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Set1 ict-question


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Set1 ict-question

  1. 1. SET 1 ICT 07SECTION A (36 MARKS)Questions 1 - 10For each of the questions, read the question first andchoose the best answer. Write A, B, C or D in thespaces provided in Answer Sheet 1A.1. Which of the following helps people toprotect privacy?A. Use authentic software.B. Use public computer.C. Use pirated software.D. Use shared program.2. The activities above are categorized asA. computer theftB. computer fraudC. computer attacksD. copyright infringement3. Organizations create tables with arithmeticfunction to calculate the average of salesper annum by using this type of softwareA. graphics B. presentationC. spreadsheet D. word processing4. A computer network must contain at least________ computers.A. one B. twoC. twenty D. hundred5. Which of the following connection methods wouldnot be used to connect devices between twodifferent offices?A. infrared B. fiber-opticsC. twisted pairs D. coaxial cables6. Object-oriented programmingA. is a type of machine languageB. is a type of assembler languageC. converts source code into machine codeD. allows you to interact with objects whencoding software7. Authoring tools uses the followingconcepts.I. Card conceptII. Icon conceptIII. Multiple conceptIV. Time frame conceptA. I and IIB. I and IIIC. I, II and IIID. I, II and IV8. Gaining the attention of the audience is importantin a multimedia presentation. This can beachieved by______________A. using colourful textsB. inserting a lot of graphicsC. displaying all the content in one pageD. keeping your message as simple aspossible9. Choose the correct hierarchy of dataA. bit, byte, field, record, databaseB. bit, field, record, byte, databaseC. bit, byte, record, field, databaseD. bit, record, byte, field, database10. Which of the following are types of informationsystemI. Decision Support System (DSS)II. Executive Information System (EIS)III. Transaction Processing System (TPS)IV. Manager and Staff Information System(MSIS)A. I and II C.. I, and II and IIIB. I, II and III D. I, II, III and IVQuestions 11 to Question 12 are given in theform of statements. Write ‘True’ or ‘False’ inthe spaces provided in Answer Sheet 1A.11.i) Authentication is important in order tosafeguard against unauthorised access and use.ii) RAM is a non-volatile storage.iii) ROM chips hold the program and data that theCPU is presently processing.12.i) Communication systems are electronic systemsthat transmit data from one location to another.ii) A computer program is a set of instructions thatdirects computer to perform tasks.iii) High Level Language is machine-dependentand runs on one type of computer only.13. Table 1 shows several terms of computer crimeMatch the statement with the given answers.TABLE 1i) Someone tries to access a computer ornetwork illegally.ii) Floods and earthquakes can contribute tocomputer systems destruction.iii) A program with intention to prohibit a normalroutine of a computer system.1-Act of stealing computer equipment-Act of stealing or illegally copying softwareA. TheftB. HackingC. Malicious codeD. Natural disaster
  2. 2. (1 mark)(1 mark)(2 marks)(1 mark)(1 mark)(2 mark)SET 1 ICT 0714. Table 2 shows several application software.Match the statement with the given answers.A.SPREADSHEET B. PRESENTATIONC. WORD PROCESSORTABLE 2i) Salesmen use this software to demonstrateproducts and encourage customers to makepurchases.ii) This software is designed to enable users tocreate and print textual documents.15. Match the statement with the given answers.i) __________translates pseudo codes orflowcharts into programming language.ii) ___________to identifies input, output andprocessing requirements.16. Match the various fields in Multimedia with thestatements below.i) Produce computer games and developanimations