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Azon Wordpress Theme : An Honest Review

This is an honest Azon Wordpress Theme review. Find out if this theme can help you boost your Amazon affiliate conversions and sales.

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Azon Wordpress Theme : An Honest Review

  1. 1. Azon Wordpress Theme ReviewThis is probably the most honest Amazon WordpressTheme review that you can find online. I’m not sodesperate to sell you this theme just to scam you.Is this another trash IM product from a guru that’s afteryour money? Find out here.
  2. 2. Will Azon Wordpress Theme Make You $100 Per Day by Itself?Well, not likely. This theme won’t make you thousands ofdollars with a push of a button. Why? Because it is builtto make things easier for you, not to make youthousands on autopilot. However, it is a beautiful, SEOoptimized theme that will provide you with a solidfoundation so that you can write reviews faster.
  3. 3. What Features Does the AzonWordpress Theme Provide You With?You get 2 options: the first theme layout is for a nicheweb site model. The second one is for an authority sitemodel. If you buy it though, I suggest you use the nichesite model even if you build an authority site, simplybecause it’s easier for the eyes. One thing that I’venoticed throughout my Amazon affiliate career is that ...
  4. 4. What Features Does the AzonWordpress Theme Provide You With?... you will get higher Amazon conversions if your website is simple, and your review article is clean andexposed to the reader’s eyes. This theme (the niche sitemodel) fits this requirement perfectly. Here are some ofthe additional features that you get with this theme ...
  5. 5. What Features Does the AzonWordpress Theme Provide You With?... You get the Star Rating System, Social Buttons, CustomWidget Area (Sidebar area), Buy Now Buttons... I guesswhat I’m trying to say is that you will get a lotcustomizable options with Azon Wordpress Theme.What I like the most about it, is that it is very SEOfriendly and fast. Google takes page speed into account.
  6. 6. Conclusion: A Solid Theme For Amazon Niche & Authority SitesThere’s not much to say, really. This theme is a very solidone, and you can make a lot of money with it if you putsome effort into your SEO. It will save you hours ofcoding, simply because it has a lot of functions alreadybuilt into it. I just hope that the author keeps updating it.No, you won’t get 100s of worthless freebies from me ...
  7. 7. Conclusion: A Solid Theme For Amazon Niche & Authority Sites... But if this review has helped you in making yourbuying decision easier, I’d be very grateful if you boughtit through my affiliate link below. You get the moneyback guarantee anyways. Not that you will need it,though. This is a solid Wordpress customizable theme,and it really works because it makes your life easier.