Ppt of humanities


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Ppt of humanities

  1. 1. Credits  CHAitANYA AGrAWAL  riddHi PArMAr  rAHUL dWeVedi
  2. 2. CONteNt:- HistOrY, FACts ANd iNFOrMAtiON AbOUt ANCieNt rOMAN ArCHiteCtUre ArCHiteCtUre - tHe sOCietY, CULtUre ANd LiFe OF tHe rOMANs ArCHiteCtUre - triUMPHAL ArCHes - ViLLAs - teMPLes - rOAds - FOrts ANd stOCkAdes - tOWNs - AqUedUCts
  3. 3. HistOrY, FACts ANd iNFOrMAtiONAbOUt ANCieNt rOMAN ArCHiteCtUre tHe ANCieNt rOMANs Were MAsters OF ArCHiteCtUre - desiGNiNG ANd ereCtiNG bUiLdiNGs. tHeir skiLLs iN bUiLdiNG ANd eNGiNeeriNG, iNCLUdiNG tHeir iNVeNtiON OF CONCrete, resULted iN diFFereNt tYPes ANd stYLes OF ArCHiteCtUre iNCLUdiNG tHe bUiLdiNG OF FOrts, ViLLAs, teMPLes, tOWNs, bAtHs, GreAt WALLs ANd rOAds - CHANGiNG tHe FACe OF eUrOPe FOreVer.
  4. 4. strUCtUres bUiLt bY tHe ANCieNtrOMANs:- FOrUMs - sqUAres WHiCH Were sUrrOUNded bY teMPLes, sHOPs, ANd bAsiLiCAs bAsiLiCAs - PUbLiC bUiLdiNGs bAtHs MArkets sUCH As trAjANs MArket iN rOMe - A FiVe stOrY COMPLex HOUsiNG sHOPs, bArs ANd restAUrANts AMPHitHeAters sUCH As tHe COLOsseUM ANd tHe CirCUs MAxiMUs tHeAtres triUMPHAL ArCHes CeLebrAtiNG tHe ViCtOries OF tHe rOMANs ViLLAs teMPLes rOAds FOrts ANd stOCkAdes tOWNs AqUedUCts
  5. 5. rOMAN ArCHiteCtUrAL FeAtUresANd GeOGrAPHiCAL CONditiONs:-• CAPitAL – rOMe WAs FOUNd NeAr riVer tiber sUrrOUNded bY 7 HiLLs• COAst WAs NOt iNteNded Like GreeCe.• COLUMNAr ANd trAbeAted stYLe OF tHe Greeks ANd etrUsCAN ArCH ANd VAULt• exteNsiVe Use OF LiMe CONCrete – CONCrete HeLPed NeW CONstrUCtiON sYsteM• COVered LArGe sPANs,ribs Were MAde bY briCks ON edGes
  6. 6. rOMAN ArCHiteCtUrAL FeAtUresANd GeOGrAPHiCAL CONditiONs:-• VAULts Used bY rOMANs Were – seMi CirCULAr VAULt / bArreL VAULt,CrOss VAULt, Or HeMisPHeriCAL dOMe• tHeY CONstrUCted MULti stOreYed bLdGs. UNLike tHe GreeCe…
  7. 7. rOMAN Orders:-•dOriC Order•iONiC Order•COriNitHiAN Order•COMPOsite Order•tUsCAN Order
  8. 8. PANtHeON teMPLe
  9. 9. rOMAN tUsCAN Order:-
  10. 10. exAMPLes OFrOMANArCHiteCtUre:-
  11. 11. AqUedUCts:-•tHeY PAid AtteNtiON tO WAter sUPPLY sCHeMes•WAter WAs COLLeCted FrOM sPriNGs/riVers .•Arried bY tUNNeLs,CHANNeLs sUPPOrted ONWALLs/ArCHes tO A reserVOir OUtside A CitY.•WAter WAs sUPPLied tO rOMe ViA A NetWOrk OFNiNe AqUedUCts
  12. 12. tHe rOMAN rOAd ANd bridGe:-•rOMAN rOAds Were GeNerALLY CONstrUCted iN FOUrLAYers WitH tHe tOPMOst LAYer CONsistiNG OF APAVeMeNt OF FLAt ,HArd stONes, CONCrete Or PebbLestHAt Were set iN MOrtAr.•tHe rOMANs ,iN tHeir PriMe, bUiLt tHOUsANds OF MiLes OFrOAds WHiCH stretCHed FrOM rOMe tO britAiN ANd FrOMCArtHAGe tO PArtHiA.•tHese rOAds Were CONstrUCted "tO LAst A CeNtUrY" ANdMOst LAsted FOr tWO MiLLeNNiUM ANd Are stiLL beiNGUsed tOdAY.
