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Proposal elearning content developement


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azmawati binti mohd lazim masters of e-learning technologies

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Proposal elearning content developement

  2. 2. Table of Content NO TITLE PAGE General Introduction and 1. 3 Summary 2. Aims of the Project 4 Statement of What the User 3. 4 Needs from the Application General Treatment and Reasons 4. 5 for Choice 5. Variations on the Treatment 6IN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY 6. Outline Diagram 7 7. Human Resources 7 8. Work Schedule 8 9. Precedent Study 9 10. Sketches 12 11. REPORT 20 12. Summarized Report 21PRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA 13. Print Screen of Finalized Output 24 2
  3. 3. General Introduction and Summary This project is a CD-ROM aimed to teach Form 4 –Alternative subject for Art students that offer a basic knowledge about „Kraf Batik‟. The client is teacher who is responsible for Art programs in Sekolah Menengah Alam Shah Putrajaya. Currently there are 20 students studying „Kraf Batik‟ for the subject of Seni Visual internally, within one hour class per-week, which means they would normally never get to meet with their dissertation teacher personally. For some years now the the teacher has been concerned at the level of support given to students studying the Art of Batik in this mode, and hopes this product will go some way towards making the process less mystifying for his students. The CD will contain largely interactive materials, interactive exercises, some audio and video segments and some either still or moving image segments of a beginning student and her “journey” through the first steps to final success in learning the „Kraf Batik‟. In this courseware developed, it is specifically tough about the basic knowledge about „Kraf Batik‟: What is Batik and it‟s definitionIN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY The history on Batik The type of Batik in video The making of Batik Game about Batik It is anticipated that the project will take three months to produce (from start to finish). Whilst initially this will be delivered in CD-ROM form, it is anticipated that it could be developed later as a web-based tool which students can access from their home computers.PRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA 3
  4. 4. Aims of the Project The project is an educational application designed for a very specific purpose. It aims to teach students who choose art for their alternative subject in form 4 offered by their school, specifically Sekolah Alam Shah. Most or all of the students have had very little previous knowledge in „Kraf Batik‟ before deciding in taking Art for their alternative subject. They only have the basic knowledge in Pendidikan Seni Visual that was offered in form 1 - 3. This project aims to give those students a “formula” for learning Batik, the history of it and the making of Batik and have fun with the interactive exercised offered in the courseware. The „Kraf Batik‟ is seen as a form of "art exploration" and so this level of close instruction is justified and necessary. Statement of What the User Needs from the ApplicationIN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY The students (users) will need something that is readily accessible and with multiple entry points. The learning about „Kraf Batik‟ normally takes students about 10 months to complete. Students need to be able to access to the Batik factory to see what is really needed in the making of Batik, to complete the overall knowledge about Batik. They need interactive exercises related to the skills they are trying to learn, and they need built-in feedback from any attempts they make at the various exercises. They also need to feel that the application relates directly to their needs, and they need to be able to see the basic knowledge and skill needed to make the Batik as shown in the video proposed to the courseware.PRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA Research made on the video from 4
  5. 5. The students need also to be able to see the “step by step” process of making all type of Batik as in the factory-. This video should be included in the CD-ROM. Navigation should be easy and the application should not take up excessive memory/bandwidth as student computing capacity will vary, although students have been told a minimum hardware requirement is a recent model Pentium computer and a CD-ROM drive. The client needs have confidence in the ease of operation of the application, and in the robustness of the software. General Treatment and Reasons for ChoiceIN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY The application will show video or still segments of a the introduction of Batik, the interactive content and the video of making the Batik. Once a section is introduced in this way, the student will be directed to specific interactive exercises. These will largely be game-based, but will also include audio segments for variety of question. Much of the application will be interactive and ended with game as the interactive exercise. These interactive exercises have two parts, a practice component which is common to all students (and provides pre-set feedback), and a second component whereby students enter their own data and get "live" feedback from the programmed game provided. The reason for choosing a videoed “student” to guide the user through the real situation in making the Batik as perdone it the factory. It is also will allow the user toPRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA be readily identify with this guide and so feel more personally connected to the subject matter and processes. The interactive exercises enable the users to practice as much as possible the knowledge-skills they had learn throughout the courseware. The more work they do, the more confident they will become with this unfamiliar process. Then they will be ready to input their own data. 5
  6. 6. Variations on the Treatment If possible, it may be helpful to incorporate a little animated figure to be the “helper” throughout the application, rather than using a “live” teacher on video. The avatar might be designed using the research done on the software from EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY This might make the somewhat heavy workload a little lighter for the users.PRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA 6
