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Cleaning up noisy videos

How-to in case video recording crackles, Windows instructions

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Cleaning up noisy videos

  1. 1. Cleaning up noisy videos Andrew Zolnai
  2. 2. Stitch videos together • Windows Movie Maker • may need to download Microsoft Windows Essentials
  3. 3. Click & drag video files into Movie Maker
  4. 4. Save movie with recommended settings
  5. 5. If you notice a significant amount of crackling • That can be from: • Poorly seated microphone &/or connector to video camera • Interference from adjacent computer &/or large monitors • Interference from plugs (if plugged in, make sure all in same wall assembly) • Interference from overhead neon lights • Solar wind (seriously, magnetic field upsets when northern lights reported) • Like anything electrical, may be intermittent &/or hard to repeat • Can almost be cleared with free & easy-to-use video editing software
  6. 6. Download Videolan (no need for donation) •
  7. 7. Open movie you just saved
  8. 8. Select ‘Adjustment & effects’ @ lower left 1 2
  9. 9. Settings are effectively a filter • Select ‘Enable’ and ‘2 Pass’ and mimic settings in previous slide • Play with the settings that eliminate most of the crackling • You’ll never eliminate it, best you can get is a low level humming • But that’ll allow video to be heard with no perceptible interference • You succeeded if reviewer comments on the video not the audio
  10. 10. Select Convert, add file then select Convert again 1 2
  11. 11. • Or you can save it locally and write it to disc later on • choose DVD+R DL dual layer writable DVD to ensure fit on one disc • Make sure Windows writes it to disc, verify before ejecting disc Add a blank DVD and write video to it 4
  12. 12. Please note • The cleaned video is smaller and will fit on one DVD (below left) • DVD video recording capacity is 7.5Gb, even if disc labels a capacity of 8.5Gb • Video filter settings appear to only be recognised by VLC • When you ship to video, please add a ‘readme.txt’ file as below right