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English lessons made easy


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Published in: Education, Technology
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English lessons made easy

  1. 1. By Azra Asvat MOOCS
  2. 2. •The word “MOOC” is an acronym which actually means Massive Open Online Course. •It is when people take on new courses online and accomplish this course by their own will. •It is an online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web. •There are varieties of different courses to join. WHAT ARE MOOCS?
  3. 3. •All the courses are listed online. •Many people may enrol for a single course. •People who are enrolled for that course may receive tutorials in forms of videos, readings and problem sets. •Different courses have different time frames so some courses may take longer to end than others. HOW ARE MOOCS USED?
  4. 4. • It is used because of the open features. • These features consist of open licensing on content, structure, promotions, reuse and remixing material and learning goals. • Also, to further the degrees of people who want to branch off into another or similar field. WHY IS IT USED?