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LINQ 101

Using business process re-engineering to help social enterprise of local community outreach and revitalisation.
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LINQ 101

  1. 1. Andrew Zolnai For Cottenham2020 LINQ 101
  2. 2. Map your processes understand all your workflows lay out information in a diagram & better understand what are process vs. information & software Action Info Peopl e Syste m AssessWorkflow
  3. 3. Business process mapping helps a small team of people your public, partners, community etc. perform complex processes such as analyse a process, or prepare web publishing Interview Process
  4. 4. Interview People Process + Process Action Info Peopl e Syste m Assess + Technology Workflow + Workflow Info Supply chain Info = Supply Chain
  5. 5. Business transformation tool which has been designed to 1) bridge the communication gap between technical experts and non-technical executives to 2) enable organisations increase their digital quotient by targeting the most valuable IT improvement first
  6. 6. Our Simple Language
  7. 7. Cottenham2020 propose to sit down with your group & map what you do day-to-day to help you continually improve your process & document your team process knowledge for later re-use across teams / partners via process mapping performed by your community in support of your engagement decision-making
  8. 8. See also Mindmapsforcottenham2020.pdf