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Architect shigeru ban


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Architect shigeru ban

  1. 1. Architect Shigeru ban
  2. 2. • 1957 Born in Tokyo.• 1977-80 Southern California Institute of Architecture.• 1980-82 Cooper Union School of Architecture.• 1982-83 Worked for Arata Isozaki, Tokyo, Japan.• 1984 Bachelor of Architecture, Cooper Union School of Architecture . Bachelor of Architecture.• 1985 Established private practice in Tokyo, Japan.• 1993-95 Adjunct Professor of Architecture, Tama Art University.• 1995-99 Consultant of United Nations High Commissioner for Refgees (UNHCR).• 1995 Established NGO: VAN (Voluntary Architects Network)NGOVAN.• 1995-99 Adjunct Professor of Architecture, Yokohama National University.• 1996-2000 Adjunct Professor of Architecture, Nihon University.• 2000 Visiting Professor, Columbia University.• 2000 Visiting Fellow, Donald Keen Center, Columbia University.• 2001-2008 Professor, Keio University.• 2005 Amherst College Doctor of Human Letters.• 2006-2009 Jury of Pritzker Architecture Prize.• 2009 National Order of the Legion of Honor in France.• 2009 Honorary Doctorate of Technical University of Munich.• 2010 Visiting Professor, Havard University Graduate School of Design.
  3. 3. Awards• 1995 Mainichi Design Prize.• 1993 House Award, Tokyo Society of Architects.• 1988 Display of the Year, Japan, ‚Alvar Aalto‛ Exhibiition.• 1989 Arflex Design Competition.• 1988 SD Review ‘88SD .• 1988 Osaka Industrial Design Contest, L Unit System.• 1986 Display of the Year, Japan, ‚Emilio Ambasz‛ Exhibitiion.• 1986 Design Competition for the redevelopment of the Shinsaibashi, Osaka.• 1985 SD Review ‘85SD. Shigeru ban
  4. 4. Awards• 2000Akademie der Kunste (Berlin Art Award), Germany( Akademie der kunste )• 2000 The Augustus Saint-Gaudens Award from the Cooper Union, NY The Augustus Saint-Gaudens Award .• 1999 Architecture for Humanity, U.S.A. for Paper Log House .• 1999 4th International Festival for Architecture in Video by IMAGE, Italy .• 1999 ar+d, Architectural Review, UK for Paper Churchar+dArchitectural Review.• 1998 Tohoku Prize, Architectural Institute of Japan for Tazawako Station.• 1997 The JIA Prize for the best young architect of the year.• 1996 Ecoplice House Competition, IAA (International Architects Academy)IAA.• 1996 JIA Kansai Architects.• 1996 Yoshioka Prize.• 1996 Innovative Award, Tokyo Journal. Shigeru ban
  5. 5. Awards• 2005AIA New York Chapter Design Awards-Project Honors: Nomadic Museum-NYAIA New York Chapter Design Awards- Project Honors:• NY2005Amherst College Doctor of Humane Letters• 2005Arnold W. Brunner Memorial Prize in Architecture• 2005Thomas Jefferson Medalist in Architecture• 2004Grande Medal France Academie d’Architecture• 2004American Wood Design Awards -Best of Non-residential Best of Non-residential-• 2002World Architecture Awards• 2002: Best House in the World, Naked House• 20022001The Prize of Japan Society for Finishing Technology, for GC Osaka Building• 2001Gengo Matsui Award for the Japan Pavilion• 2001World Architecture Awards 2001: Europe Category, Public/Cultural Category for the Japan Pavilion• 20012001Time Magazine Innovator of the Year2001、TIME Magazine 、• USA2001Nikkei New Office Award, for GC Osaka Building Shigeru ban
