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  1. 1.  I think all the following points are showing my strengths for this assignment. I was actively involved in group discussions as I am a person who actively and openly exchanges her thoughts, feelings and experiences in a respectful manner, related to the topic to the other person. When I shared my point of view, about choosing my answers, I had a proof for that preferred choice.
  2. 2.  While I was expressing my opinions, I was also listening to the other group member’s point of view. Sometimes opinions of others give us a better way to make them trust us. Without knowledge, nobody can do good communication. I always prepare myself for any task ahead of time. In my group discussions, I had knowledge of all the topics we discussed and it made me clear in my point of view.
  3. 3. The most important skill I used for this assignment is my communicating skill.I am excellent in initiatives and always reproduce my thoughts quickly and effectively.Good listening always helps me proceed toward completing my assignments.I always easily understand the people of different thinking styles
  4. 4. My clear and straightforward statement gives the listeners a good and understandable concept to my opinion. I am also an excellent team worker and I used my team working skills and completed my assignment within a time period by using my time management skills.
  5. 5. I can easily understand the people around me and easily communicate with the people of different cultures. I am so friendly that people share even their personal matters with me.I handle different situations through my talents of communicating and understanding.
  6. 6. For written communication, we should have a talent to write and know how to use computers. I have both talents which can easily be seen throughout my assignments.One of my talents is that I am a very friendly and easy going person who can easily adjust with any community and people of different ethnicities.
  7. 7.  My 4D-i operating style is creativity and I am also an analytical thinker. I like to ask “why or why not” questions. I look for new ways to solve problems, not just in a traditional way. I am a good problem solver, not only in my 4D-i but also in my real life. I have a deep belief on the power of my ability in real life as well as according to 4Di.
  8. 8. I used my 4D-i style in my ideas by discussing my group and by asking different related questions.In the assignment, I discussed with my group by analysing the options in different ways.I proved my point of view to my group by showing them how I scanned my ideas and told my fresh ways supporting my answers.
  9. 9.  My “express feelings”, in 4Di, shows that I am a very good listener and find it easy to talk openly and honestly with others. It is true that I enjoy listening attentively and talking with others in ways that ensures mutual understanding, the most important part of communication. All these 4D-i thinking strategies helped me to listen and understand respectfully the opinions of my group members without any conflict
  10. 10.  Couple of my answers in the group work were different from rest of my group because my thinking strategy is cool head. It means I trust on my brain more than my heart in making decisions. I think most of the things practically. Even my answers show this factor in my assignment. Several time while communicating , we use our brain not emotions, to avoid arguments. I took initiative to reach an answer while doing assignment and supported it with examples.
  11. 11.  The most valuable aspect of the assignment was to make us aware of, to respect the diversity around us, to understand it and to make us willing to accept the differences of cultures. This assignment was a good exercise to focus on our own strengths and abilities to understand the differences of cultures and work as a team. From my point of view, basically the assignment was for learning and understanding each other.
  12. 12. If we are careful enough in advance to understand others, it will make us communicate nicely in our personal and professional life.This assignment gives us an example to interact with the people of different cultures.Everybody in the group was given an equal chance to share their opinions. We all had different thinking styles but we all listened to each other respectfully and attentively.
  13. 13.  In the profession of Early Childhood Education, we will work with children of different cultures and origins. We will have co-workers of different cultures with different beliefs and values. By realizing the importance of cross cultural communication, improvement in communication skills are certain, not only in professional but also in personal life.
  14. 14.  My work reflects my ability to show the key learning outcome by realizing and explaining our roles and responsibilities in my personal and professional life. It’s important to keep the respect of different cultures and their beliefs. I worked in a group of different people without any conflict.
  15. 15.  We Should remember that every person has the right to be respected and express his/her feelings. We should keep all the rules of communications in our minds to maintain good relationship. All of my choices were showing the best way keep respect for others. Treat everyone equally, regardless of their religion, beliefs, and appearance.
  16. 16.  I found this assignment to be an interesting activity and sharing my opinions with others was not challenging at all. Interacting with each other, listening to their different thoughts and experiences was an exciting experience for me. I believe that this assignment is all about learning and understanding. I used empathy as a listening strategy.
  17. 17.  It was difficult for me to write everything we discussed in a short time period. I just wrote the highlights but I realized later that I should have elaborated my answer more. Sometimes small answers don’t explain everything. Communication is a very vast topic and carries a lot of information in it.
  18. 18.  It was a challenge for me to get more and more accurate information for the right answer to the question. I searched and watched different videos related to the topics, gathered my ideas and compared it with my personal and professional life. I applied it by keeping myself in the place of a person who has been communicating from a different culture.
  19. 19.  If I could do this assignment all over again, I think, the answers will be different. When I will have more practical experience, comprehensive knowledge, and better understanding of different cultures. I will probably use stronger strategies for my answers.
  20. 20.  This time we discussed our opinions for a longer time period and had little time to answer our worksheet. Next time I will like to divide my total time into different sections for choosing, discussing, and answering on the worksheet.
  21. 21.  Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about our ideal future. The process of setting goals helps us in choosing where we want to go in our life. My first and most important future goal is to become an ECE and start my career as an Early Childhood Educator. ECEs meet with different people and work with the people of different origins.
  22. 22.  To understand them better and to make better relationships, this assignment gives me comprehensive knowledge and an opportunity to learn before I start the practical part of my career. I will start my career in Toronto and Canada is a very good example of people of different cultures and ethnicities. According to recent United Nations Human Development report, Toronto has the second largest proportion of foreign-born residents from any city in the world. Almost half the people who live in Toronto were born outside the Canada.