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Health problems in umbai


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Health problems in umbai

  1. 1. HEALTH PROBLEMS IN MUMBAI…  Azizur Khan  Akshata Hase  Tanvi Gujrathi  Swapnil Kanse  Nikhil Mehta
  2. 2. Health In Mumbai Mumbai is the most popular city of India. It is the commercial place and the sixth most populated city of the world. There are many slums in Mumbai and many people migrate to Mumbai every year. There are many beggars and pickpockets in Mumbai. All these problems increase the need of Mumbai health and safety. Mumbai health and safety is badly affected by the pollution.
  3. 3. Health In Mumbai There are more chronic health problems resulting due to modernization, liberalization and globalization of the market. The pollution causes allergies, infection and other diseases among the Mumbai public. The health and safety services available are very less then their requirement.
  4. 4. Health In MumbaiAccording to data analyzed by the NGO Praja Foundation between January and December 2008 the rate of chronic sickness such as diabetes, hypertension and coronary artery disease (CAD) increased in Mumbai.The group looked at results taken from 25 public hospitals and four state hospitals and dispensaries in Indias capital city.
  6. 6. Health Problems In MUMBAI Public Health• In spite of substantial reductions in mortality rate over the years, health care in Bombay remains far below the expected level. Management and disposal waste• More than 5000 metric tons of solid waste is generated every day in Mumbai. The municipal corporation is in charge of the disposal of this waste, and evidently cannot cope with the task.
  7. 7. Health Problems In MUMBAI Hospitals Mumbai has about 22,000 hospital beds distributed in about 1000 health care centers. Of these about 17 are municipal hospitals which can be afforded by the urban poor who make up 50% of the population. Major health problems Among Mumbais major health problems one must surely count AIDS and Tuberculosis . Chronic respiratory problems due to air pollution are endemic among a large fraction of the population. Malaria and polio make occasional appearances.
  8. 8. Effect on Human Health From Waste``Affects brain development of children.DNA damage.Asthmatic bronchitis.Reproductive and developmental problems.Lung Cancer.Damage to heart, liver and spleen .Damage to central and peripheral nervous systems, blood systems and kidney
  9. 9. Ways to improve health and safety in mumbai If all the educational institutions in Mumbai provide proper training and education to the students then problem can be solved to some extend. The students should be given training to avoid or reduce the harmful effects of pollution. All the health institution should be well equipped with the proper medical facilities to cater to any kind of problem.
  10. 10. Ways to improve health and safety in mumbai If all the academic institution take part in the health and safety program of Mumbai then the level of problem will be reduced to greater extend. The number of professionals should be increased, all kids of equipments required should be provided with, timely assessment of environmental risk and impact should be conducted. Education is the best solution to the Mumbai health and safety problem.
  11. 11. Health Services in Mumbai Mumbai is one of Indias largest cities and an important commercial and industrial centre. Despite everyday pronouncements of major breakthroughs and advances in medical and health technology, the basic health needs of a majority of the population in Mumbai are not yet met even in a rudimentary manner. Mumbai has a vast supply of public and private health care services. The Central Government has its own dispensaries, which are available only for their employees.
  12. 12. NEW HEALTH CARE DRIVE IN MUMBAI 1. Implementation of "PURA PROJECT- of VISION 2020 with adequate health care facilities. 2. More Nursing Colleges to be opened to balance the requirement of Paramedics. 3. Emphasis should be given towards cleanliness, sewage system, drainage system, and prevention of overcrowding of the hospitals, in metros and in the cities. 4. More public health related research in Industrial areas and in hospitals within that locality. 5. We may have to follow these simple principles behind having petrol stations in the highways i.e., keeping hospitals at a certain distance according to population so that emergency services can be made easily.
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