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Reverse engineer data to match cums

Excel number crunching trick

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Reverse engineer data to match cums

  1. 1. How to reverse engineer cumulative data @azolnai
  2. 2. daily case data
  3. 3. Sum weekly for England
  4. 4. But calculated cums. don’t match NHSx’s
  5. 5. Issue • Data match until 19 Apr. • Then NHSx takes over dashboard from PHE • New tabulations create wobble in data
  6. 6. See the difference between cums.
  7. 7. Add to each weekly the increment in cum. differences
  8. 8. New weekly value matches cums. with NHSx’s
  9. 9. Data same til 19/04 then decrements but at different rate
  10. 10. Follow the context for this in