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Unified online dashboards to preserve business ip


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"Preserving and Protecting your Geological Assets" PESGB Conference

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Unified online dashboards to preserve business ip

  1. 1. Unified online Dashboards to preserve Business IP Preserving and protecting your geological assets in a time of crisis? Geological Society, Burlington House, London, 29 June – 1 July, 2016
  2. 2. Current UK petroleum trade
  3. 3. Bridge of Spies, стоящего (stoyaschego)…
  4. 4. … standing man quietly succeeded despite all In the current economic climate - digital assets are resource companies’ stoyaschego How is Business IP preserved - before ‘the last to leave, turn the lights off’?  business process re-engineering tasks that spanned teams and tools can now be unified online dashboards  data can be treated as an asset, meaningful and useful across departments, to help the bottom line
  5. 5. Said one CDO (Network Rail, AGI Big5 2015) I don't go to my clients with: data this, or: standards that… I don't ask: is our data clean? I ask: is our asset in good shape? I don't ask: do our data conform to standards and procedures? I ask: is our asset meaningful and useful across our departments? … And all of a sudden, I‘m not imposing anything on anyone… I am with them: helping do their job in a greater context
  6. 6. Data should be treated as an asset… Traded, exchanged, and moved around to help the organisation… Perhaps we should talk to regulators in the City, and have data show up on our balance sheets... And trading works better with standards like coins, weights & measures do elsewhere
  7. 7. Spatial repositories Where are we?
  8. 8. AAPG ExxonMobil Template
  9. 9. AAPG Giant Oilfields of the World
  10. 10. AAPG Tellus Basins of the World
  11. 11. AAPG Source Rocks of the World
  12. 12. OGP Seabed Survey Data Model
  13. 13. OGP P611 Seismic Data Model
  14. 14. Oil & Gas Authority (DECC)
  15. 15. British Geolgical Survey (One Geology)
  16. 16. UK Oil&Gas Data (CDA) Note: only use latest Internet Explorer (c/w Win8, search for it in Cortana on Win10)
  17. 17. Information supply chain What can we do?
  18. 18. "Slide Diagram Courtesy of Energistics™ The following Energistics (c) product was used in the creation of this work: Slide 4 of Energy Industry Meta Data Work Group Initiative Overview and Requirements presentation to ISO-19115 Revision Project team, Quebec City, Quebec, Nov 3-4 2009 One Rendering of the Vision (Energistics, 2010)
  19. 19. Exploration process optimization (Microsoft, 2010)
  20. 20. Schlumberger CEO Paul Kibsgaard (2016) “… Based on this, we believe that project performance can only be improved by finding ways of breaking with the past and replacing the existing model with a new approach based on collaboration and commercial alignment between the operators and the largest service companies.” Scotia Howard Weil 2016 Energy Conference New Orleans, 21 March 2016
  21. 21. A Simple Language Enables ‘SEEING’
  22. 22. Focus on the Information Supply Chain OUTPUT SOURCE
  23. 23. Dashboard
  24. 24. Outcome – example
  25. 25. Interview People Process + Process Action Info People System Assess + Technology Workflow + Workflow Info Supply chain Info = Supply Chain
  26. 26. Broader context What to watch out for?
  27. 27. Brian Goldin (Voyager) 21/03/2016 Spatial Reserves Three Lessons for Improving Data Access:  Lesson one: Spotify for data  Lesson two: Google for GIS  Lesson 3. Amazon for geospatial Olivier lePeuch (SLB, 2002)  Syndication  Aggregation  Entitlement
  28. 28. Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2016
  29. 29. Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2016
  30. 30. Questions? Thank you!