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I toast vol1_nov12

  1. 1. iToast TCS MAITREE CHAMPIONS TOASTMASTERS Welcome to the first edition of iToast – A Champions Newsletter, a product from TCS Maitree Champions Toastmasters Club. Nov 2012 Volume#1 Issue#1
  2. 2. We meet every Thursday at 02:30 PM at TCS Maitree Champions Toastmasters Club, Tata Consultancy Services, ETL Infrastructure Services Ltd. SEZ, 200 Ft. Thoraipakkam - Pallavaram Ring Road, Thoraipakkam, Chennai - 600 096Please share your feedback on this newsletter at champions.itoast@gmail.com
  3. 3. EDITORIAL TEAM From the Editorial team: WTM Azhar Jafri elcome to the first edition of a brand new Newsletter – iToast –from a brand new Toastmasters Club – TCS Maitree Champions Toastmasters. It is a privilege to be the first runner in what is going to a very long relay race in Toastmasters track! We are in the age of automatic voice response systems (press 1 for heaven, 2 for hell and 3 if you would like to go back to your old hell on earth) and twitter style messages, confining our thoughts within 140 characters. AreTM Murali Manohar these viable threats to our traditional communication? This is quiet debatable. But the matter of the fact is that we need to adapt to the technological advances of time without losing the core values of our language system. We, at Toastmasters, thrive to keep the values alive! Through our prepared speeches, table topics speeches, evaluations and newsletters such as this, we offer an established forum to enhance an individual’s verbal and written communication as well as the leadership qualities. TCS Maitree Champions Toastmasters has a well-supported network of both ToastmastersTM Sushant Shendre International and TCS Maitree. So, it is with great honor that we head- start our journey. Well, in this edition we have various interesting articles that we believe will make an interesting read: Members’ articles, Speech scripts, Mentors’ interviews, Contest Results, and many more. Explore and Enjoy! - Editorial Team Happy Reading and Happy Toastmastering! Nov 2012 iToast – A Champions Newsletter Volume#1 Issue#1
  4. 4. Nov 2012 iToast – A Champions Newsletter Volume#1 Issue#1 with each other. Our newsletter “iToast” is a great platform to share your ideas and inspire other toastmasters to become better communicators and better leaders. I believe “iToast” will help us to be connected and will become a very good source of information and inspiration. We are starting “iToast” with interesting articles, interviews and other creative works. You are always welcome to bring in new ideas that are beneficial to Toastmasters community. I request all the members to contribute enthusiastically to “iToast”. Do not hesitate to try out things that are new. We are here to appreciate and support you. As we all say,Dear Toastmasters, “Toastmasters is the safe place to try and fail”. It is an honor and privilege to address you all Each individual has a great story that can inspire others. Each one of us has various ideas that arein the first edition of our club newsletter“iToast”. It has been a wonderful journey of five uniquely ours. Only when the power of many unites, these stories and ideas will get manifested.months since we christened as “TCS MaitreChampions Toastmasters Club”. I am so The “iToast” editorial team has done lot of hard workdelighted that we are growing in terms of to bring out this edition in a great shape. We are somembers and quality of our meetings. glad to have such a dedicated editorial team. I feel soAs I address this newsletter, I found it worthy to fortunate to work with the club officers, who always give their best, are sacrificing lot of time to makebe part of the Toastmasters family. As the every meeting a special one. I also thank eachfamous saying goes “A man is known by the member of “TCS Maitree Champions Toastmasterscompany he keeps”, we take pride being in the Club” who with his or her unique character bringscompany of 2,80,000 toastmasters around the great energy to every Toastmaster meeting.world. Our identity as Toastmasters shaped andnurtured by the company we belong and thevalues we believe. - TM Kalyana Chakravarthy NAs Jean-Nicolas Bouilly puts it “Whatever wepossess becomes of double value when we havethe opportunity of sharing it with others”, we asToastmasters need a platform to share our ideas TCS MAITREE CHAMPIONS TOASTMASTERS Page 1
