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Group 3 Technology Presentation

  1. 1. High Tech Middle School in the High Tech School District Group 3 * 1
  2. 2. * *Provide learning opportunities for all students *Foster proficiency in the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS) *Technology rich learning environment *Research-based pedagogy and data-driven decision making 2
  3. 3. * *New Jersey school in need of improvement (SINI) *310 6th graders *10% Special Education, 24% Instruction Reinforcement (IR) in Language Arts and Math *6% Asian, 35% Black, 15% Hispanic, 12% Multiracial, 32% White *24% Economically Disadvantaged 3
  4. 4. * *Student Role (1:1 mobile devices and access) *Teacher Role (Technology infusion, project based learning) *Professional Development Role (Practice 21st century skills, Professional Learning Communities, PBL development) 4
  5. 5. * *Technology accessibility *Frequency and duration of use *Relevancy to curriculum *Teacher/student training on usage and integration *Maintenance and sustainability of technology 5
  6. 6. * *School in need of improvement (SINI) status *Curriculum delivery, instruction pedagogy, and reflective assessment practices not aligned to student needs *Lack of instructional differentiation *Sporadic use of technology *Small-scale gains with technology infusion 6
  7. 7. * *Approximately 20% of the student body has no computer access at home *Limited amount of school resources given the school population *Same teachers monopolize tech resources *Grant will increase technology resources 7
  8. 8. * Type of Equipment High Tech Middle School (n=928) Number of Mobile Laptop Carts 5 Number of laptops with internet and e-mail access 200 Student to Laptop Ratio 4.5-1 Number of Portable Smartboards- 5 Number of Projectors 8 Number of Document Cameras 2 Number of Printers 88 8
  9. 9. * *Infant stages of technology integration *Staff currently does not maximize technology use *Project based units will enhance teaching and learning *Students want real world experiences *Grant increases technology fluency and use 9
  10. 10. * *Teachers 1:1 laptops *Teachers are the ones using the technology, not the students *Grant provides ongoing, sustained, classroom- embedded training to teachers and students 10
  11. 11. * *Current lack of troubleshooting ability leads to abandonment *Two tech-resource teachers, one part-time technician, and one system administrator *Grant provides for a more sustainable technology infrastructure 11
  12. 12. * *Expand students’ abilities to use their senses to: *Research information *Critique ideas *Make informed decisions *Engage in culturally responsible partnerships *Collaborate on a global level *Create and produce authentic knowledge *Develop “e”bility 12
  13. 13. * *Address five critical needs *Technology accessibility *Frequency and duration of use *Relevancy to curriculum *Teacher/student training on usage and integration *Maintenance and sustainability of technology *Personalized instruction *1:1 computers, student ownership of learning *Project Based Learning (PBL) 13
  14. 14. * *PBL team will be link between administration, teachers consultants, parents, and community *Facilitate each project based unit *Educational Technology Integration Specialist will lead meetings *Lead weekly meetings and facilitate online collaboration 14
  15. 15. * *Teacher: *Provide classroom perspective, liaison between staff and consultants *Will assist in professional development *Help facilitate PLC meetings *Will research and gain resources that support initiatives *Expand their skills sets *Attend required DOE meetings and report back information to staff *Develop Project Based Units 15
  16. 16. * *Principal: *Develop and implement procedures and policies *Provide release time *Help facilitate PLC meetings *Will research and gain resources that support initiative 16
  17. 17. * *Educational Technology Integration Specialist: *Will assist in professional development *Provide resources and model 21st Century Skills *Assist in the development of Project Based Unit *Attend required DOE meetings and report back information *Help Facilitate PLC meetings 17
  18. 18. * *Technician: *Handle all equipment needs during school hours and after hours *Advise and update team on technical and building needs. 18
  19. 19. * *Project Director: *Manage grant responsibilities *Coordinate all meetings *Handle reporting duties *Participate in PLC meetings *Attend all required DOE meetings and report back information to staff *Advise and update team on technical and building needs 19
  20. 20. * *PLC model provides a framework for teachers and administrators throughout the Talent 21 Grant *Clear vision and values *Shared decision making *Powerful learning and reflection in best practices *Reduction in teaching isolation *Commitment to making significant systematic changes *Shared and collective responsibility of student success 20
  21. 21. * *Critical Thinking on the Web *Online Safety *Online Collaboration *Assessing Students *Web 2.0 Tools (wikis, blogs, shareable documents, i.e. Googledocs, podcasts) *Classroom Management *Posting digital content *Effective use of equipment 21
  22. 22. * *Parent Night grant information meeting *Meeting outlines the following: *Grant Background *Student Expectations *Teacher Role *Issuing of Equipment *The policies and procedures *New forms of Communication *Technical Support *At meeting, students are provided laptops 22
  23. 23. * * Spend more time engaging in collaborative work than non- laptop students. * Participate in more project-based instruction (project based learning). * Lead to more students writing and to writing of high quality. * Increase access to information and improve research analysis skills. * Become collaborators (interact with each other about their work). * Readily engage in problem solving and critical thinking. * Consistently show deeper and more flexible uses of technology. * Spend more time doing homework on computer 23
  24. 24. Let’s get started! 24 *