  7. 7. Outline Diagram The navigation structure for each topic to be taught/practised. Inbuilt system Interactive feedback feedback – content Content on user input Video intro on the (text + (text + Video - quizes answer audio) audio) givenIN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY The design incorporates multiple entry and exit points. Users can opt out of some sections, or go back, forward, repeat sections at will. Human ResourcesPRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA If in real business development, for this project, I will need to get a full briefing from the client who is the Art teacher from Sekolah Alam Shah. In fact the client will be the main writer for the project, and will need to work closely with our editor and other team members. A video will be made and edited into short segments. This will require our video technician for approximately two hours plus a further three hours editing time. 7
  8. 8. The project manager (producer) will work on this project from start to finish, and will be responsible for client liaison. The audio technician will also be used for approximately three hours plus editing time. The text editor will be employed for approximately one week. The interface designer will work for one week. The programmer/tester will work for a further three weeks. Work Schedule TimetableIN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY The timetable for completion of this project is as follows: WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 Process 26/04/10 03/05/10 10/05/10 17/05/10 24/05/10 31/05/10 07/06/10 14/06/10 21/06/10 28/06/10 PROPOSAL ACCEPTED CONSULTATION CONSULTATION TARGET PHOTOSHOP development of interface development of interaction BATIK PROPOSAL ACCEPTED INTRODUCTION HISTORY CONTENT VIDEO GAME FINALIZE CONTENT COMPILATION Equipment It is likely that the whole application will be developed in Adobe Flash, with Photoshop being used for still photographs, Adobe Premiere as the video editor and Sound Edit 16 as the audio editor. Microsoft PowerPoint might be used to provide summary information throughout the application. Estimated time for me to work on the project is 12 weeks, including the writing which will largely be done by the teacher (in the first 7 weeks).PRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA Mode of distribution For this first distribution, the teacher has requested CD-ROM, as his student sometimes have a resistance to internet based learning tools. If the CD-ROM comes as a part of their "Study Package" the client believes the students are more likely to use it, and less likely to experience technical problems. 8
  9. 9. Precedent Study Introduction page with button for internal navigationIN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY Loading page :PRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA 9
  10. 10. Splash montage:IN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY Engine Button from OF MULTIMEDIA10
  11. 11. The interface is combine with both technique from Adobe Flash & Photoshop with flowery element to suit with the content – Batik :IN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGYPRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA11
  12. 12. PRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA IN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY12 Text link to the content Sketches
  13. 13. Main Element : TextIN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY Control Button for Button : To Button : To go Button : Audio content flow proceed forward backward ControlPRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA Text : Screen alocation13
  14. 14. Main element of Multimedia Main element of Multimedia usage -User Control Button. usage - Sound : Sound ControlIN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY Taxonomy of instructional graphics used : OrganizationalPRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA14
  16. 16. Main Element : Images The inserted of real images of Kain Batik Sarung – Student learn better from words and picturese than from words alone.IN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGYPRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA16
  18. 18. Main Element : Movies The combination of, graphics, video, audio and text deliveryIN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGYPRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA18
  21. 21. Summarized Report Name of Subject : „Kraf Batik‟ Language Used: Bahasa Melayu User target : Form 4 Art Student Proposed School Offered : Sekolah Alam Shah Putrajaya Method used for teaching PC added method : Courseware Basis – CD Based. The Lesson is about : 1. Learning objectives 2. Introduction about „Kraf Batik‟ 3. History of batikIN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY 4. Batik Making Method 5. Video on how to create batik as a piece of artwork. 6. Process step Timeframe: 6 hours teaching = 3 weeks class offered (2 hours per week session) Student will be given a copy of courseware in CD based as their self learning reference. Course overview Welcome to „Kraf Batik‟PRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA This course is intended for people who choose ART class for the alternative subject for Form 421
  22. 22. Course objectives The objectives of this course are: Identify the element of Batik. Label the parts of Batik. Recite the history of Batik. Course outcomes Upon completion of „Kraf Batik‟, you will be able to: Identify the element of Batik. Label the parts of Batik.IN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY Recite the history of Batik. Abstract about the Batik in E-Learning. As an adult learner your approach to learning will be different to that from your school days: you will choose what you want to study, you will have professional and/or personal motivation for doing so and you will most likely be fitting your study activities around other professional or domestic responsibilities. Essentially you will be taking control of your learning environment especially for the Art Module. As a consequence, you will need to consider performance issues related to time management, goal setting, stress management, etc. Perhaps you will also need to reacquaint yourself in areas such as essay planning, coping with exams and using thePRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA web as a learning resource for the „„Kraf Batik‟‟ or you may refer to the CD courseware basis given by the Teacher. Your most significant considerations will be time and space i.e. the time you dedicate to your learning and the environment in which you engage in that learning.22
