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Set3 ict-question


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Set3 ict-question

  1. 1. SET3 ICT 2007SECTION A - ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS.(36 marks)Instruction : Circle the correct answer ( No 1 – 12)1. ______________is any data or instruction you enter into thememory of a computer.A. Input B. Output C. Process D. Storage2. The spreadsheet feature that blocks users from modifying orerasing information in a worksheet is calledA lock. B shield. C blocker. D protection.3. When you press a key on a board, the electronic signal isconverted into a binary form that the computer can process andstored in?A. Memory B. Character codeC. Computer code D. Morse4. Camcorders and other video equipments use a to transmitdata onto a computer.A. USB Port B. Serial PortC. Parallel Port D. FireWire Port5. A _______________is designed to connect the system unitto a musical instrument, such as an electronic keyboard.A. MIDI port B. IrDA portC. SCSI port D. FireWire Port6. For wireless devices to transmit signals to a computer, boththe computer and the device must have a _________________A. MIDI port B. IrDA portC. SCSI port D. FireWire Port7. _________ can transfer information between their mobiledevices to another computer.A. SOHO users B. Power usersC. Mobile users D. Large business users8. What is the function of Macro?A Returning a value from the same table.B Solving tasks that contain lengthy lists.C Making use of shortcut keys.D Automating complex tasks and reducing the number of stepsrequired to complete tasks that are performed frequently.9. What are the codes used by computers to send and receiveinformation?A. Binary code B. Baudot codeC. Input and output D. Character code10. Selvi is having a video conference with her colleagues inIndia. The most suitable input devices are …………..I. monitor II. SpeakerIII. webcam IV. microphoneA. I & II B. II & IVC. II, III & IV D. All the above11.An audio output device can produce ……I. music II. image III.speech IV. soundsA. I and II B. II and IIIC. III and IV D. I, III and IV12.The Central Processing Unit (CPU) controls the operation ofthe computer. It ….A. connects the cable to the portsB. carries out the basic hardware functionC. interprets and carries out the basic instructions that operate acomputerD. is the socket, where the circuit boards or the adapter cardscan be inserted into the motherboardFill in the blank with the correct answer. (No.13 – 17)13.Computer fraud is defined as the use of computer with_______________ to get advantage or causing loss to otherpeople mainly on monetary basis.14_________ can transfer information between their mobiledevices to another computer.15. A computer system requires four main aspects of datahandling to function properly which are input devices, processor,___________, and storage devices.16. The CPU is an example of a___________. It has the sameimportance as the brain to human beings.17. A _____________is defined as combination of componentsdesigned to process data and store files.Instruction: Match the correct answer. (No.18 – 21)Instruction: Choose either ‘True’ or ‘False’.STATEMENT TRUE FALSE22. An extranet is a private network thatuses Internet technology and thepublic telecommunications system.23. With e-banking, most of thetransactions can be done at home orfrom the office only during bankinghours.24. LAN is an acronym for Large AreaNetwork.25. A server is needed in a peer-to-peer118.19.20.21.FetchPerforms the requested instruction,such as adding two numbers ordeciding which one of them is larger.ExecuteStores the results in an internalregister (a temporary storagelocation or in memory).Store Determines what the program istelling the computer to do.DecodeRetrieves the next programinstruction from the computer’smemory.A.B.C.D.
  2. 2. network.26. For communications across theInternet, we need to haveprotocols to demonstrate how datashould be packaged and sent.27. ROM and Hard disk are examples ofsecondary storage.28. RAM is non-volatile.29. Microsoft Windows is an example ofapplication software.30. Open source software usually comeswithout warranty and support shouldthe software fail or malfunction.31. Computer threats can come in manyways either from human or naturaldisasters such as fire, flood,earthquakes, storms and tornados.32. Proxy gateway is one of the types ofData Backup program.33. Virus signature and inoculate aprogram file are the techniques thatare used to identify a virus.34. A computer system is only referring tothe monitor, keyboard, mouse andcentral processing unit (CPU).35. Microprocessor speeds aredetermined by their clock speed.36. Paedophiles are people who exploitchildren for sexual pleasure.SECTION B (20 marks)Question 1 (4 marks)Below is a list of step which shows how a BIOS works.a) Turn ________________ the PCb) ___________ read instructions from BIOS.c) Instructions in BIOS tell the computer how to accessthe _____________________d) Instructions in BIOS tell the computer for to find theoperating system.e) Load the operating system to ________________Question 2 ( 4 marks)Instruction: Label the diagram correctlyQuestion 3 (Student’s Copy)A _________________ gives authors and artists exclusive rightsto duplicate, publish or sell their materials.______________ are capable of disabling filters and gatewaysoftware of computer system.A _____________ includes any activities taken to disrupt theequipment of computer systems, change processing control, orcorrupt stored data.Hidden writing, the practice of using password to conceal text.2