and special effects.ii) View the design from many aspects and improveon it before productionQuestions 17 - Question 25Write your answers in the spaces provided inAnswer Sheet 1A.17. refers to rights ofindividuals and companies to restrict collectionand use of information about them.18. refers to anylaws relating to protecting the Internet andother online communication technologies.19. Speakers and headphones are classified asdevices while joysticks and trackballs areclassified as devices.20. The standard protocol for the Internet is______21. is an expansion card thatconnects a computer to a network.22. Multimedia applications can be deliveredthrough and .23. Adobe Photoshop is application software whichcan be used to edit .24. Data manipulation in a database managementsystem consists of basic operations such as_______.25. In database management system, __________is a request for specific data from a database.SECTION B (20 MARKS)BAHAGIAN B (20 MARKAH)Answer all questions.Jawab semua soalan.1.FIGURE 1RAJAH 1Based on Figure 1, answer the following question:Berdasarkan Rajah 1, jawab soalan-soalan berikut:(a) State what kind of computer threat is mentionedin the situation above?Nyatakan jenis ancaman komputer yangdisebutkan dalam situasi di atas.__________________________________________(b) Give ONE effect of the threat in (a) to Ahmad’sdata..Berikan SATU kesan akibat ancaman yang di(a) kepada data Ahmad______________________________________________________________(c) State TWO things that Ahmad can do to enhancethe security of his data while accessing theInternet.Nyatakan DUA perkara yang boleh dilakukanoleh Ahmad untukmeningkatkan lagi keselamatan data beliausemasa melayari internet.i. ______________________________________________________ii ______________________________________________________2.2A. Problem AnalysisB. Program DesignC. CodingA. EntertainmentB. MedicalC. EngineeringAhmad likes to access the internet. One day, while surfingthe internet, his computer starts to run a little weird. Henoticed that the modem LEDs were blinking even after hehas stopped surfing. His system seemed to get slow andsuddenly reboots. Ahmad is sure that somebody haslogged onto his computer.Ahmad gemar melayari internet. Pada suatu hari, semasaAhmad sedang melayari internet, beliau mendapatikomputer beliau tidak laju seperti biasa. Beliau jugamendapati bahawa ‘LED’ pada modem berkelip walaupunbeliau tidak lagi melayari internet. Komputer beliau juga‘reboot’. Ahmad pasti terdapat pengguna lain yang telahmemasuki sistem komputernya.Ali works as a clerk in a school. He uses a keyboard tokey-in all the school’s data into the computer. He saves allthe data as a backup in Device X. At the end of everymonth, he will send a printed report to the school principal.Ali bekerja sebagai kerani di sebuah sekolah. Ketikamenggunakan komputer beliau menggunakan papankekunci untuk memasukkan semua data berkenaansekolah tersebut . Beliau membuat data sandaran kedalam peranti X. Pada setiap hujung bulan beliau akanmenghantar laporan bercetak kepada pengetua.
  3. 3. (2 marks)(2 marks)(1 mark)(1 mark)(1 mark)(1 mark)(1 mark)(2 mark)(2 mark)(2 mark)(1 mark)(1 mark)(1 mark)(1 mark)(1 mark)(1 mark)SET 1 ICT 07Based on the situation given, answer the followingquestion:Berdasarkan situasi yang diberi, jawab soalan-soalan berikut:(a) Based on the situation above, name the inputdevice and output device that Ali used.Berdasarkan situasi di atas, apakah perantiinputdan peranti output yg digunakan oleh Ali.i) Input device : ______________Peranti input: ______________ii) Output device: ______________Peranti output: ______________(b) Give two examples of Device X.Berikan dua contoh peranti X._______________________________________________3.Based on the situation given, answer the followingquestion:Berdasarkan situasi yang diberi, jawab soalan-soalan berikut:(a) Name second phase in developing theproject above.Namakan fasa kedua dalam membangunkanprojek dinyatakan di atas.