  13. 13. tHe rOMAN bAtH:-
  14. 14. trAjANs COLUMN:-
  15. 15. •tHe strUCtUre is AbOUt 30 Meters (98Ft) iN HeiGHt, 38 iNCLUdiNG its LArGePedestAL.•tHe sHAFt is MAde FrOM A series OF 18COLOssAL CArrArA MArbLe drUMs, eACHWeiGHiNG AbOUt 40 tONs, WitH AdiAMeter OF AbOUt 4 Metres (13 Ft).•tHe 200 Meter (656 Ft) Frieze WiNdsArOUNd tHe sHAFt 23 tiMes.•trAjANs COLUMN is A MONUMeNt iN rOMerAised bY Order OF eMPerOr trAjAN.•it is LOCAted iN trAjANs FOrUM, bUiLtNeAr tHe qUiriNAL HiLL, NOrtH OF tHerOMAN FOrUM
  16. 16. PALAtiNe HiLL :-tHe PALAtiNe HiLL (LAtiNPALAtiUM) is tHeCeNterMOst OF tHe seVeNHiLLs OF rOMe ANd is ONe OFtHe MOst ANCieNt PArts OFtHe CitY OF rOMe iN itALY..
  17. 17. tHe ArCH ANd tHedOMe
  18. 18. ArCH:-•tHe rOMANs First AdOPted tHe ArCH FrOM tHe Greeks,ANd iMPLeMeNted it iN tHeir OWN bUiLdiNG.•AN ArCH is A VerY strONG sHAPe As NO siNGLe sPOt HOLdsALL tHe WeiGHt ANd is stiLL Used iN ArCHiteCtUre tOdAY.•tHe rOMAN Use OF tHe ArCH ANd tHeir iMPrOVeMeNts iNtHe Use OF CONCrete ANd briCks FACiLitAted tHe bUiLdiNG•tHe sAMe ideA PrOdUCed NUMerOUs bridGes.•exAMPLe: bridGe OAt MAridA..
  19. 19. •tHe rOMAN Use OF tHe ArCH tOGetHer WitH tHeiriMPrOVeMeNts iN tHe Use OF CONCrete.•CONstrUCtiON OF VAULted CeiLiNGs ALsO eNAbLed HUGe(COVered) PUbLiC sPACes sUCH As tHe PUbLiC bAtHs ANdbAsiLiCAs.• tHerOMANs ALsO bAsed MUCH OF tHeir ArCHiteCtUre ONtHe dOMe, sUCH As HAdriANs PANtHeON iN tHe CitY OFrOMe…•rOMAN ArCHiteCtUre WAs sOMetiMes deterMiNed bAsedUPON tHe reqUireMeNts OF rOMAN reLiGiON.•FOr exAMPLe tHe PANtHeON WAs AN AMAziNGeNGiNeeriNG FeAt CreAted FOr reLiGiOUs PUrPOses
  20. 20. tHe PANtHeON :-•tHe PANtHeON is A bUiLdiNG iN rOMeWHiCH WAs OriGiNALLY bUiLt As AteMPLe tO tHe seVeN deities OF tHeseVeN PLANets iN tHe rOMAN stAtereLiGiON.•it WAs A CHristiAN CHUrCH siNCetHe 7tH CeNtUrY.•it is tHe best-PreserVed OF ALLrOMAN bUiLdiNGs ANd tHe OLdestiMPOrtANt bUiLdiNG iN tHe WOrLdWitH its OriGiNAL rOOF iNtACt.•it HAs beeN iN CONtiNUOUs UsetHrOUGHOUt its HistOrY…
  21. 21. PLAN
  22. 22. ArCH OF sePtiMiUs seVerUsArCH OF sePtiMUs seVerUs,204 Ad
  23. 23. •tHe WHite MArbLe ArCH OF sePtiMiUs seVerUs At tHeNOrtHeAst eNd OF tHe rOMAN FOrUM is A triUMPHAL ArCHereCted iN 204 Ad•tHe tHree ArCHWAYs rest ON Piers, iN FrONt OF WHiCHAre detACHed COMPOsite COLUMNs ON PedestALs.•tHe ArCH WAs rAised ON A trAVertiNe bAse OriGiNALLYAPPrOACHed bY stePs FrOM tHe FOrUMs ANCieNt LeVeL…
  24. 24. rOMAN - triUMPHAL - ArCH
  25. 25. POst-rOMAN triUMPHALArCHes
  26. 26. ArCH OF CONstANtiNe
  27. 27. bAsiLiCA
  28. 28. bAsiLiCA AeMiLiA:-
  29. 29. •tHe bAsiLiCA AeMiLiA WAs ereCted iN 179 bC bY tHeCeNsOrs MArCUs AeMiLiUs LePidUs (AFter WHOM tHebAsiLiCA is NAMed)•MArCUs FULViUs NObiLiOr, COMPLeteLY rebUiLt OVer tWOdeCAdes ANd dediCAted iN 34 bC, restOred AFter A FirebY AUGUstUs iN 14 bC, ANd tHeN AGAiN iN Ad 22 ON its tWO-HUNdredtH ANNiVersArY, tHe bAsiLiCA AeMiLiA WAsCONsidered bY PLiNY tO be ONe OF tHe MOst beAUtiFULbUiLdiNGs iN rOMe.• it WAs A PLACe FOr bUsiNess
  30. 30. bAsiLiCA jULiA:-•tHe bAsiLiCA jULiA, NAMed AFterjULiUs CAesAr, WHO dediCAted it iN46 bC bY AUGUstUs, bUt bUrNedsHOrtLY AFterWArd ANd WAs NOtredediCAted FOr ANOtHer tWeNtYYeArs, iN 12 Ad.•it WAs rebUiLt AGAiN bYdiOCLetiAN AFter tHe Fire OF 283Ad.•tHe bAsiLiCA WAs A LArGe,OrNAte, PUbLiC bUiLdiNG Used FOrMeetiNGs ANd OtHer OFFiCiALbUsiNess• ANd PrOVided sPACe FOrGOVerNMeNt OFFiCes ANd bANkiNG.
