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Latest ppt on flexible electronics could be helpful for transparent electronics as well

Latest ppt on flexible electronics could be helpful for transparent electronics as well:
Latest trend of electronics is illustrated

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Latest ppt on flexible electronics could be helpful for transparent electronics as well

  1. 1. FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Azhar.A.Syed Under the guidance of prof.H.M.Raza Presents a Seminar on: “Flexible Electronics”
  2. 2. FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS Outline: • Introduction to Flexible Electronics • Focused areas: • Flexible Circuits boards (FCB’s) • Flexible electronic components • Flexible displays • • • • • Manufacturing technology in brief Future of flexible electronics Applications Advantages and disadvantages Conclusion
  3. 3. FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS What is flexible electronics ? Flexible electronics, also known as flex circuits, is a technology for assembling electronic circuits by mounting electronic devices on flexible plastic substrates.
  4. 4. FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS Flexible Circuit boards Flex circuits are made up of flexible plastic substrate usually polyimide, Polyester or thin sheets of glass
  5. 5. FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS Flexible electronic components Electronic components such as transistors are being made from silicon nanomembrane usually called TFT’s(thin film transistors). Flexible resistors & capacitors structures are shown diagrammatically usually called thin flim resistors and thin flim capacitors
  6. 6. FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS Resistor Capacitor
  7. 7. FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS Lithium-ion flexible battery Non volatile Memories
  8. 8. FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS Flexible Displays Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) are normally used instead of a back-light for flexible displays.
  9. 9. FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS Manufacturing of flexible circuits & devices For the manufacturing of flexible electronics “Roll to Roll” (R2R) processing inkjet printing and soft lithography process is used. Steps of R2R processing
  10. 10. FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS Layers materials and their thickness Base material or substrate 1.Flexible polymer flim 2. Polyethylene terephthalate 3. Thin glass sheet 12-125 µm Conductive path 1. Copper foil 2. Polyester 3. Graphene 200 nm
  11. 11. FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS Market Growth • The market for flexible, printed, and organic large-area electronics is rapidly growing. Currently estimated at over $200M, the global market is expected to increase to a $800M market by 2020.
  12. 12. FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS Future Flexible Electronic products
  13. 13. FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS Applications • Automotive field. • Space crafts. • Foldable displays. • Military. Flexible solar cells Flexible outwears
  14. 14. FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS Samsung key note CES
  15. 15. FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS Stretchable Lithium ion battery Developed by University of llinois at Urbana
  16. 16. FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS ADVANTAGES light weight Smaller dimensions required Space saving Foldable and bendable DISADVANTAGES Initial investment may be expensive Integration of components would be challenge for engineers Precision machines required
  17. 17. FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS Conclusion Flexible electronics in future will play a part in field of security, entertainment and may lead to innovative applications The demand for flexible electronic products at present may not be noticed but upto 2020 there would be huge demand and preference will be given to the flexible products in market
  18. 18. FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS References • [1] • [2] "Printed Circuit Techniques" by Cledo Brunetti and Roger W. Curtis (National Bureau of Standards Circular 468 first issued 15 November 1947) • [3] Gleskova, H., Wagner, S., Gasˇpar k, V. & Kova´cˇ, P. 150uC Amorphous Silicon thin-Film Transistor technology for Polyimide Substrates. J.Electrochem. Soc.148, G370-G374 (2001) • [4] Cotema, coating machinery GmbH