____________________________________(b) State two database objects or tools thatshould be stated in the projectabove.Nyatakan dua objek atau alat pangkalandata yang seharusnya dinyatakan di dalamprojek di atas.i)___________________________________ii)__________________________________(c) Give one benefit of implementing the projectabove.Berikan satu kelebihan perlaksanaan projekdi atas.____________________________________________________________4.Based on the situation given, answer the followingquestion:Berdasarkan situasi yang diberi, jawab soalan-soalan berikut:(a) i. Name a team member that Ashraf did notinclude in his multimedia development team.Namakan ahli yang tidak dilibatkan olehAshraf di dalam kumpulan pembangunmultimedia tersebut.a.__________________________________b.__________________________________ii. State the role of the team member youstated in (i)Nyatakan peranan ahli yang anda nyatakandalam (i)a.__________________________________b.__________________________________(b) i) Name the multimedia element that was notincluded in the above production.Namakan elemen multimedia yang tidakdimasukkan di dalam produksi di atas.____________________________________ii) Give one example of hardware that can beused to in (b)(i).Berikan satu contoh perkakasan yangboleh digunakan untuk (b)(i)._____________________________________5.Based on the situation given, answer the followingquestion:3Davidson is the manager of D’Mart, a sports equipmentshop in Kota Tinggi. To increase the sale for the month ofSeptember, he has decided to offer a discount of 10 percentto all his customers who spend more than RM 100 on anitem. Davidson needs a program to calculate the total salefor the customers after deducting the offered discount. Asan ICT student, you are asked to develop the program andcreate user’s manual in Phase X.Davidson adalah pengurus D’Mart iaitu kedai barangansukan di Kota Tinggi. Bagi meningkatkan jualan pada bulanSeptember, Davidson bercadang untuk memberikandiskaun ke atas mana-mana barang yang bernilai lebih dariRM 100 bagi satu item. Beliau memerlukan satu programuntuk membantu beliau mengira jumlah harga baranganyang dibeli setelah ditolak diskaun. Sebagai pelajar ICT,anda diminta membangunkan program tersebut danmenghasilkan manual pengguna di dalam fasa X.As a project manager in EZ Creative ProductionCompany, Ashraf has been assigned to develop amultimedia production to advertise a new computerfor NewTech Corporation. The multimedia will includetext, animation, audio and video elements. Heappoints four other team members as instructionaldesigner, graphic artist, audio video technician andprogrammer.Sebagai pengurus projek di Syarikat EZ Creative,Ashraf ditugaskan untuk membangunkan produksimultimedia untuk mengiklankan komputer terbarubagi Syarikat NewTech Corporation. Produksimultimedia tersebut melibatkan elemen teks, grafik,audio dan video. Ashraf melantik empat ahli lainsebagai ‘instructional designer’, pereka grafik,juruteknik audio video dan pembangun aturcara.As a information technology coordinator in SamuderaSmart School, Samsun has been told to submit a projectpaper on Digital Resource Center. The project will beimplemented in his school soon. The project paper willshow the phases and features in information systemsdevelopment. It will help his principal have the overviewof the whole project.Sebagai penyelaras teknologi maklumat di SekolahBestari Samudera, Samsun ditugaskan untukmenghantar satu kertas kerja mengenai Pusat SumberDigital. Projek tersebut akan dilaksanakan disekolahnya dalam masa terdekat. Kertas kerja itu akanmenunjukan fasa-fasa dan fitur-fitur di dalampembangunan sistem pengurusan pusat tersebut. Hasilpenulisannya akan membantu pengetua sekolahnyamendapat pandangan awal keseluruhan projek.