  5. 5. Nov 2012 iToast – A Champions Newsletter Volume#1 Issue#11. Since how long has Toastmasters been one of 5. Where do you see our club heading? Any adviceyour interests? on what the club members should focus on to succeed as toastmasters?I have been part of Toastmasters for the last 2.5years and I have loved every moment of it. It is Your club is on the right path towards success.the best thing which ever happened to me. The quality of speeches in your very first meeting had really impressed me.2. How has the Toastmasters journey been tillnow? Can you share any incident or event at All I would say is “Keep up the momentum andToastmasters that was particularly memorable? interest and the rest will follow”.It has been a fun filled learning experience. Every 6. What are your interests apart fromToastmasters session teaches you something. Toastmasters?One particular incident which will stay etched in I love to read books. I also love travelling andmy memory happened in TCS Karapakkam where playing fool with my little girl.I went as a target speaker. After my speech one of 7. Where do you see yourself in TM communitythe contestants came over with tears in her eyes down the line?and hugged me. I was happy that I could inspiresomeone with my words/Speech.  Donno. But whatever it is I always want to be a person who can deliver effective speeches which3. What inspired you to join Toastmasters? can move people.I just walked into one of the Toastmasters on a 8. What advice would you like to give a newday when I hardly had any work. I was totally toastmaster?bewitched and joined TM immediately. The power of Speech is tremendous and4. Our club members have been awe-struck Toastmasters is the best place where you canwhenever they have heard you speak on the learn it.stage. What do you recommend to someone whowants to develop their table topics thinking 9. Which role is your favorite in a TM meeting?ability? Why?Blush …Blush Forget the crowd. Just think that To be honest, I don’t like playing any roles ;) I loveyou are talking to your close friend in some place to sit back, listen and participate in Table Topics.like canteen. Thoughts will automatically pourthen. TCS MAITREE CHAMPIONS TOASTMASTERS Page 2
  6. 6. Nov 2012 iToast – A Champions Newsletter Volume#1 Issue#1 Netas! - Politicians! What comes to our How true it is when we apply it to public speaking! Modern day politicians are all busy mind??? reading the scripts. Barrack Obama, Manmohan Power and Corruption. (Yes. Definitely in India! Singh! You name it. The list would definitely be I’m not going to talk about it though. Anti- pretty long. No one here is questioning their corruption crusaders are doing a pretty good job intelligence or their intent. All I’m saying is that at that. Hence I’ll leave that to them.) the real connect to the audience seems to be missing in such cases. What else! Could public speaking be ever attributed to our Politicians? Could we learn Be a King like Martin Luther (A real King!) who something from them at all? let go of his script and delivered a captivating historical speech under the theme: ‘I have a I want you to think about our very own Lalu dream’. The history’s one of the greatest ever Prasad Yadav. What first comes to your mind? speeches went on to play a pivotal role in the Definitely it must be his jokes/nutty talks. He’s United States history. definitely one seasoned Indian politician to whom everyone would love to lend an ear to. We Therefore hold your heads high. Speak like a are not talking about the intelligent connect that leader. Lead from the front and definitely throw he had managed to achieve with the audience! away the scripts once you’re done with your preparation. Be a Toastmaster who also learns a However, the point made here is that only when bit from the Netas! you speak from your heart, rather from your scripts, would people really listen to you. An old - TM Sam Joel saying goes on like this: ‘the real connect could be made only through the heart and not through the scripts’. Tongue Twisters – Try @ home!  I saw Susie sitting in a shoe shine shop, where she sits she shines, and where she shines she sits.  I wish to wish the wish you wish to wish, but if you wish the wish the witch wishes, I wont wish the wish you wish to wish.  Six sick hicks nick six slick bricks with picks and sticks. TCS MAITREE CHAMPIONS TOASTMASTERS Page 3
