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Virtualizing the Cloud! NOW!


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Virtualizing the Cloud! NOW!

  1. 1. Virtualizing the Cloud! NOW! Marian Marinov -
  2. 2.     What is virtualization?
  3. 3.     Full virtualization Hardware assisted virtualization Software virtualization Types of virtualization
  4. 4.   Not really possible before AMD-V and Intel VT-x   VMware VirtualBox Full virtualization
  5. 5.     XEN KVM Hardware assisted virtualization
  6. 6.     The pioneer implementation was FreeBSD jails Solaris Containers OpenVZ Linux-VServer Linux containers (LXC)   Software virtualization
  7. 7.   Evolution of the term Cluster Grid Cloud  The marketing view?  My view What is the Cloud?
  8. 8.     Elastic Cloud Computing - EC2 Simple Storage Service - S3 Amazon
  9. 9.       Google Youtube Facebook Others Other companies
  10. 10. A cloud is what you want it to be!   Or at least what the Marketing team wants you to think. Conclusion