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Trends in Surveying


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Compilation from 2011 Fall APSG meeting in Houston, with permission to show in Kuwait

Published in: Technology, Education
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Trends in Surveying

  1. 1. Trends in SurveyingNotes for GIS Day, Kuwait CityWith permission from APSGFall Meeting, Houston, 2011
  2. 2. Notes from meeting talks• Steve Thomas, Suncor• Janet Sinclair, PODS• John Kelly, Hydro Projects• Brian Schostak, OGP• Barry Barrs, Michael Barnes ExxonMobil, Cain&Barnes• The bottom line
  3. 3. Steve Thomas, Suncor• Tales from the belly of the beast• Or how to try and educate, train and develop staff regarding Geomatics in a large multi-national corporation
  4. 4. Why offer internal training• Raise awareness of the Spatial error budget • Provide fundamentals and theory • Forum of discussion • Reduce risk of costly mistakes• To: • Geoscientists, engineers etc. • IT, support etc.
  5. 5. Challenge / response• Courses run regularly• Disparate needs • Drillers / IT / Engineers / Geosciences • On/offshore, domestic/international• Lessons learned • Intro / specialised follow up • Standards and metadata • Work with contractors
  6. 6. Example slides
  7. 7. Janet Sinclair, PODS• Leveraging standards in the pipeline industry• Who are PODS• Association guidelines • Improve interoperability • Member knowledge sharing • Growth
  8. 8. Benefits of using a standardmodel• Clear concise definitions agreed by industry• Software vendor and application agnostic• No need to develop internal models• Incorporates industry best practices• Use as users need • Relational / geodatabase • Centralised / distributed • Various submodels and subgroups
  9. 9. John Kelly, Hydro Projects• Geomatics training – education or confusion? • Complex terminology & principles • Don’t confuse the student • Use clear diagrams • Focus on industry awareness and need
  10. 10. Examples
  11. 11. Brian Schostak, OGP• Joint Industry Project 24 • Improve software for geoscientists • Develop test data • Formulate recommendations • Certification process • GIGS manual released
  12. 12. Example
  13. 13. Barry Barrs, Michael BarnesExxonMobil, Cain&Barnes• Developing an effective geodetics training program for your office • Timing and distribution • Demography and results• APSG / OGP materials to assist in training • PPT templates • publications
  14. 14. Examples
  15. 15. The bottom line• Your users are your friends • Inform them as bests suits their needs • Meet corporate and industry guidelines• All infrastructure is location-based • GIS is the best way to achieve that… • Make sure projections are understood• More on Dropbox and on the web: • Long and complete presentation (APSG also) • Short and entertaining presentation (GIS Day)