  7. 7. Nov 2012 iToast – A Champions Newsletter Volume#1 Issue#1I kindly request everyone to close your eyes for 10 seconds. Try to see something. What did you see?Mostly Nothing! A few dark circles lingering around? Ill come back to this in a little while.My topic for the day is the title of a song by Björk - "Ive seen it all". This is also one of the tracks fromthe Oscar nominated movie "Dancer in the Dark". Im going to share the beautiful lyrics with itsprofound meaning conveyed in the song. Before doing that, I would like to explain the situation of thissong in the movie.Björk plays a Czech Republic immigrant in the US: Selma, a single mother working in a factory in ruralAmerica. Her salvation is her passion for music, specifically, the all- singing, melodramatic numbersusually found in classic Hollywood musicals. Selma harbors a very sad secret: she is losing her eyesightand her son Gene stands to suffer the same fate if she cant put away enough money to secure him anoperation. The rest of the movie showcases how Selma handles the awfully complicated situations shefaces. There are a few tragic scenes in the movie which I would like to leave it you if you decide to watchit. And I personally would suggest you all to watch it.Now consider this situation: Selma is on the verge of losing her vision. Probably it would last for a fewhours from now. As usual when under any extremely miserable situation, she starts to sing a song: "Iveseen it all" to express her deep meaning of life and how she perceives the depressing situation. The songis framed in a question and answer manner between Selma and her friend.She says:Ive seen it all; I have seen the trees, Ive seen the willow leaves dancing in the breezeIve seen a man killed by his best friend, And lives that were over before they were spent.Ive seen what I was - I know what Ill be Ive seen it all - there is no more to see!Here she is referring to her husbands death from the hands of his best friend. She expresses her pain forher son whose life might end even before it starts as he also might lose his vision sooner or later. Herfriend with utmost sympathy feels so bad for her and tries to understand her by asking her a fewquestions. This is where you need to pay close attention. TCS MAITREE CHAMPIONS TOASTMASTERS Page 4
  8. 8. Nov 2012 iToast – A Champions Newsletter Volume#1 Issue#1You havent seen elephants, kings or Peru. Im happy to say I had better to doWhat about China? Have you seen the Great Wall? All walls are great, if the roof doesnt fall!And the man you will marry?The home you will share? To be honest, I really dont care...Youve never been to Niagara Falls? I have seen water, its water, thats all...The Eiffel Tower, the Empire State? My pulse was as high on my very first date!Your grandsons hand as he plays with your hair? To be honest, I really dont care...I find hard to put myself in Selma’s shoes. She simply amazes me with her positive attitude at life. Tosummarize her feelings, she saysIve seen it all, Ive seen the dark Ive seen the brightness in one little spark.Ive seen what I chose and Ive seen what I need, And that is enough; to want more would be greed.Ive seen what I was and I know what Ill be Ive seen it all - there is no more to see!Now having understood her friends attitude, her friends sympathy turns to empathy to envy heroptimism. Then they both sing together to not let the situation drive their life.Youve seen it all and all you have seen You can always review on your own little screenThe light and the dark, the big and the small Just keep in mind - you need no more at allYouve seen what you were and know what youll be Youve seen it all - there is no more to see!Moral of the story: Its only a problem...if we let it be.Before I conclude, I would like to repeat the exercise. But now we know the profound value of oureyesight though we might not lose it like the way Selma did. But if you close your eyes for a few secondsnow, I bet you would see a lot more than what did earlier.Go ahead. Try. TCS MAITREE CHAMPIONS TOASTMASTERS Page 5
