1957  Main malay language newspaper in Malaysia  the nation's main source of accurate and up to date information and news  Can read news in a week’s archive
  6. 6.   Launched on November 20th, 1999  Malaysiakini is unique in the malaysian context as it one of the few independent media organisation in Malaysia  Founded by Premesh Chandran and Steven Gan  Discussion on taboo subjects such as migrant workers, AIDS, Islam and racial quota systems
  7. 7. Functionalities of portal  give the information to the people  Provide platform for advertising  Business to customer(B2C) business model
  8. 8. similarities  provide news in Malaysia  Updated daily
  9. 9. Differences Offered only in malay language Offered in three language which are malay, english, tamil and chinese Originally comes from printed tabloid An online news portal only Pro-government Not link to any party
  10. 10. Target market  middle class  students  home makers  business people
  11. 11. Business Model Key Elements Main Malay language newspaper in Malaysia Value Proposition Offered in english, malay, tamil and chinese, mainly focus on Malaysian politic news Advertising Revenue Model Subscription, Advertising middle class, students, home makers and business people Market Opportunity Malaysian citizen, professionals Kosmo!, metro, utusanonline Competitive Environment The Wall Street Journal
  12. 12. Business Model Key element Covering all the latest news in malaysia and the world Competitive Advantage Not linked to any political party or commercial interest, not subject to government licensing, the only independent news source in Malaysia advertising Market Strategy Offering more benefits to subscribers Reporter, internet, customer Organizational Development reporter., internet, customer Have experience about 53 years Management Team Have many experience work in many organization before,then organize the new independent online portal malaysiakini.