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Digital media usage_snapshot_2013

  1. 1. NOVEMBER 2012US Digital Media Usage:A Snapshot of 2013This Snapshot provides a key to digital media usagetrends next year and how they will be differentfrom this year’s patterns—critical for marketers tounderstand as they develop campaigns to target thegrowing online and mobile populations. presented by:
  2. 2. Dear eMarketer Reader,US Digital Media Usage: A Snapshot of 2013 is a great example ofeMarketer’s forecasts of digital media usage and penetration, based on ourmodel of comparative estimates and the analysis of multiple perspectives. Ourcorporate subscribers also have access to industry, demographic and advertisingspending numbers and analysis for mobile, social, advertising and more—alldigital channels, US and international. In fact, we publish about 200 reports ayear on these topics.We thank you for your interest in the Snapshot and ExactTarget for sponsoring it,making it possible for us to offer it to you today.Best Regards,Crystal GurinVice President and Publisher eMarketer, Inc. 75 Broad Street Floor 31 215.629.1517 (direct) New York, NY 10004 215.266.1436 (mobile)
  3. 3. 2013 US Digital Media UsageAs the population of internet users inches past three-quarters of the US population, growth is continuing to slow.Social network usage growth is still higher, but down significantly from earlier years to just 4.1%. Facebook Internet Users In the US alone, 146.7 million people will 245.2M use the social network at least monthly, or nearly 60% of internet users. up 2.6% from 2012 Social Network Users 164.2M up 4.1% from 2012 Facebook Users 146.7M up 3.9% from 2012 Twitter The number of Twitter users is still Twitter Users 36.3M growing in the double digits, though from a much smaller base than Facebook. Less than 15% of the US online population will use up 14.2% from 2012 Twitter next year.
  4. 4. Ecommerce Like internet use overall, ecommerce is growing slowly in terms of penetration. Nearly 190 million Americans will research and browse for products online, leaving relatively little room for growth. Average spending levels, and mobile commerce usage, will be bigger growth areas. Online Shoppers 189.6M up 2.9% from 2012 Online Buyers 156.1M up 4.2% from 2012Social Gamers80.9M Online Gaming Mobile will remain the biggest growth area for gaming,up 5.8% from 2012 with a 19% increase in usage. Smartphone gaming will rise even faster, by 27.8% to 97.6 million—surpassing the total number of online casual gamers for the first time.Online CasualGamers Mobile Gamers97.3M 121.3Mup 3.9% from 2012 up 19% from 2012OnlineConsole Gamers Smartphone Gamers44.0M 97.6Mup 9.7% from 2012 up 27.8% from 2012
  5. 5. Mobile Usage All MobileThe overall mobile pie is huge, close to saturation atalmost 250 million people. More and more of those Phone Usersare pocketing smartphones, which means they’realso on the mobile internet—and exposed to moreopportunities for advertising and marketing, with 247.5M up 2% from 2012greater immediacy and relevance, than ever before. 95.6 % of smartphone users are mobile internet users Mobile Smartphone Internet Users Users 143.8M 137.5M up 18% from 2012 up 18.8% from 2012
  6. 6. Online Video Viewers Again, growth is relatively slow in the total number ofOnline online video viewers. Newer activities, like watchingVideo Viewers video on mobile devices or viewing long-form content178.7M like TV shows and movies online, are gaining ground quickly, however. Smartphone video viewing in particular will rise nearly 22% next year.56% of population73% of internet usersup 5.6% from 2012 2013 2012 KEY All Mobile Smartphone Video Viewers Video Viewers 73.3M 70.8M 22.9% of population 22.2% of population 29.6% of mobile phone users 51.5% of smartphone users up 19.8% from 2012 96.6% of mobile video viewers up 21.8% from 2012Online Movie Viewers Online TV Viewers87.6M 110.4M27% of population 35% of population36% of internet users 45% of internet usersup 15.8% from 2012 up 12.8% from 2012
  7. 7. Tablets & Ereaders Tablets took off quickly after the release of the iPad, but their fast growth has come from a relatively small base. Next year, they will finally be in the hands of four in 10 internet users, or three in 10 Americans. iPads will continue to make up the lion’s share of tablets in the country. In 71 20 13 of . tab 2 Tablet Users w le % ill t u 99.0M be se 31% of population us iPa rs 40.4% of internet users er d s up 42.3% from 2012 iPad Users 70.5M 22.1% of population 28.7% of internet users up 32.6% from 2012Ereaders, meanwhile, are a slower growth area.They will be about half as prevalent as tabletsnext year, as usage of the single-purposedevices grows by just 11.7% among adults. up Adult 45 m fro .6 Ereader Users 50.9M in 20 M 21% of adult population 12 25.8% of adult internet users up 11.7% from 2012
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