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John d. rockefeller


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Published in: Education
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John d. rockefeller

  1. 1. John D. Rockefeller (1839 – 1937) 97 years Early life Raising Turkeys Selling Potatoes Candy Age sixteen: First job as a book – keeper salary 15$ per month Simple living: commuting through trains 6% to charity Religious Environment Whale oil for light lamp lanterns Kerosene oil Petrol Light Bulb Standard oil company Transportation by trains Pipe lines Strategy: Buy out Low price or below cost price of kerosene dropped by 80% Diversification: Iron ore World’s No. 1 company Success: Ambitions in life To live 100 years To earn $ 100,000 per month Non – smoker No liquor Wealthiest person of his time Fortune: $660 billion Retire life: 40 years Philanthropy Donations to research institutions Established Chicago University Rockefeller University: Produced 23 Noble laureates