Operating System


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Operating System

  1. 1. Computer Lab An Operating System
  2. 2. DefinitionAn operating system is an integrated set of programs that controls the resources (cpu, memory, input/output devices etc. ) of a computer system and provides its users with an interface. 1 2
  3. 3. The OS is the computers master control program. The Os provides us with commands that enables us to interact with the pc. When we issue a command, the OS translate it into code that the machine can use.
  4. 4.  Some popular operating system are- Unix, Ms-Dos, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows NT, Linux.
  5. 5. Functions of the operatingSystem 1. It displays the on-screen elements which we interact. 2. It loads programs into the computers memory so that we can use them. 3. It coordinates how programs work with the computers hardware and other software. 4. OS manages the way how information is stored on and retrieved from disk.
  6. 6. Types of operating system;1. Real time operating system,2. Single user Single tasking OS,3. Single user MultitaskingOS,4. Multi user Multitasking OS.
  7. 7. Real time operating systemA real time operating system is a very fast, relatively small OS.It is needed to run real-time applications.It may support multiple simultaneous tasks or it may support only single tasking.Real time applications are needed to run medical diagnostics equipment, life-support system, scientific instruments & industrial system.
  8. 8. Single user/single tasking operatingsystemAn operating system that allows a single user to perform just one task at a time is a Single user-single tasking operating system.To a user a task is a function such as printing a document , writing a file to disk, editing a file or downloading a file from a network server.MS-DOS is an example of a single-tasking OS
  9. 9. Single user/multitasking OperatingsystemA single user-multitasking operating system is one that allows a single user to perform two or more functions at once.The most commonly used personal computers usually run such Oss, including Microsoft Windows and Macintosh operating system.
  10. 10. Multi user/ Multi tasking OperatingsystemA multi user-multi tasking operating system is an operating system that allows multiple users to use programs that are simultaneously running on a single network server called terminal server.In a multi user-multi tasking operating system environment all or most of the computing occurs at the server.Examples of multi user- multi tasking Oss include UNIX, VMS
  11. 11. User InterfaceWhen we work on a computer we see and use a set of items on the screenTaken together, these items are called the user interface.
  12. 12. The two most common types of user interface are: Graphical user interface and Command line user interfaces.
  13. 13. Prepared by:Md. Aziz ullah1229CSE00234Dept. of CSEManarat International UniversityGulshan-2, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.