  9. 9. Nov 2012 iToast – A Champions Newsletter Volume#1 Issue#1 But in a dramatic turn of events, Anita is kidnapped and VJ finds that her captor expects him to trace and rescue her. What follows is an action-packed narrative involving deep analysis and assessments of events as VJ hunts for clues which could lead him to Anita. Thus begins the riveting battle of wits between the pursuer and his target. As a debutant VJ Eshwar has entered the world of ‘Thrillers’ with a book which stands up as an evident proof of his analytical expertise. The characters of the protagonist VJ and the mysterious captor, after the identity is revealed, are the ones which are to stay etched in the minds of the readers. Though the language is a little flat with its common usages, the storyline emerges a winner as an easy-read thriller. The enthralling plot is a good attempt and VJ Eshwar‘Analytical Thriller’ as a genre has been is an author to look out for in the future with a bit more of compactness brought into his work.explored to a good extent by VJ Eshwar in thisdebut novel of his. Havoc says Hi has anintellectual storyline with the dramatic twists Reviewed by:and turns of a gripping thriller. Kalpita Rani SharmaHavoc says Hi is a story about an IT employee VJ (kalpitarani.sharma@tcs.com)with a not-so-usual past. He falls for his If you wish to purchase this book, please get itcolleague Anita during their initial training from:session days at the company. With VJ placed atChennai and Anita posted at Mumbai, he http://www.nammabooks.com/Havoc-says-hiconsiders revealing his feelings for her. TCS MAITREE CHAMPIONS TOASTMASTERS Page 6
  10. 10. Nov 2012 iToast – A Champions Newsletter Volume#1 Issue#11. Since how long has Toastmasters been one of 5. Where do you see our club heading? Any adviceyour interests? on what the club members should focus on to succeed as toastmasters?It’s been 4+ years since Toastmasters club wasformed at my company. You are in the right direction. The team is very motivated to learning and all feedback is takenI did not know the importance of what it could be positively.in my life till I attended one of its meeting a yearand a half back. Since then there is no turning Keep moving in the same track and you will doaround. wonders and make me proud.I am glad I am part of this movement called 6. What are your interests apart fromToastmasters. Toastmasters?2. How has the Toastmasters journey been till I love reading books and spending time with mynow? Can you share any incident or event at son.Toastmasters that was particularly memorable? 7. Where do you see yourself in TM communityThe journey has been pleasant so far with so down the line?much of learning of course with its own I really don’t know; I am just going where the tidehiccups. is taking me as long as I am learning somethingThe first time I won the best speaker award is new I don’t mind the swim.still my best moment at Toastmasters. 8. What advice would you like to give a new3. What inspired you to join Toastmasters? toastmaster?My ego! I thought I was the best. Slow and steady wins the race.4. Our club members have been awe-struck 9. Which role is your favorite in a TM meeting?whenever they have heard you speak on the Why?stage. What do you recommend to someone who Being the Table Topic master, I feel a good TTwants to develop their table topics thinking session always changes the entire mood of theability? meeting.Always prepare for an impromptu speech ;-) TCS MAITREE CHAMPIONS TOASTMASTERS Page 7
  11. 11. Nov 2012 iToast – A Champions Newsletter Volume#1 Issue#1 TCS Maitree Champions Toastmasters conducted a photography contest for a period of two weeks and received an overwhelming response. Our judges faced real tough time in selecting the top 3 places. The photos received were extremely professional and below are the final three!! Kudos to everyone, who actively participated and made this event a huge success! Thanks you once again! Congratulations to the Winners: 1st Place: Karthikeyan Rajaram 2nd Place: Karthik G 3rd Place: Vibin Andrews Karthikeyan Rajaram TCS MAITREE CHAMPIONS TOASTMASTERS Page 8
  12. 12. Nov 2012 iToast – A Champions Newsletter Volume#1 Issue#1 Karthik G Vibin Andrews TCS MAITREE CHAMPIONS TOASTMASTERS Page 9
  13. 13. Nov 2012 iToast – A Champions Newsletter Volume#1 Issue#1 I know that, in near future I might have to take up many challenging roles and responsibilities in my professional career. So, I wanted to focus on my public speaking and leadership skills. Toastmasters International, being one of the largest organized systems of personal development in the world, provides the right platform. Since I do not get many opportunities to indulge in public speaking activities at work, aside from the occasional team meeting, I see the weekly toastmasters meetings as a considerable investment to hone my skills. Also Toastmasters is a great place to make friends and meet new people. -TM Vishal Mohan I happened to watch a YouTube Video that demonstrates a Toastmaster session. I still remember the video; it was hosted by a lady named "Shaiya". The simplistic way she explained things, her vocal clarity and her usage of vocabulary, inspired me to join this club. I hope I’ll be able to learn from Toastmasters and inspire someone in the future to join this club! -TM Lingeshwaran I wanted to develop my public speaking skills and I approached one of the veteran Toastmasters, who guided me to the platform that is “TCS Maitree Champions Toastmasters Club”. The very idea of providing such a learning platform inspired me to join Toastmasters. -TM Sankar Narayanan TCS MAITREE CHAMPIONS TOASTMASTERS Page 10
  14. 14. Nov 2012 iToast – A Champions Newsletter Volume#1 Issue#1We are active in TCS Knome portal and you can find us athttps://knome.ultimatix.net/communities/730-tcs-maitree-champions-toastmaster-club-chennai-one TCS MAITREE CHAMPIONS TOASTMASTERS Page 11
  15. 15. Nov 2012 iToast – A Champions Newsletter Volume#1 Issue#1 TCS Maitree Champions Toastmasters conducted an article writing contest for a period of two weeks and received an overwhelming response. There were artciles from fiction to real-life stories to poetries. The articles received were extremely professional and below are the top three!! Kudos to everyone, who actively participated and made this event a huge success! Thanks you once again! Congratulations to the Winners: 1st Place: Padman Venkat (I am Life) 2nd Place: Pavithra (A Light was on in the room) 3rd Place: Giridhar Murthy S (Indian Proposal)You would have never come across someone like me or maybe you would have but definitely I know Iam different. I have been in this world for the past 10 years. I am Life. Yes, the constant. I get in to thebodies and give them life. I get out of them and the bodies are thrown or whatever happens to the bodiesI don’t know. I have seen this happen every year or year and half.The bodies, to which I give life talk to each other, sing and sometimes go silent too. Since morning, Peoplearound me are restless. They are looking for something in their life. They talk to bodies thinking they aretalking to it. But actually it is to me that they talk.Do you like poems? Shall I tell one? Yes, I browsed and learnt it recently. “Music in my heart I bore, longback it was heard no more”. These are from Solitary reaper. How good was that poem?I do have favorite song for myself time and again. There are several songs that I like. Earlier it startedwith “Vande mataram” by AR Rahman. That song was quite different. Not the whole song, just the word“Vande mataram”. Then there were few film songs both Hindi and Tamil. I don’t sing the entire song. Ising only the first four lines or so. That was enough for me to live life for the day.Shall I sing a hindi song? I liked it recently.“Hey Saala! Kabhi kabhi hua yakeen ki aag hai mujhme kahin” How nice? TCS MAITREE CHAMPIONS TOASTMASTERS Page 12
  16. 16. Nov 2012 iToast – A Champions Newsletter Volume#1 Issue#1It is quite inspiring isn’t it? Yes this one is from Rang de Basanti again music by A R Rahman. The bodyin which I reside sings this often. It is quite disturbing for people around when they are in a meeting orwhen they are in office. So, often people stare when he sings and so he goes silent.OK shall I tell another poem? This time in Tamil ok? Yes I can read two languages because I have been inTamilNadu for some time now. I recollect this poem often because it portrays my state of mind exactlyat all times.“nalladhoar veenai seydhae – adhai nalangedap puzhudhiyil erivadhundO?solladi sivasakthi – enai chudarmigum arivudan padaiththuvittaai?”These lines are from the poem written by Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathi. If you want me to translate itto English this is what it says. “You have created a good Veena and put to dust. Tell me Goddess SivaSakthi, why you created me with such great knowledge?”How true? I am a life and I can sing, read, hear, talk and have all knowledge from different places and Iam a life giver to bodies. With such a creation like me, I am not put to great use by the bodies. What awaste? I wanted to ask “Tell me Siva Sakthi!”Hey my favorite song recently has changed now to this one. It is a Tamil song. You know after a longtime Ilayaraja has composed this song in “Neethaanae enthan ponvasantham”.It too seems to be like a poem but not as powerful as the one Bharathi has written. Looks to me like thebody in which I am residing is going to wear out soon. It is time for me to go out of him.Ok. Let me wait for the next body to give life.Till then…“Kaatrai Konjam Nirka Sonnaen (I told wind to stop,Poo PariththuKoarka Sonnaen asked it to make a garland of flowers,Oadi Vanthu Unnai Santhikka to meet youMethai Ondru Thaikka Sonnaen asked it to stitch a bedMaegam Alli Vaikka Sonnaen told it to get the cloudsKannai Moodi Unnai Sinthikka” so to close my eyes and think of you)I am closing my eyes to think of the next bodies. It might be a Samsung or Apple who knows? TCS MAITREE CHAMPIONS TOASTMASTERS Page 13
  17. 17. Nov 2012 iToast – A Champions Newsletter Volume#1 Issue#1A light was on in the room..The light seemed greenish may be and slightly silverish..I wished to touch the light..My thin fingers started to travel along the way of the magical ‘Light’..And I did touch that..Oops! My hand..Where is my hand..I am wondering searching them under the light.It had Disappeared.. Inside the light..Still I can feel my fingers alive..Yes! May be I am seeing a option of becoming invisible in front of my eyes..“What will I do when I see an option of disappearing?”Should I Say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’..Obviously a Yes“Daddy! Hereafter I won’t go to school.Everyone in my class has a play station.I am going to friend’s house to play!!It hurts every day when I get teased.”“Son your father is just a security guard” I console the tiny heart uttering a tiny sentence..“Dad! Today I got my report card. And the whole class applauded me as I got the first marks for the thirdconsecutive time. But still my class teacher asked me to get a nice geometry kit for a neat presentation”“Yes dear I will get it for you” I convince my daughter. TCS MAITREE CHAMPIONS TOASTMASTERS Page 14
  18. 18. Nov 2012 iToast – A Champions Newsletter Volume#1 Issue#1‘Should I really disappear?! ’I have an option to get all the above, and satisfy my kids..I could bring smiles on their faces..Yes! I will disappear! I decidedNow!Sensing this I set myself through the light..I am unable to see myself..Hereafter I am not a ordinary watchman who say ‘No’ to all my childrens wishes.Frocks, eatables, games and above all happiness.. it’s all them!!I walk to the nearby stationery and then to a famous shopping mall..That evening..I packed their gifts and placed them on the wooden table.And waited for my kids to come.The door opened.My kids arrived and noticed the gifts.Even without unpacking them, “Daddy! Daddy” both of them started to squeal as soon as they found memissing.I started to say,“Son! There is your play station and the radium-watch you wished so long and SanjuI have kept the frock, school bag and other accessories packed.”“But daddy where are you?” both of them screamed.“I am here for you. Whatever you need I will get you. But you can’t visualize me or Feel me.I want to see you both smiling always”“Daddy we don’t want all these. We want you.” Arjun screeched in his tiny voice. TCS MAITREE CHAMPIONS TOASTMASTERS Page 15
  19. 19. Nov 2012 iToast – A Champions Newsletter Volume#1 Issue#1“But I want to see you happy with all that you wished” i explain them“No daddy you are our happiness. We don’t want to lose you for our smiles.We can’t. ” Sanju screamed and cried out of her voice.Tears were still rolling on from Arjuns soft cheeks.I caressed his cheeks and hugged both of them..I couldn’t do nothing..I started crying out of my voice..Unable to find a way to come back..!!“Daddy!” Arjun whispered in middle of his sleep and hugged me so close as he can.And..A light was on in the room..The light seemed greenish may be and slightly silverish..I wished not to touch the light..I can’t marry that haughty man, that weighty man,that Meany man; No I can’t.There is naught in him but money and greed,No I can’t, never will I, no I shan’t. But what of him do you want in looks? He does look good, doesn’t he now? Don’t you see? He is the one to be; all yours to wed? Don’t you go loving some loony goof. That poor old chap. No you can’t. Money is where your life is made; happiness spread; your burden shed. TCS MAITREE CHAMPIONS TOASTMASTERS Page 16
  20. 20. Nov 2012 iToast – A Champions Newsletter Volume#1 Issue#1But love him? I don’t; never will I, never I can;Please don’t let me marry that clod,That rich mad man, that haughty man.I would rather walk a thorny path, yes I will, I will unshod. Folly does you in one day, remember this, heed my words, Daughter yes; you are of mine, a worthy one; or so I think. Please don’t let me bow my head, my head in shame, live a life askance. Worry I will if you marry that loon, brooding my time, not sleeping a wink.But what of him who loves me so, who lives for me, who stands out now?Drenched in rain he stands waiting, as we speak, for he loves me so.Though he be blind, and deaf as dead, he cares for me.So let me be his, please let me go now, don’t you say no. God bless you child! Why marry him, you stupid girl, of all those men, O such worthy men that I brought for you? Now I curse the day I gave you life, I curse thy wife, I curse myself. Cursed I am on this day, when daughter you, marries a blind old cow. Tongue Twisters – contd.!  If Pickfords packers packed a packet of crisps would the packet of crisps that Pickfords packers packed survive for two and a half years?  A big black bug bit a big black dog on his big black nose!  How much caramel can a canny cannonball cram in a camel if a canny cannonball can cram caramel in a camel?  Can you can a can as a canner can can a can? TCS MAITREE CHAMPIONS TOASTMASTERS Page 17
  21. 21. Nov 2012 iToast – A Champions Newsletter Volume#1 Issue#1 TCS MAITREE CHAMPIONS TOASTMASTERS Page 18
  22. 22. Nov 2012 iToast – A Champions Newsletter Volume#1 Issue#1 Serat Fatima “There are several things which one cannot learn without practice. Public Speaking is one among those. The ability to communicate properly helps a lot in the professional life. And Toastmasters Club is one place where one can improve his/her communication and leadership skills. After my ILP got over, one of my friends asked me to attend the session at Champions Toastmasters, Chennai One. Since then I have attended two sessions and both the times learnt many new things. The sessions are conducted very professionally. I look forward to join the Champions Toastmasters Club and improve my soft skills.” Bharat Singh “Toastmasters is a place where people learn, have fun and evaluate at the same time. It’s an awesome platform to improve oneself and equip oneself with the good communication and leadership skills. It’s a great learning experience overall." TCS MAITREE CHAMPIONS TOASTMASTERS Page 19
  23. 23. TCS MAITREE CHAMPIONS TOASTMASTERS (L-R) Row#1: Azhar Jafri, Shreenath, Subhash, Murali Manohar, Vishal Row#2: Apoorva, Mathew, Vignesh, Rajesh, Pradeep Row#3: Swaminathan, Lingesh, Ranjuni, Kalyan, Syed Azhar(Not in the photo): A Srinivas, Aishwarya, Ak Anand, Charles, Diwakar, Karthikeyan, Kokila, Narayanamoorthy, Praveen, Rajasekaran,Rathnavel, Sam Joel, Sankar, Selvi, Siva, Sundar, Surya, Sushant, Udhayakumar, Vijay
  24. 24. Got to say something? We are all ears at Toastmasters!! Come join us!TCS MAITREE CHAMPIONS TOASTMASTERS Executive Committee President: Kalyana Chakravarthy (kalyana.n@tcs.com) VP Education: Murali Manohar S (muralimanohar.s@tcs.com) VP Membership: Rajesh A Nair (rajesha.nair@tcs.com) VP Public Relations: Azhar Jafri (syedazhar.husainjafri@tcs.com) Secretary: Mathew Koshy (mathew.n@tcs.com) Treasurer: Subhash Balakrishnan (subhash.balakrishnan@tcs.com) Sergeant At Arms: Vishal Mohan (vishal3.m@tcs.com)