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The tablet is changing the way we experience Television, giving us new ways to discover, interact with, and enjoy TV programming. mPortal explores how the tablet is shifting the TV viewing experience in this presentation.

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mPortal: Tablet Meets TV

  1. 1. TABLET MEETS TV 6/20/2012
  2. 2. Traditional TV experienceThe traditional TV viewing experience is a passive and lean back experience.•  It’s a one-size-fits-all experience with little interactivity. Just select a channel and watch.•  Consumers have very few ways to discover what’s on and decide what to watch.•  There’s limited complementary information about the program you’re watching.•  Consumers feel that they are not in control of their TV experience - someone at the Cable Company or TV network decided what they should watch and when.•  Despite all that, TV program viewership continues to grow globally. 2
  3. 3. Taking the TV experience to the next levelTaking the TV experience to the next level requires new ways to discover, interact with, andenjoy TV programming. •  More sophisticated methods for discovering content and deciding what to watch based on recommendations, social media, and more. •  Complimentary information about each episode, cast, photos, and related content. •  Catch up on older episodes of a recently discovered series. •  Integrated interactivity through chat with friends or others. •  More fun and engagement through trivia, polls, games, and more. 3
  4. 4. Tablets boost the TV experienceTablets are uniquely positioned to provide all the missing elements that consumers want withtheir TV experience. •  Designed and built for content consumption. •  Larger screen size than a phone make them more suited for watching video. •  Easier to interact with than a laptop. •  Lightweight and easy to move around the house or take with you when you travel. •  Long battery life, starts up quickly, etc. 4
  5. 5. Second Screen / TV EverywhereSecond Screen and TV Everywhere solutions are the perfect extension to traditional TV viewing. Facebook Friends Twitter Feeds Integrated   Experience   TV Metadata Related Companion App Content Live Polling / Voting 5
  6. 6. What do consumers get?Better discovery, interaction, and enjoyment. ENJOY INTERACT – the ability to enrich the DISCOVER television program with show – the ability to interact with details, episode descriptions, others watching the show through photos, cast information and social media, comments, team/player statistics – the ability to find TV shows discussions with friends, polls, voting, trivia, and more Enrich your viewing experience by Find about new shows and finding out more details about a shows of interest to you Chat with your friends about the show - its cast, the episode s show while you watch plot and other information from both your friends and other social Discover what shows your media networks of interest to you friends like Participate and engage with promotions and polls about the show Stumble upon new friends and new shows like you have never experienced before Update your social network about your views and comments about shows 6
  7. 7. Where is the market today?
  8. 8. Combined usage of TV and social media is on the riseWhen watching TV, have you discussed it with your friends, in real-time, via the Internet or a Social Network? 8
  9. 9. The future is being defined: Social TV – EverywhereThis is NOT your grandfather’s television Courtesy  work  [at]  play   9
  10. 10. The ecosystem is diverse73 companies approaching the problem from 17 different directions. ENJOY Courtesy  Trendrr  TV   10
  11. 11. Example Applications (not all created by mPortal)
  12. 12. Content DiscoveryA myriad of social and traditional content discovery options.•  Search for a specific show by name or genre."•  Find out “whatʼs on” right now on your TV in a visual way."•  See which friends are online and discovery the shows you have in common."•  See fans of a show airing now." 12
  13. 13. Social integration & interactionsDeep integration into Facebook and Twitter create a more social TV experience. •  Access a list of all Facebook friends." •  See their favorite shows and which shows you have in common." •  Find out who else likes a show of interest." •  Setup a group chat." •  Read what others are tweeting about." •  Join the action and tweet your thoughts." 13
  14. 14. Complimentary information & interactive toolsMore content and metadata improves the experience and strengthens loyalty. Interactive toolscreate a more fun and engaging experience. •  General program information." •  Episodes and air dates." •  Reminders prior to show times." •  Cast photos and information." •  Polls, trivia, and quizzes." •  Favorites can be easily set and accessed." 14
  15. 15. Live and On-Demand streaming videoIntegrates TV Everywhere and companion functionality into one app. Ideal for live events, catch-up on latest episodes, and more. •  Track favorites and recently watched videos." •  Create ʻvideo bookmarksʼ across several screens." •  View past seasons and episodes." •  Live TV from any location in or outside of the house." •  Generally ad supported via pre-roll and mid-roll that canʼt be skipped." 15
  16. 16. Company Overview mPortal Inc, founded in 2000, has created award winning mobile user experiences which enable consumers to discover, download, purchase, and interact with content and applications for Mobile NetworkFADY LAMAA Operators (MNOs), Cable Operators, Media Companies and Next-Vice President, Products Generation Converged Service Providers. mPortals products ande. services assist its customers to create, launch, manage, and monetizem. +1.703.752.2625 mobile content and applications across multiple connected devices and networks. As a total solution provider, mPortal eliminates the complexities involved in launching a mobile offering. With mPortal as a strategic partner, customers can focus on their core business and rely on mPortal7900 Westpark Drive to provide its expertise in launching revenue-generating mobileSuite A530 experiences.McLean, Virginia 22002 mPortal’s SPRINGBOARD® product suite provides the software neededt. +1.703.852.9600 to create mobile experiences for connected devices such as mobilef. +1.703.917.7899 phones, tablets, gaming systems, and connected TV/set top boxes and the cloud-based infrastructure that powers and protects experience. In addition, mPortal boasts a team made up of experts across the industries we serve who understand the needs, systems, and @mPortal processes required to ensure a successful outcome.