  4. 4. (2 marks)(1 mark)(1 mark)(2 mark)(2 mark)SET 1 ICT 07Berdasarkan situasi yang diberi, jawab soalan-soalan berikut:(a) What is the problem statement for the abovesituation?Apakah pernyataan masalah bagi situasi dia tas?____________________________________(1 mark)(b) State the items for the program that you aregoing to develop.Nyatakan item yang terkandung dalamprogram anda.i) Input Item : ___________Item input :ii) Output item : ______Item output(2 marks)(c) State phase X.Nyatakan fasa X.______________________________________________________(1 mark)SECTION C (14 MARKS)BAHAGIAN C (14 MARKAH)Answer Question 1.Jawab Soalan 1.1.FIGURE1RAJAH1Figure 1shows acomputernetworkatCycloneBank.Thenetworkconsistsof twoLocal Area Network (LANs): LAN A and LAN B which are part ofthe bank Wide Area Network (WAN). Currently the bankimplements two network communications. Apart from the Internet,the bank also has its own intranet to facilitate their internalcommunications. They are looking to set up extranet as the thirdform of network communication in the near future.Rajah 1 menunjukkan rangkaian komputer di Bank Cyclone.Rangkaian ini mengandungi dua Sistem RangkaianSetempat (LAN): LAN A dan LAN B yang merupakansebahagian daripada Sistem Rangkaian Luas (WAN) banktersebut. Pihak bank baru melaksanakan dua komunikasirangkaian. Selain dari Internet, pihak bank juga mempunyaiintranet untuk komunikasi peringkat dalaman. Merekamerancang untuk membangunkan extranet sebagaikomunikasi rangkaian ketiga dalam jangka waktu terdekat.Based on Figure 1,Berdasarkan Rajah 1,(a) Explain two differences between the twocomputer network types of the bank.Jelaskan dua perbezaan di antara dua jenisrangkaian komputer bank tersebut.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (2 marks)(b) Explain two differences between LAN A topologyand LAN B topology.Jelaskan dua perbezaan di antara topologi LANA dan topologi LAN B.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(c) Explain two differences between two currentnetwork communications in the bank.Jelaskan dua perbezaan di antara duakomunikasi rangkaian yang sedang digunakan dibank sekarang.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(d) Use a specific example to explain the proposednetwork communication.Gunakan contoh khusus untuk menjelaskankomunikasi rangkaian yang dirancang di atas.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2. Figure 2 shows five components that supportSalary Payment InformationSystem (SPIS) of Green Technology Company.Rajah 2 menunjukkan lima komponen yang4
  5. 5. (1 mark)(2 mark)(2 mark)(2 mark)(2 mark)SET 1 ICT 07menyokong Sistem Maklumat Pembayaran Gaji(SMPG) bagi Green Technology Company.FIGURE 2RAJAH 2Based on Figure above,Berdasarkan Rajah di atas,(a) Explain the relationship between user andhardware.Terangkan hubungan antara pengguna denganperkakasan.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(b) Describe two benefits of SMPG to SyarikatMaju Berhad.Jelaskan dua faedah SMPG kepadaSyarikat Maju Berhad._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(c) State two possible threats on the security ofSMPG.Nyatakan sekurang-kurangnya dua perkara yangboleh mengancam keselamatan SMPG.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(d) Explain two effects of the security threats asstated in (c)Terangkan dua kesan ancamankeselamatan yang dinyatakan dalam (c)________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3. Figure 3 shows the some of the components of acomputer system.Rajah 3 menunjukkan sebahagian daripadakomponen sistem komputerBased on Figure 3, answer the following questions.Berdasarkan Rajah 3, jawab soalan-soalan yangberikut.a) Draw a block diagram to illustrate theinformation processing cycle and give a briefdescription.Lukis gambarajah blok untuk menggambarkankitaran pemprosessan maklumat dan berikanpenerangan ringkas mengenainya.5SMPG User ManualManual Pengguna SMPGSoftwarePerisianHardwarePerisianDataDataUserPengguna
  6. 6. (2 mark)(2 mark)(1 mark)SET 1 ICT 07b) Explain two differences between G and H.Terangkan dua perbezaan di antara G dan H.G________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________H________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________a) Explain two differences between M and N.Terangkan dua perbezaan di antara M dan N.M________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________N________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________b) Explain the difference between O and P.Terangkan perbezaan di antara O dan P.O________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________P________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________END OF QUESTIONSOALAN TAMAT….6
  7. 7. 7