  6. 6. Awards• 2010 l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, France• 2009 Honorary Doctorate of Technical University of Munich• 2009 l’Ordre National du Merite , France• 2009 Grand Prize of AIJ 2009: Nicolas G. Hayek Center• 2009 Japan Project International Award, Student Jury’s Award: Chengdu Hualin Elementary School, China Japan• 2008 Urban Land Institute Awards for Excellence: Finalist, Kirinda Project , Sri Lanka Urban Land Institute Awards for Excellence .• Finalist , 2007MIPIM Awards 2007: Residential Developments 1st Prize, Kirinda Project, Sri Lanka MIPIM Awards 2007: 2007MIPIM Awards 2007:Special Tribute, Kirinda Project, Sri Lanka MIPIM Awards 2007:• 2006Honorary Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada• 2006 International Fellowship of the Royal Institute of British Architects Shigeru ban
  7. 7. WORKS - PAPER TUBE STRUCTURESPAPER ARBOR - Nagoya, Japan, 1989 ODAWARA HALL AND EAST GATE- Odawara , Kanagawa, Japan, 1990 Shigeru ban
  8. 8. Paper houseLake Yamanaka, Yamanashi, Japan, 1995 Shigeru ban
  9. 9. Plan Shigeru ban
  10. 10. An S-shape configuration comprised of 110 paper tubes (2.7m high,275mm in diameter and 148mm thick) defines the interior andexterior areas of the paper house. This was the first project inwhich paper tubes were authorized for use as a structural basis ina permanent building. Ten paper tubes support the vertical loadand the eighty interior tubes bear the lateral forces. Thecruciform wooden joints in the bases of the columns are anchoredto the foundation by lug screws and cantilevered from the floor.A freestanding paper tubes column with a 1.2m diameter in thesurrounding gallery contains a toilet. The exterior paper tubessurrounding the courtyard stand apart from the structure andserve as a screen. The living area in the large circle is withoutfurnishing or detail other than an isolated kitchen counter, slidingdoors, and movable closets. When the perimeter sashes areopened, the roof, supported by the colonnade of paper tubes, is Shigeru banvisually emphasized and a spatial continuity is created between the
  11. 11. PAPER STUDIO - Keio University, Fujisawa,JAPAN PAVILLION, EXPO 2000 HANNOVER - Kanagawa, Japan, 2003Germany, 2000 Shigeru ban
  12. 12. SINGAPORE BIENNALE, PAVILION- SingaporePAPER THEATER - Amsterdam, Holland, 2003 2006 Shigeru ban
  13. 13. PAPER BRIDGE - Remoulin, France, 2007 PAPER DOME TAIWAN - Taiwan, 2008 Shigeru ban
  14. 14. HANGHAI EXPO 2010, JAPAN INDUSTRYQuinta Botanica - Portugal, 2009 PAVILION, THEME SHOW HALL - Shanghai, China, 2010 Shigeru ban
  16. 16. PAPER CHURCH - Kobe, Japan, 1995-2005 PAPER EMERGENCY SHELTERS FOR UNHCR -(disassembled) Byumba Refugee Camp, Rwanda, 1999
  17. 17. PAPER LOG HOUSE - Turkey, 2000 / Bhuj , TSUNAMI RECONSTRUCTION PROJECT INIndia, 2001 KIRINDA - Kirinda, Sri Lanka, 2007
  18. 18. WORKS - HOUSES AND HOUSINGVILLA TCG - Nagano, Japan, 1986 VILLA KURU - Nagano, Japan, 1991
  19. 19. HOUSING AT SHAKUJII PARK - Tokyo, Japan, FURNITURE HOUSE 1 - Yamanashi, Japan,1992 1995
  20. 20. CURTAIN WALL HOUSE - Tokyo, Japan, 1995
  21. 21. 2/5 HOUSE - Hyogo, Japan, 1995 FURNITURE HOUSE 2 - Kanagawa, Japan, 1996
  22. 22. WALL-LESS HOUSE - Nagano, Japan, 1997 NAKED HOUSE - Saitama, Japan, 2000
  23. 23. PICTURE WINDOW HOUSE - Shizuoka, Japan, GLASS SHUTTER HOUSE - Tokyo, Japan, 20032002
  24. 24. DORMITORY H - Fukushima, Japan, 2006 SAGAPONAC HOUSE - Long Island, USA, 2006
  25. 25. CRESCENT HOUSE, Shizuoka, 2008 VILLA VISTA- Weligama, Sri Lanka, 2010