  31. 31. bAsiLiCA OF MAxeNtiUs:-
  32. 32. •tHe bAsiLiCA OF MAxeNtiUs(bAsiLiCA MAxeNtii) WAs tHeLAst OF tHe GreAt CiViLiANbAsiLiCAs ON tHe rOMANFOrUM.•tHe rUiNs OF tHe bAsiLiCA isLOCAted betWeeN tHe teMPLeOF AMOr ANd rOMA .•
  33. 33. teMPLes:-
  34. 34. teMPLe OF CAstOr ANd POLLUx:-
  35. 35. teMPLe OF jUPiter:-
  36. 36. teMPLe OF rOMULUs:-
  37. 37. teMPLe OF sAtUrN:-
  38. 38. teMPLe OF VeNUs ANd rOMA:-
  39. 39. tHe rOMANCOLOsseUMtHe FLAViAN AMPHitHeAtre
  40. 40. •tHe COLOsseUM Or COLiseUM, OriGiNALLY kNOWN As tHeFLAViAN AMPHitHeAtre, is AN AMPHitHeAtre iN rOMe,CAPAbLe OF seAtiNG 50,000 sPeCtAtOrs, WHiCH WAs ONCeUsed FOr GLAdiAtOriAL COMbAt.•tHe COLOsseUM HOsted LArGe-sCALe sPeCtACULArGAMes tHAt iNCLUded•FiGHts betWeeN ANiMALs (VeNAtiONes),•tHe kiLLiNG OF PrisONers bY ANiMALs (see: zOOPHiLiA:rOMAN GAMes ANd CirCUs) ANd•OtHer exeCUtiONs (NOxii), NAVAL bAttLes(NAUMACHiAe, ViA FLOOdiNG tHe AreNA) UP UNtiL Ad 81,ANd COMbAts betWeeN GLAdiAtOrs (MUNerA).
  41. 41. tHe rOMAN FOrUM:-
  42. 42. •tHe rOMAN FOrUM WAs tHe CeNtrALAreA ArOUNd WHiCH ANCieNt rOMedeVeLOPed.•Here tHe COMMUNAL HeArtH WAsLOCAted.•OriGiNALLY it HAd beeN MArsHYGrOUNd, WHiCH WAs drAiNed bY tHetArqUiNs WitH tHe CLOACA MAxiMA.
  43. 43. CirCUses:-
  44. 44. CirCUs MAxiMUs:-tHe CirCUs MAxiMUs(LAtiN FOr LArGestCirCLe) is AN ANCieNtAreNA ANd MAsseNtertAiNMeNt VeNUeLOCAted iN rOMe.
  45. 45. HiPPOdrOMe:-•tHe HiPPOdrOMe WAs ANANCieNt rOMAN desiGN tOHOLd HOrse ANd CHAriOtrACiNG.•it COrresPONded tO tHerOMAN CirCUs Were ONLYFOUr CHAriOts rAN At AtiMe.
  46. 46. HistOriCAL bACkGrOUNd:-•etrUsCANs – FALL OF LAst kiNGtArqUiNUs sUPerbUs – rOMAN rePUbLiCWAs FOrMed•rOMAN kiNGs Were eLeCted – MOstFAMOUs jULiUs CeAser – He brOUGHtMOst PrOsPeritY tO rOMe•NerO,VesPAsiAN,titUs,dOMitiAN,trAjAN,HAdriAN,CArCALLA – GreAt PrOMOtersOF ArCHiteCtUre….
  47. 47. tHe eNd