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Some info about Pulseaudio

Published in: Software
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  1. 1. Мариян HackMan Маринов <>
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  3. 3. ➢PulseAudio is a sound system for POSIX OSes ➢Supports ➢ Solaris ➢ FreeBSD and NetBSD ➢ MacOS X ➢ Windows 2000 and Windows XP
  4. 4. ➢What is the state of audio in Linux today? ➢Open Sound System - OSS (legacy) ➢Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) ➢PulseAudio ➢JACKaudio
  5. 5. ➢But WHY am I talking about this? ➢ Bluetooth speakers ➢ Network audio ➢ switch between devices on the fly ➢ Audio broadcasting (emulate radio)
  6. 6. ➢Demo ➢padevchooser
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  8. 8. We are hiring :)We are hiring :)