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Set2 ict-question


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Set2 ict-question

  1. 1. SET2 ICT 2007SECTION A A special set of rules to connect devices B system of interconnected computers and peripheral devicesQuestion 1 to 10 C system that change analog signal to digital signal1. Information refers to D system that transmits information in form of data through a ___________________________________ physical medium A. An act of transmitting messages B. the knowledge obtained from reading, investigation, study 9. Which is from the following statements is not true about or research. networks ? C. the use of scientific knowledge, experience and resources A People in various places can be connected using a network. to create processes and products that fulfill human needs B Networking technology allows banking to be done everywhere D. the technology required for information processing, in and at any time. particular, the use of electronic computers, C We cannot do a long distance communication using a network communication devices and software applications to D A network links two or more computers together to enable data convert, store, protect, process, transmit and retrieve and resource exchange. information from anywhere, anytime2. Charles Babbage invented the 10. -Cover a small region of spaces_________________________. Meliputi kawasan kecilA. Abacus B.Napier’s BoneC. Weaving Loom D. Mechanical Calculator Machine -The range of speed is between 10mbps to 100mbps3. Which of the followings are the similarities between ethics and Kadar kelajuan adalah diantara 10mbps hingga 100mbpslaw?I. to prevent any crimeII. as a rule to control computer users The statements above refers to…………… guide user from misusing computers A LAN B.MAN C. WAN D.IV. to create a healthy computer society, so that computers are Intranetused to contribute to a better life A. I, II and III B.II, III and IV Write ‘T’ for true statements and ‘F’ for false statements. C. I, III and IV D.All above4.Verification is _____________________________. 11. A WAN is a network that covers a largeA.The act of proving or disproving the correctness of a system geographic area using a communication with respect to a certain formal specification channel that combines many types ofB.Process where users verify that they are who they say they are transmission media such as telephone lines,C.The scanning of retina and analysing the layer of blood vessels cables and radio waves. at the back of the eyeD.The measurement and analysis of the shape of one’s hand 12. A computer can function properly without5.A headphone is a/an ___________ device. application software.A. input B. output C. storage D. process6. The three main types of secondary storage are . 13. A compressed file must be unzipped or restored A. CD, DVD and DVDRW to its original form before being used. B. ROM, RAM and hard drive C. hard disk, floppy disk and pen drive D. magnetic medium, optical medium and flash memory 14. Trademark Law is a protection of a company’s logos and brand name.7. An operating system is____________ . A. a program designed to assist users with 15. Changing computer programming codes with personal task permission is unethical. B. a program that allows a user to perform maintenance type task C. a program that control or maintain the operations of a computer and its device D. a set of programs that coordinates all the data transmissions among computer in a network8. Computer Networks is a ……………………….. 1
  2. 2. SET2 ICT 2007Match the picture with the correct statement. functions and applications in one or more dedicated file servers. ______________________ Technology Year16. II.Serves extended enterprise, including defined sets of customers (A) or suppliers or other partners. In 1925, television was made known _____________________ to public. SECTION B QUESTION 117. Look at the picture below and answer the questions that follow. (B) In 1941, the computer was created.18. (C) In 3500 BC, the Sumerians developed Define pornography (2 scores) cuneiform writing. I.____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________19. II. Give two impacts of pornography on Malaysian society. In 1876, the first a.___________________________________________________ telephone was ___________________________________________ introduced. b.___________________________________________________ (D) ___________________________________________ QUESTION 220. I. Complete the diagram below In 1500 BC, the Phoenicians Computer Security developed the alphabet. (E) a. b. ___________ ___________ _______ ______Fill in the blanks.21. Give five common type of network communications channels : I. ________________________________ II. ________________________________ ___________ ___________ III. ________________________________ ______ IV. ________________________________ ______ V. ________________________________22. Controversial content is information that causes Software and___________________ among people who have different Data____________________ , moral and _____________________. II. Give two examples of computer threats. Security a.___________________________________________________23. Retinal biometrics involves the _________________________ b.___________________________________________________of retina and analyzing the layer of _________________________at the back of the eye. (2 scores)24. A computer system requires four main aspects of data handling QUESTION 3to function properly which are input, _______________, Rearrange the steps in scanning antivirus below.______________ and ______________ A.scan the selected file B.choose an antivirus program C.wait while the program is scanning and the result is produced file that need to be scanned25. Answer statements A and B according to situation below.I.Operating systems that allow the network to centralise 2
  3. 3. SET2 ICT 2007 ( 4 scores ) a. _________________ b. __________________QUESTION 4 ( 2 scores )I. Define computer system_____________________________________________________ II. Give two differences between above computer networks. a._____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ b.________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ( 2 scores )_____________________________________________________ SECTION C_____________________________________________________ Instruction : Question 1 is compulsory AND answer either( 2 scores ) Question 2 or Question 3.II. Draw a block diagram and describe the information processing Question 1 (COMPULSORY)cycle which includes input, process, output and storage. An Audio-Visual Room has been equipped with 10 computers and a hub. As an ICT coordinator, you are required to set up a small network in the room. ( 2 scores) a) Sketch the topology for the room. [2 scores] b) Give three advantages of using a networking rather than a stand-alone pc. ( 3 scores) I.______________________________________ _______________________________________ II. ______________________________________ _______________________________________ III______________________________________ BLOCK DIAGRAM _______________________________________ ( 2 scores ) c) Define the network communication technology of Extranet. ______________________________________ _______________________________________ [2 scores] Question 2QUESTION 5Based on figure below, answer the following questions. Figure 1 shows some of the components of a computer system. I. Name the types of computer networks below. Figure 1 3
  4. 4. SET2 ICT 2007 C) Give two sub components in a central processing unit I._____________________________ II_____________________________[2 scores] D)Give two differences between I and J. Primary storages Aspects Secondary storage I. II. [2 scores] Question 3 Maria just won a set of personal computer. The personal computer is without any system software. 1. What is the most importance system software, so that the personal computer can be used. ____________________________ [1 score] 2. Virus can be scanned using antivirus software. What type of system software used. ____________________________ [1 score] Based 3. List three popular operating system platforms.on Figure 1, answer the following questions. (a)_______________________ (b)_______________________ (c)_______________________ [3 scores]a) State the meaning of input ______________________________________________ 4. State two differences between operating systems and [1 score] utility programs. Operating system Utility program b) List two type of output. [2 scores] I. _____________________________ II. _____________________________ [2 scores] ~ END OF QUESTION PAPER ~ 4