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This is my professinal pdf presentation

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Aziz Presentation

  1. 1. THIS IS ME As all of you know who l am, so there is no need to introduce myself to you.
  2. 2. Very Tough Time Schedule with the Dutch PRT in Tarin Kowt
  4. 4. ICC crusher mobile plant recently reached to TK capable to produce 500 m3 stones per day. It was an interesting time. I miss it. CRASHED STONE MOBILE PLANT TARIN KOWT
  5. 5. GENERATOR MACHINE This generator is producing 400kw electricity. It is capable for running a concrete batch plant and 2 stone crushers. This is also Tarin Kowt Urzgan
  6. 6. WORKING TEAM This is our working team in Tarin Kowt on the project of ICCS. This group is including national and international colleagues of mine. The two guys with guns were the dutch engineers they were about to leave us and cam for farewell to us. We took this picture in the night time. I miss the time
  7. 7. ADMIN ASSISTANT WITH CADG 2008 This is the office of CADG in Kandahar. I was the admin assistant working on CIDA/CFW/GI project. Very tough time schedule and fresh in this office. I look under pressure in the picture
  8. 8. ICCS BATCH PLANT This is the batch plant in Tarin Kowt Urzgan Afghanistan. It was producing 50 tonnes cubic meter in one day. Nice and computerized plant.
  9. 9. ABOUT TO FLY It was december and I was about to fly from Tarin Kowt Uruzgan and that was the end of my job in TK. Saying farewell to my colleagues and friends
  10. 10. DESERTS OF URUZGAN (ADVENTUROUS) I was working with ICCS in Tarin Kowt and that was a very tough time in that region for me. A tired body in the dangerous deserts of Uruzgan Afghanistan.
  11. 11. HARRY SPIES BIRTHDAY Our program manager Harry Spies is cutting the cake during the anniversary of his birth day party in Afghanistan. Harry was a good personality in CADG and very intelligent. He was also my teacher.
  12. 12. ADMIN ASSISTANT CADG This is my office in Kandahar CADG and l was serving as an admin assistant for CADG.
  13. 13. FAREWELL PART Arno and Robert are here. Arno is leaving back to Nether Lands and he is introducing Rober to us. I am sitting between them. They have enjoyed Afghan watermelon.
  14. 14. ADMIN ASSISTANT CADG These are the Ramadhan days and l am working with CADG. The project was in progress and we supposed to do too much work with eating anything. It seems interesting.
  15. 15. CADG HOUSE IN KANDAHAR This is the house of CADG in Kandahar. It is just a palace and I enjoyed living here because it was enough comfortable and wide.
  16. 16. ME AND ROBIN This was a very good friend of mine. He was from Nether Land and was driving the loader for filling the Dum Trucks of Crashed stones. He was a friendly face.
  17. 17. ME IN THE GYM In 2008, I have decided to attend the GYM because my wedding was closer but my body was not much fit, so l joined it. I have exercised a lot and lost enough weight and became fit.
  18. 18. ME IN THE GYM This is also one of my picture in the gym
  19. 19. CADG HOUSE IN KANDAHAR This is also one of the picture of the house of CADG in Kandahar
  20. 20. ICCS CRASHER FACTORIES This is one of the pictures from the crasher factories of ICCS in Tarin Kowt for the project of dutch people that was contracted 80000 cu m stones to be provided plus 9000 cu m of concrete as well
  21. 21. STONES The amount of stones and the plants are still in progress. I don’t know for how long they will be going on, but I was sure that our plants were able to run 24 hours.
  22. 22. STONES Big amount of stones.
  23. 23. PRINTING PRESS This is the press machine. I was working in a press center and was working on this machine to print the marriage cards, other banners for the elections and beside this was preparing stamps as well.
  24. 24. CADG OFFICE URUZGAN This is the office of CADG in Tarin Kowt Uruzgan.
  25. 25. CADG TEAM TK This was our official team in Uruzgan Afghanistan. Bob Duncan was our project manager, Jamie bailey was our admin reporter.
  26. 26. KANDAHAR Visiting a project in Registan district of Kandahar. I took this picture during a stop on the way. It was a long journey.
  27. 27. AFTER WE REACH REGISTAN This is one of the house of the existing local people that have been shifted to Pakistan a long time ago. These houses are made of bushes and sticks and now they are empty because of no water in the existing sandy desert. The west Afghanistan is so dangerous due to the unstable security thus why l have a gun with me for my safety.
  28. 28. TRIP TO REGISTAN Our cars were stuck in Reg (Sand).
  29. 29. VERY HOT It was a very hot day because it was summer and there was no water and registan is itself hot according to the climate condition.
  30. 30. CAMELS IN REGISTAN The camels are wandering in search of water in Registan desert. Our purpose was also to find water in the area for the existing people and animals.
  32. 32. ACCOMMODATION IN REGISTAN We were in Registan for two days and one night. We took some beef and were making kabas in Registan. It was delicious.
  33. 33. HOUSING SYSTEM IN REGISTAN This is the housing system in Registan. The people have been shifted, but these houses are still the same. They made these house hundreds of years ago.
  34. 34. VILLAGE IN REGISTAN This is a village consist of a few houses in Uruzgan. These house are built of bushes and sticks thus they are bushy house.
  35. 35. FUELING OUR CARS We have traveled a lot and faced the lack of fuel. So, we have found the fuel in the desert anyway and started to travel.
  36. 36. PROJECT INSPECTION This is a check dam project in Takhta Pul Kandahar. I visited this project while our inspection team was trying to inspect this. This is a CADG project.
  37. 37. PROJECT INSPECTION This is a check dam project in Takhta Pul Kandahar. I visited this project while our inspection team was trying to inspect this. This is a CADG project.