  23. 23. Assignments Assignments A piece of Batik Artwork size 6x11 inch. The assignment shall be submitted during class presentation. Student should submit the artwork to their Art teacher Assessments Assessments There will be 1 assessment for this BATIK There will be 2 self assessments – PreTest & Post Test The BATIK assessment will be conduct at Hour 3 when student are assign to creat their own masterpiece of Batik Art & the making itself. Learners will be given 3 hours to create their artwork (Batik)IN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY Teacher will evaluate the artwork made by student. Teacher should email the result after a week of marking stagesPRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA23
  24. 24. Finalized Output Montage Interactivity level for this page : Level 1 – act solely as a receiver of information (Passive)IN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY The montage will lead the user to this main page:PRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA24
  25. 25. Main template. The template to call the content was made with all the multimedia element : button to guide and at the same time help the learner to navigate the overall content. There are few important element in the template as shown below: The flowery batik elementIN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY to enhance the look of batik. The sound The screen title : to let the control user aware on particular Button to button page viewed go back The to main scrollbar menu The The The The screen number : to let rewind pause forward the user aware on button button button remaining screen left.PRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA25
  26. 26. Link 1 : „Pengenalan‟IN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY When user click on the pengenalan button, it will allow the user to jump to this page: This flower button is the link that allow student to goPRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA back to the main page. Manageable Information Loading : This screen script is design to alert the student There is a control button to give users on which screen they are viewing. I helps the time to assimilate the necessary student in planning their learning pace. information.26
  27. 27. Link 2 : „Konsep‟IN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY When user click on the konsep button, it will allow the user to jump to this page for “definisi”PRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA Usage Principle of View point: Content area that present the different aspects of the object/ information by combination of media. Student cans rollover on the tooltip link (blue color font) to view the images.27
  28. 28. The interaction of flow for the content in the konsep continued with the page for asal- usul batik. In this page, student can see the animation of map flow to show the orientation of batik movement throughout the history and eras. The usage of information modeling components - MapIN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY The interaction will continue till the batik come to Malaysia. The animation of map flow will stop in this particular page. I use the scroll bar to navigate the user on the timeline of the content. As you may see in this particular screen, Map of Malaysia appear at the end of the timeline in the scrollbar. Interactivity level for this page : Level 2 – makes simple responsesPRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA to instructional cues (limited participation)28
  29. 29. Usage Principle of Avoid Attention Conflicts. This tooltip button link used to make sure user can assimilate information without being distracted.IN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY Presentation planning – Internal link – sub buttonPRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA29
  30. 30. When the student continues their learning, they will see the page of “Bahagian Kain Batik Sarung”. The tooltip are for the particular part of batik sarung will be blinking to show the interaction that exists on that hotspot.IN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY When student rollover on the hotspot area, the pop up will appear showing the detail part and name for the link, as show below:PRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA30
  31. 31. I‟ve also insert the interactivity element where student have to give input to get to their selected batik as shown below. Student may click on the illustration with the tagging on the interface.IN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY Video would be very helpful for e-learning purposes. Student may learn better when the images shown in the video version complete with narration rather than the image itself. In the last screen of my courseware, I embedded the technique in producing batik for student‟s reference. Media selection – video addedPRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA31
  32. 32. Link 3 : „Aktiviti‟ Instruction for assessment pageIN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY Implication for Multimedia Interface – The element of active learning inserted in this activity pagesPRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA Interactivity level for this page : Level 3 – allow user to makes a variety of responses using varied techniques in response to instructional cues (complex participation.32
  33. 33. Link 4 : „Pengayaan‟ Implication for Multimedia Interfaces for learning – Shcema Intergration : Learning will only be effective if the user has sufficient existing knowledge as what they learn on the ‘konsep’ & ‘Aktiviti’, to make sense of this ‘Kraf Batik’ material (as what suggested in the Piaget Learning Theory)IN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGYPRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA33
  34. 34. Reference The “How to study” web site is dedicated to study skills resources. You will find links to study preparation (a list of nine essentials for a good study place), taking notes, strategies for reading text books, using reference sources, test anxiety. This is the web site of the Virginia Tech, Division of Student Affairs. You will find links to time scheduling (including a “where does time go?” link), a study skill checklist, basic concentration techniques, control of the study environment, note taking, how to read essays for analysis, memory skills (“remembering”). Another “How to study” web site with useful links to time management, efficient reading, questioning/listening/observing skills, getting the most out of doing (“hands-on” learning), memoryIN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY building, tips for staying motivated, developing a learning plan. MINISRTY OF EDUCATIONPRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA34