SET6 ICT QUESTION 2007     Section A (36 scores)     Instruction: Answer ALL questions.                                   ...
14.    14.Hamizan wants to send a file to Zanariah using                                                                  ...
18. Syamin received a message from Zaidi through Internet           22.Figure 9 shows the features of an Internet browser....
24. Complete the flow chart. Choose your answer from the box           SECTION B   Provided                               ...
__________                                  __________                                                                    ...
b) State two functions of E                   (2 scores)   a. _________________             b. __________________         ...
Figure 14    a)    Web editor is a program that we use to create Web          page. Name Figure 2 (i) and Figure 2 (ii). S...
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Set6 ict-question


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Set6 ict-question

  1. 1. SET6 ICT QUESTION 2007 Section A (36 scores) Instruction: Answer ALL questions. Question 6 is based on Figure 2.1. 1.Puan Zalila obtained the exclusive legal rights for the distribution and sale of the CD-ROM. This associated with 6. Figure 2 shows a computer network. A piracy B privacy rights C copyright D patent2. Question 2 is based on Figure 1. Figure 1shows an example of Operating System interface. Figure 1 Figure 2 Identify the network in Figure 2. Network A Network B A Peer to peer Peer – server B Client – server Peer to peer C Peer to peer Client – server 2.The interface are difficult to use because they require exact spelling, grammar and punctuation. Name the interface. A. Graphical user interfaces D Peer – server Peer to peer B. B. Menu-driven interfaces C. C. Command-line interfaces 7. Haziq browsed to retrieve information D. D.All the above of networking. After that, he saves and prints the file of the document. Haziq intends to revisit to that web page.3. 3.A ________________ is a small program that tells the operating system how to communicate with a in the correct sequence. Arrange the features used specific device. A. Buffer B.device I Bookmark II Navigation button III Save file IV Print C. performance monitor D. driver A I, II, III, IV B II, III, IV, I C III, IV, I, II D IV, I, II, III4. 4. The following are examples of programming languages. 8.The following are steps involved in the development of Choose the correct pair. multimedia materials. At which stage would an error be detected Generation Example of and rectified? programming A Analyzing problem B Developing storyboard language C Testing and debugging D Documenting A First SQL Language 9. The statements below explain about computer network. B Second Assembly Language The above explanations refer to ………… C Third Machine Language • It is the largest network connecting computers D Fourth C Language worldwide. • All data transmissions or message exchanges are5. Table 1(a) shows the records of a group of students. based on a TCP/IP standard protocol. Table 1(b) is the result of rearranging the records in Table 1(a) • The main service provider in Malaysia is Jaring and Student ID Name of Student Date of Birth TMNet. P001 Syamin Binti Zaidi 13.10.1990 A. Intranet B. Telnet C. Extranet D.Internet P002 Adriana Binti Hamizan 12.10.1990 P003 Amirah Binti Zaid 15.11.1990 10. 10. The following are activities in the development of P004 Zikri Bin Zafri 14.10.1990 an information system. The activities in the problem Table 1(a) Title analysis phase are Student ID Name of Student Date of Birth I Collecting relevant data P002 Adriana Binti Hamizan 12.10.1990 II Writing a report on the current information system 1 1 Text for picture Picture P001 Syamin Binti Zaidi 13.10.1990 III Identifying the needs for the new information system P004 Zikri Bin Zafri 14.10.1990 IV Convincing users that the new information system 2 2 Text for picture Picture P003 Amirah Binti Zaid 15.11.1990 has better security features Table 1(b) AI, III B II, III C III, IV D I, IV Audio Exit 5. The above change is a result of button A. a single field sort B.a multiple field sort B. C. a single field indexing D. a multiple field indexing
  2. 2. 14. 14.Hamizan wants to send a file to Zanariah using electronic mail services. He ensures that the file is virus-free before it is sent. (i) Hamizan uses a utility software to ensures T F 11. Figure 3 is one of the steps in a multimedia development. the file is virus-free before it is sent. (ii) Communication between Hamizan and Title Zanariah is ext-based. T F Picture 1 Text for picture 1 15. 15. The statement below refers to programming language. (i) A programming language consists T of F Picture 2 Text for picture 2 code collections, symbols, text, diagrams and charts. T F Audio (ii) The machine language can only be written Exit using 1s and 0s digit. butt Figure 3 • Performs functions such as copying, identify the step : renaming, deleting and moving filesA. Coding B. Documenting • Image viewer displays contents ofC. Analyzing problem D. Developing a storyboard graphics file when you double click on it 12. Question 12 is based on Figure 4. 16. statements above refer to ………………………………… Unknown Idea can be author misunderstood 17. X X is one of the issues in computer ethics. X may be __________________________. A. software theft B. unauthorized use B. C. authorized access D.information accuracy For Question 13 until 15, state whether each statement is True (T) or False (F). Figure 5 shows a code written a particular programming language. 13. (i) If Zikri scores 67 marks, he is eligible to get a “B” grade. (ii) Variable named ‘gred’ is declared as ‘Integer’. Question 17 is based on Figure 6. Based on Figure 6, X is a combination of presentation involving texts, A, video, graphic and animation elements. (i) X is a ……………………………………… (ii) The hardware used to produce A is ………………………
  3. 3. 18. Syamin received a message from Zaidi through Internet 22.Figure 9 shows the features of an Internet browser. services S. Zaidi asked Syamin to send the minutes of the meeting using feature T of the same services. Q Q (i) Name S (ii) Name T M 19.Figure 7 and Figure 8 are two methods of executing a program. (i) Name feature Q. (ii) State one Sour X Object Resul advantage of feature M ce code t code 23.Alfi has listed a number of things to complete a multimedia Dat project entitled “ Visit Malaysia Year 2007” a as shown in Table 3. Figure 7 1. Collect pictures of Malacca, Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur. Sourc 2. Orientate the “Visit Malaysia Year 2007” logo e code so that it is animated. Y Result 3. Record the “Cuti-Cuti Malaysia” song. 4. Insert the Visit Malaysia themes; insert Da Malacca, Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur history ta into different screens. Note : The files to be used are malacca.jpg, putrajaya.bmp, logoVM.gif and CCM.wav. Figure 8 (i) What is the multimedia element that is (i) Name X (ii) Name Y not used by Azli? (ii) What is the name of the animation file in 20.Match the situation (i), (ii) and (iii) with the most Table 3? suitable software in Table 2. A Norton Anti Virus B Winzip C Power Point D Internet Relay Chat (IRC) E. Paint Brush Table 2 (i) During Parent Teacher Association meeting, Haziq as the presiden of the computer club has been asked to give an annual report on the club’s activities in a more interesting and effective way. (ii) Amira has a cousin studying overseas. Instead of conversing through the telephone, she can use text through the Internet to communication.21. Question 21 is referring to situation below. Encik Abdullah needs to give information to audiences about his company. To spend money and time he wants to use software that suitable to create attractive presentation.Give the name for software above: ………………………………….
  4. 4. 24. Complete the flow chart. Choose your answer from the box SECTION B Provided QUESTION 1A. Decision this B This student C. Output onstudent is not is qualified student’s Look at the picture below and answer the questions that follow.qualified to to receive the qualificationreceive the scholarshipscholarshipD. Decision on E. Input on F.This student isstudent’s student’s not qualified toqualification qualification receive the scholarship BEGIN I. Define pornography FALSE ________________________________________________ ___________________ (i) ________________________________________________ _____________________ TRUE (ii) (2 scores) II. Give two impacts of pornography on Malaysian society. B a. ____________________________________________________ ____________ b. END ____________________________________________________ ______________ scores25.Students fill biodata forms and submit to the class teacher. All the submitted forms will be filed according to classes and stored in the cupboard in a private room. In order to change the student’s data, the forms must be taken out from the class file to be updated and restored. The school clerk will refer to the files to prepare reports needed by the school. (i) The file collection in the private room is ……………. (ii) Phase X is one of the phases in the Information System development. Below are some of the implemented activities: • To measure the system’s level of Computer Security accomplishment. • To get feedback from users about the new system performance. • To perform on going system modification.Phase X is …………………… QUESTION 2Section B (20 scores)Instruction : Answer ALL Questions. I. Complete the diagram below (2 a. Software and b. __________ Data __________ ________ Security _______
  5. 5. __________ __________ _______ _______ II. Draw a block diagram and describe the information processing cycle which includes input, process, output and storage.II. Give two examples of computer threats. a..____________________________________________________ b.____________________________________________________(4 scores)QUESTION 3Rearrange the steps in scanning antivirus below. A. scan the selected file B. choose an antivirus program C. wait while the program is scanning and the result is produced D. select file that need to be scanned BLOCK DIAGRAM ( 2 scores ) ( 4 scores ) QUESTION 5QUESTION 4 Based on figure below, answer the following questions.I. Define computer system____________________________________________________ I. Name the types of computer networks below.________________________________________________________________________________________________________( 2 scores )
  6. 6. b) State two functions of E (2 scores) a. _________________ b. __________________ _____________________________________________ ( 2 scores ) _____________________________________________ II. Give two differences between above computer networks. c) State two differences between the characteristics of I and J storage. (2 scores) a. _____________________________________________ ________________________________________________ _____________________________________________ b. ________________________________________________ d)Give one advantage of using O in preparing a report and one advantage of using P in accounting.(2 scores) ( 2 scores ) ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Instruction : Answer either Question 2 or 3 2. En. Zaidi divides his ICT students into two groups to complete a multimedia project entitled “Sekolah Saya”. Group A are asked to deliver their multimedia contents through web- based and Group B through CD-based.(7 scores) GROUP A GROUP B a) Give two differences in delivering multimedia contents by Group A and Group B. (2 scores)Section C (14 scores)Answer Question 11. Figure 13 shows the some of the components of a computersystem. (7 scores)Based on Figure 13, answer the following questions. a) Draw a block diagram of the computer system using the components C, D, E and F. (1 scores) (i) (ii)
  7. 7. Figure 14 a) Web editor is a program that we use to create Web page. Name Figure 2 (i) and Figure 2 (ii). State one characteristic of (i) and (ii). (3 scores) Ahmad, a form 4 Alpha student 4 i) Define the problem En. Kevin faces in his company. is using network and (1 score) telecommunication in ICT computer lab. He explores web ____________________________________________________ page _____________________ to do his assignment. ii) Identify the necessary output En. Kevin sees in his manualc) Explain two importances of facilities in the Ahmad’s system (1 score)computer lab. (2 scores) _________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _____________________ _________________________________________________ iii) Draw your design user interface, based on the input. (2 scores)3. a) The following text is a statement. En. Ali developed Employee Information System (EIS) for his client, Saujana Holding. He used software that could create Design user interface for Input database without writing long programs. He trained a data entry clerk to enter data into EIS. i) Sketch the relationship between elements involved in developing EIS. ii) State two uses of information system. (2 scores) _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ Situation Encik Kevin is the manager of Sona _____________________________________________ Car Enterprise. He asks you to developb) Based on situation below, answer the following questions. a system to calculate the monthly installment for every potential customer. When his customer decides to buy a car, he will get the customer’s details and fill it in a form. The problem is, he have to calculate the monthly installment